322 and the Music Industries Occult commemorations of March 22 & March 28-29

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supertramp 9-11 and Revelation 17


322 and the Music Industries Occult commemorations of March 22
SRI broke the codes to one of the most impossible Cover Art commemorations in history a few years back. The Occult representation of 9-11 and Revelations 17 and Jeremiah 51 within the Music Industry’s chosen Idol for the following year.   How interesting that by the Grace of God I also happen to be the owner and editor of CoverArt.com?  And these were the two first albums I ever purchased as a teenager – The tipping point for a lifetime of paying attention to this wonderful yet often abused art form….

It allowed us to make predictions of the following years Anglo-American music idol by simply paying attention to these occult dates of March 22nd and its more subtle commemorations 360 days earlier/later depending on your point of view of  March 28 and (March 29th on Leap years)

It was precisely because of my years of archiving Music Album cover art on our commercial website that I understood that Music Albums are traditionally and always issued on TUESDAYS!    This is the key in realizing that there are occult transmission codes being presented by the music industry.  It is these variances within the patterns that allow us or even a military code breaker discover the “out of place” patterns that help us to decipher these occult codes.

Beatles first ever album release date of March 22 guaranteed music stardom

Beatles first ever album release date of March 22 guaranteed music stardom

There have been only a handful of other Musicians prior to 1979 to break this unwritten code of publishing records on Tuesdays.   Think about this one moment….  Who was the most famous music band of the last 50 years?  Which rock group even claimed to be more famous than Jesus Christ?   The Beatles!    They broke music industry protocol and released their first ever album  on a Friday!  Wikipedia makes this known on their first paragraph… they “Rushed” their album to a March 22nd issue date!

Please understand… The Beatles surely had nothing to do with their first albums release date.   It was the music industry insiders and executives who chose this sinister date.  The fab four were nothing more than  naive young adults at the time  – willing to sign on the dotted line.  A dotted line, with a nepherious date that would guarantee their rise to stardom.

I understood that it was a fact set in stone that music albums are always released on Tuesdays.    NPR explains why music albums are always released on Tuesdays at this link!   It is a tradition that is rarely broken – except if you are trying to commemorate a sinister monument and a sinister date with a commemorative piece of art. Whether it is a pseudo biblical cover illustration or an anti-christian stage show or even a music artist and album that has literally sold its soul to the devil…..

Here’s a wonderful video of Johny Cash’s “God’s going to Cut you Down” remade posthumously By the Record Executives who are the true Idol makers.  with a wonderful mix of many of the Industry’s top  artists – some of them professing christians, others well intentioned agnostics and towards the end of the video…. Blatant occult hand signs and symbollogy by several artists who have knowingly and willingly sold their souls to the God of this world…

Johnny Cash – God will cut you Down by peakers

Unlike our occult musicians, Johnny Cash – (God bless his God fearing soul) released his album containing “God’s gonna Cut you down” on a Tuesday!  July 4th of 2006.  It almost seems as Johnny is trying to give our once God fearing country a message in his final album!

The most obvious use of this 322 symbolism can be found in the elitest socienties established witin the higher education systems in America…  The Skull and Bones society of which unsuspecting teenage children of the previous generation get involved with….  It is also visible within the ecret societies of Germany, and as we document on part two of this series –  the Georgia Guidestones.  We document the Guidestones most sinister March 22, 1980 commemeration date in light that these stones demand that we keep the World Wide population to under 500 Million?  What shall we do with the other 6.5 Billion human souls should be our most important question.

But now we must also include the US Government…. you see the most critical Law ever enacted in America that will help lead to our ultimate demise –  the  Health Care bill better known as ObamaCare was about to passed without one representative ever actually reading it on what date?

March 21st!   wait a minute…. March 22nd is the date we are claiming as an occult marker in time and space.

Yes, that is why as you can see in our CSPAN coverage the Bill was most certainly ready to be passed in the Evening of March 21st…. but wait.  wait.   wait.   watch how our elected oficials postpone passing this most treacherous law untill the Clock striked 12.    The Bill passed in the first moments of March 22, 2010.

March 22nd 2010 (Universal or Grenwich Mean Time)  seems to be the “time” used by our occult influenced leaders.

322 or March 22nd, is the sacred number for Skull and Bones as we have said,  These secretive Yale elitist  produce many of the leaders of the world.  When President George W. Bush (A member of Skull & Bones) was asked what was the significance of 322 ­ Bush simply replied that this was a secret.   Senator John Kerry who was also running that year and was also a Skull & Bones alumni refused to tell us what the number 322 meant as well.

Though you will rarely see refferences to “Illuminati” and “Bilderbergs” etc. on SRI because of my personal disdain for the over the top conspiracy theorist who blame just about ever possible negative within America on a Caball of Secret societies with middle aged white men sitting at some board room somewhere making decisions for world domination…   I do paradoxically understand these “Conspiracies” as the more subtle work of the adversary…   Lucifer and his invisible leadership team who do their work subtly, hidden, out of sight and out of this world liltterally from a dimension we dont quite understand.   A dimension which St. Paul teaches us about when he says ”  “for our battle is with rulers and leaders in high places….”  our adversaries my friends are clearly a spirutal and invisible kingdom one dimension away.


March is named after a  planet in the solar system. It is also the first day of spring (March 21-22) as well as the first day of the zodiacal sign of Aries, which is simply the Greek word for Mars.

The number 322 is  enshrined in their tomb at Yale.

The number 322 is actually the number for March 22nd. The first day of Aries,   called Mars the God of War!

The early alchemist Fulcanelli was a member of a secret society in Europe.  He writes in his memoirs about a secret elite that rule the world.    In his  book “Mystery of the Cathedrals”  he mentions this occult science of alchemy that only the elites understand as well as also explaining that all alchemy begins anew each year in  the sign of Aries (Mars).

As we delved into the  Georgia Guidestones in essay #2 we talked about how  a mysterious benefactor named R.C. Christian had this monument built and commisioned on March 22, of 1980,   360 days after the commemorative Super Tramp (ie Great Harlot) album of March 29th of 1979.

 (It was a Leap year, on all other occasions, commerative occult albums are released on March 28th on non leap years.)


With thanks to  Jay Weidner’s essay on  322 which added a few new insights to our simultaneously written (at the time)  3 essays which discovered 322 and March 22 was being used by the occult due to completely different research projects.  This gives evidence of the persuasive use of these occult symbols of time and space.

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