Celestial Spheres and Globes of Creation decoded: The Depiction of the Holy Trinity in Ancient Art


Glorification of the Eucharist by Salimbeni

Glorification of the Eucharist by Salimbeni

Years ago I was intrigued by a now 40 year old story of  UFO lore being spread about Salimbeni’s painting “Glorification of the Eucharist” depicting the Russian Sputnik  satellite as the “model” being painted by many medieval artists.    ( also called Bonaventura Salimbeni )SRI and our Geo-Earth research has possibly stumbled into the actual meaning and hidden codes behind these strange globes that were being depicted in dozens of classic church paintings –  the key is the actual subtle lines that divide this “Globe of Creation” or “Celestial Sphere” as they are often called.   In every case… these Globes of Creation (which we will be calling them) are almost always painted in depictions of the Holy Trinity –   Father, Son and Dove (Holy Spirit).   occasionally with only Christ.   In most paintings this strange  Globe is divided into 3 sections…. 2 equal portions on the top half divided by 1 larger section on the lower half about 20 degrees below what would be considered the equator.  Usually 2 Antenna looking objects… (The reason for the similarities with the Russian Sputnik) being held by Father God on the right and Christ on the left. These “Scepters” as religious iconographers call them take many forms.  Some long and thin looking much like the antenna on my Dad’s old 70’s Plymouth, but other paintings depict these scepters as shorter obelisk looking objects usually with a cross on the top.

The SRI and Godtype Geo-Earth Anomallies

The SRI and Godtype Geo-Earth Anomallies


CelCelestial Sphere and the Trinity  Art by http://www.diegocuoghi.it  Excellent additional research


Historians tell us that these paintings simply depict Jesus and God the Father holding the symbols (scepters) of divine power over creation.  It is eerily similar to our geo-earth anomaly research showing the Locations of both the Vatican Obelisk and the Washington Monument at equal distances from each other and other mysterious anomalies throughout the earth.  (please see  research here)

Here is a very similar painting from the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.  Being in Jerusalem it appropriately depicts only one Scepter being held by Christ  …. SRI / Godtype research would surmise that the location of this “Sceptre” is the true Center of our earth  – The Temple in Jerusalem.  Can Ventura’s painting above be depicting the strange anomalies SRI discovered tying both the Washington Monument and the Vatican Obelisks together due to both objects being exactly 6660 Nautical Miles from Antarctica?   This would seem far fetched untill you read our research article that shows that the Jerusalem Temples corner stone is exactly 6660 nautical miles from Antarctica (Babel) as well!     Our research shows how the temple in Jerusalem  sits at the center of a 13320 nautical mile circumferential line which divides the earth in a tripartite fashion exactly as some of these images depict.   If the Temple is the “Center of Time and Space” as Isaac Newton believed, it is possible that the geo earth anomalies stumbled upon by SRI  and Godtype research may have been subconsciously understood and disseminated across the 2000 year church age by artists.  Is this the work of the Adversary? The Holy Spirit?

Celestial Sphere Painting from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Here are more paintings from ancient religous works including  “The Adoration de la Sainte Trinite” (1640 ) by Johann Heinrich Schonfeld , and “La Messe de Fondation de l’ordre des Trinitaires ” ( 1666 ) by Juan Carreno de Miranda and others –  all depicting the Celestial Spheres and Globes of Creation.  Please Click on thumbnails to open expanded images


These tripartite globes according to Art historian Diego Cuoghi  http://www.diegocuoghi.it  are simply  examples of an emperors ” orb “.  A symbol of power used by the Roman emperors.   As Christianity became the “State” religion these pagan orbs added the addition of the cross in place of the goddess of victory, a symbol often used by  the Byzantine “Christian” emperors  – These symbols then spread through sacred iconography as a symbol of divine power of the Holy Trinity over creation .

Quoting Diego Cuoghi further:

Even in the sphere of Montalcino painted by Salimbeni mentioned are still signs of the tripartite division , but in the seventeenth century this symbol was already processed, enriched often with special astronomical as the band of the zodiac , the sun and the moon , to represent the entire universe .

The detail that seems more “strange” in the sphere of the painting di Montalcino is what you see at the bottom, near the feet of Jesus, and what some call ” periscope ” . The ufologist Romania, Ion Hobana there is a resemblance with the center pin used in some globes, and cites one in particular that you would find in the Vatican. But what of the painting is neither a periscope or a pin . It is clear that in that globe (on which are marked the edges of the ” bands ” that form the inverted T also visible in other examples ) are represented the Sun and the Moon, respectively, at the top center and bottom left .


Godtype and SRI’s research into the Geo-earth Anomalies show (6660 x 2) exact measurements throughout our earth.   This confirms a total circumference measurement of 13320 nautical miles.  There seems to be an occult usage of these measurements based on the the Obelisks located in the Vatican in Rome (Religion) and the Washington Monument Obelisk (Government) in the United States.   Our Illustrations show that these two Obelisks are located exactly 6660 Nautical Miles from Antarctica (Babel).  The form a statistically impossible division of our earth into 4 exact quadrants which line up with our current angle of rotation which is tied into precession?  Another oddity is the fact that their are exactly 26640 Lunar years in a Zodiac season (1/12th of precession or 2×13320).

That is why the discovery that the Temple in Jerusalem has the most exact measurement of 6660 Nautical Miles to the continental edge of Antarctica (Babel) when following the exact heading of our San Clemente (tribulation anomaly) is surely a statistical impossibility once more.   It is this single measurement combined with the 13320 Circumference from the Temple that forms an exact Tripartite division of the earth just as we have documented in all the paintings refferences in this research!   SRI and Godtype conjecture that the Temple in Jerusalem is the true center of time and space – and this truth has somehow been passed on through ancient art and iconography.  At the same time my personal conjecture is that the Obelisks of Washington and Rome are simply a counterfeit occult approximation.  Also depicted in within many of these ancient church paintings.

The True measurements of a Tripartite Celestial Trinity Sphere

The True measurements of a Tripartite Celestial Trinity Sphere

To Quote our Creator from Job 48:4-6 –  The Cornerstone is surely the Temple in Jerusalem!

Where were you when I laid the foundations of the Earth? … Who hath stretched the line upon it?  Where upon are the foundations there of fastened? or who laid the corner stone thereof?

SRI and Godtype.com research Illustrations which seems to correlate with these strange orbs:

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