Malaysia Flight MH370 – Somewhere in Africa?

Kismayo, Somalia?  See updated Report Here

We have published only a handful of “Predictive” articles on SRI over the last 6 years.  The reason for not wanting to publish our “remote viewing” experiment  into this  media hyped  tragedy of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 was a selfish one.  Not wanting to taint a near perfect record of predictive essays.

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Exact 7 year period of Tribulation due to scientific research from both  SRI and MIT

The RV experiment began with a Gut feeling that I shared with many people – a gut feeling that flight MH370 did not crash…. Though I do not follow the standard protocols established by ex Government remote viewers such as Major Paul Smith and others,  they are similar in concept.    My methodology is more akin to prayer and attempt to listen to what Judeo-Christian believers trust to be the “Holy Spirit” or “Rua HaKodesh”.     These personal protocols do scientifically set a target…  The difference is that we do it with the understanding that a creator God chooses whether or not to answer our Target.  Our Prayer.

An African sounding name I had never heard of began rumbling within my mind….  I wrote it down – was this the Holy Spirit or simply my imagination?  Was it Remote Viewing?  As I have discussed in previous essays,  what we as Christians call “Listening to the Holy Spirit” and secular folks often refer to as “Remote Viewing” both require setting a target….both require  information to reach across time and space & to make the  “difficult leap” from our subconscious minds into what we understand as our  “conscious” understanding.

Our RV prayer simply asked our Creator (if it were his will) to give me a glimpse of this paradoxical future…. A future where the  destination of this missing airplane would be ultimately discovered within time and space.  Sure enough… a strange yet clear name that began rumbling in my mind (visually initially).  (trans-coded from its quasi-digital state to our analog physical mind) was African in its phonetics….  It was a small town in north central area of the country of TANZANIA in Eastern Africa. (I am keeping the area name under wraps at the moment, and simply revealing the Country & general location in which it resides).  Over the next few weeks I was troubled  as we all witnessed a  barrage of purposeful misinformation claiming every possible location but the most simple one to understand.  The entire world has been taken for a ride heading North to Pakistan.   Heading South to Australia.

But not once have we heard the most obvious…. the heading which the plane was travelling on…..  A direct line across the Indian and Atlantic Oceans towards Africa.   

When I plotted the last known eyewitness location of Flight MH370 by a fisherman on the eastern coast of malaysia and our African remote village we plotted a simple Google earth measuring line which showed it was only 4,000 nautical miles to cross the vast Indian / Atlantic oceans and arive in Africa .  Likely just a coincidence but then why has this possibility not even been discussed.    I understand this makes no plausible sense…. And I am curious what traditional secular based remote viewers in America have come up with?   Why have we not heard from them yet…. Though I am not “sure” of this possible outcome as I have been in my previous essays and predictions….  I am certain that there has been an unprecedented  level of Mis-information being dished out to our traditional Media outlets….

ps… This is not the first time A plane has disappeared.  A 727 disappeared in Africa in 2003 –  in 10 years we have yet to locate it, and yet the most plausible Speculations on its final outcome was a story which began rumbling through out the African commercial Pilots from this area.  They claim that the Airplane was landed on a runway in of all places North-Western Tanzania?   And taken apart for its cargo / parts value.   Interesting.    A runway capable of accepting a jumbo jet in the border regions of Tanzania…..   A Stolen airplane from 10 years earlier requiring an infrastructure to complete such a mission……  Why is this not news?

Malaysia missing plane africa

Malaysia missing plane africa

UPDATE: Easter Sunday, April 20th 2014

Range of 777 Flight MH370 misreported by all news agencies

Range of 777 Flight MH370 misreported by all news agencies

It is now April 20th, and STILL – not one scrap of Debris.  Even though over 60% of the general populace believes that Debris has been found due to so many errant news reports

More Misdirection….

All Range maps of Flight MH370 draw a radius circle of only 2600 nautical miles? They have inadvertently and purposefully visually represented Flight MH370’s  range by 1/3 its possible range and more than half of its likely range by errantly showing the radius distance which surely shows only half the the range of a Boeing 777!  Research this for yourself, you will see that our “Experts” have drawn a limit on Flight MH370 that extends to its Destination of Beijing? This is worrisome… I cant imagine that these Billion dollar aircraft leave their airports with just enough fuel to reach their destinations? What if there is a problem? Surely Flight MH370’s fuel capacity must be at the minimum 5,000 to 6,000 nautical miles I thought, more than enough to reach Africa….

kudahuvadhoo maldives directly on flight path to Tanzania remote viewed location of flight MH370

kudahuvadhoo maldives directly on flight path to Tanzania remote viewed location of flight MH370

By chance I happen to be  friends with a 777 Pilot who I spoke to at church last Sunday.   My question was simple. What is the true range of a Boeing 777? The answer was what I had intuitively understood…. The maximum range of Boeing’s technological masterpiece of aviation   is over  8,000 nautical Miles! Flights rarely take off with less than half a tank (4,000 nm range) Imagine that…. Flight MH370 only required its fuel tanks to be filled to 70% to reach Africa and North Central Tanzania.  I was also old that it would not be to difficult to simply grease the palms of the fuel truck guys and get some extra fuel for your trip…. Has any one asked these questions yet?

Ultimate Misdirection: KudaHuvadhoo Island – Eyewitness Reports


What are the odds of the only (2) eyewitness reports seeing flight MH370 from Kudahuvadhoo, Maldives and Kota Bhadu, Malaysia – create a flight path that goes directly over a Remote Viewed (Prayer / Listening to the Holy Spirit) sparcely populated village of Marago Ja Komba, Tanzania?.

INMARSAT Satellite data that paints our aircraft’s heading upon an arc which extended either North or South was timely.  It helped the entire media to completely disregard the eyewitness reports of a low flying Jumbo Jet over Kudahuvadhoo Island which began to make headlines on March 19th.  Our initial RV experiment occured several days earlier on March 15th.  So there was no “knowledge” of these credible reports from the Maldives.   How wonderful to discover several eyewitness accounts which show Flight MH370 was primarily  “HEARD”  over the secluded Maldive Islands in the early morning hours on the day Flight MH370 went missing.   It was the remote island of  Kuda-Huvadhoo where most of the  reports claim to first “hearing” a low Flying Jumbo Jet heading due west towards Africa.  south-west towards Tanzania….. Just as SRI has  intuitively contended since the very first post a few days after this plane went missing.   So as I checked the direct red line we drew on Google Earth on March 16th which began at the planes last spotted location in Malaysia (by a Kota Bharu fisherman) on one end and our Remote viewed location on the other.   A big smile surely came across my face when the screen capture above showed this remote viewed trajectory went directly over this tiny village on  Kudahuvadhoo Island!

Here is the very credible and serious article which most of the media has completely disregarded:   Kuda-Huvadhoo eyewitness Reports    Research it for yourself, CNN, The Telegraph and many other reported on this – but then suddenly dropped the ball on further interviews when the Southern/Northern trajectories began to by hyped by the media.

And yet the the U.K. based INMARSAT  which paints  a southern sharp turn towards Australia is very troublesome.  Their reports Place our remote viewed theory and dozens of eyewitness testimonies in the Maldives as nothing more than fabrications.  Is it not possible that INMARSAT is the one that is fabricating information?   Can they possibly be lying……

What the Heck… I did not want to give out the intuitively (remote) viewed Tanzanian location from over a month a go because it seemed so implausible at the time.  There were no possible landing sites at it, yet as I think about it quite possibly what we have RV’d is simply what we had targeted….. I have written often on how prayer and RV is like looking through a glass darkly….  Is it possible we simply got what we had targeted?   The destination / heading of Flight MH370.  By  letting readers know our two plotted points, this will allow you to create the above “coincidences” for yourself within Google earth.  Do it for yourself.     The town which was remote viewed  over a month ago had the African sounding name of “Marago Jacomba”  sure enough there is a town of Marago Ja Komba in Tanzania.  On March 16th we plotted the possible path of flight MH370 based on its last known location and this tiny remote village.   What are the odds of this flight path perfectly matching the eyewitness reports from the Maldives?   Is this just a coincidence?   A statistical anomaly? or is there something more….

marago ja komba, tanzania

marago ja komba, tanzania

kismayo somalia remote landing strip and malaysia flight mh370

kismayo somalia remote landing strip and malaysia flight mh370

Slate Magazine does a wonderful job of pointing out the “Fuzzy Math” used by INMARSAT to compute the southern trajectory of flight MH370. They clearly show that it is nearly impossible to differentiate a flight path solely on “Pings” from a northern or southern rout…. Research Here

Maldive Islands Sighting Reports

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