SRI’s Godtype.com Research Breaks many of the most perplexing Codes in the Bible

APOPHIS’ 2029-2036 seven year to the day cycle just happens to match our EXACT predicted Cycle we have been writing about for years. Based on a correlation of Human Cognition and Time being Encoded within the Bible!  Add two of the other perplexing codes within the Bible…. The Writing on the Wall decoded by Daniel 2578 years ago, and Decoded again today on our Godtype time map.  “Mene Mene Tekel Upharsen” is prophetic!  It is so simple, that there must have been a “supernatural” lens on its understanding for nearly 2600 years now!

                               of [things] that are to come By [those] who will come after

Introduction to Godtype and our many broken biblical codes:

1 The Chapters / Verses of the Bible encode time as we know it. The chapters which represent Time as we understand – “Past, Present, Future, Eternity” calculate to PI to 5 decimal places…….. An absolutely impossible coincidence!

2. Godtype broke the hidden “Time” code within the “Writing on the Wall” Mene Mene Tekel Upharsen. Literally means Time is measured and divided by cycles of 520 years!
We clearly document the “Cycles of empires” across known history. Also known as the Eight Kings of John’s revelation.

3.Time according to Genesis 6:3 has a limit of “Energy” available to humanity – 12,000 years (the reason for a 12 base measuring system instituted by our Creator)
4. Godtype Cycles are simply a more accurate understanding of the 50 year cycles of Biblical Jubilee’s.

5. The actual dates arrived by Godtype pattern research some time ago, just happen to coincide with the Cycles of Daniel’s writing on the wall as well as a coming Asteroid by the name of Apophis’ actual next visit on Nissan 17, 2029 and its return exactly 7 years later in 2036!

6. Secular cognitive science has been unknowingly teaching a Trinitarian world view!
The 4 base personality type’s clearly represent the Trinity of the Judeo-Christian scriptures.

7. The 153 Fish of John 21 has finally been decoded! Please see our research.

Please see illustrations on second half of video. All Cycles Converge in 2029-2036.

Apophis 7 year Cycle corresponds with the Jubilee years of the Bible and Daniels hidden prophecy within the "Writing on the wall"

Apophis 7 year Cycle corresponds with the Jubilee years of the Bible and Daniels hidden prophecy within the “Writing on the wall”

Full Size Godtype Time Map

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