Why the media has the PRISM NSA scandal all wrong:

NSA is Pre-Capturing our Data. The Guardian whistle Blowing news about Google and Facebook complicity is all wrong.

The NSA is not hacking Internet Giant Servers!

They have most likely simply created Duplicate rudimentary Servers and capture our keystrokes Long BEFORE our data ever enters our favorite social websites…..

Well sort of,   Milliseconds are our unit of measure when we speak of network data transfer rates.

Information must pass through gateways from our service providers……

This is the most likely point of capture where data is simply mirrored in order to hide its footprint.  

It was the “physical”  Infrastructure Hardware of our Internet developed by giants such as qualcom and Cisco that was exploited by the NSA long ago.  Hardware responsible to serve as gateways and switches –  WE will not have secure un snooped internet until these high end routers and switches get removed and replaced by more secure technology!    And then we will have to worry about what exploits may be designed in them….. (A technological picture of how fallen humanity was originally usurped by a mighty “Angel” and original “Designer” who like the NSA places himself as Judge and Jury…  for our best interests – of course.)

Do you not find it funny that  England which is already long living in a 1984 surveilance state with  its tightly controlled press  was the one to break these stories in the Guardian of all places. the Guardian has broken several of the latest scandals? How interesting……..

These are red herrings! Internet “Social” Giants complicity will in the most part be proven FALSE.      But will our lazy American media uncover the true methods of government  data acquisition  ……….

As we enter our data (keystrokes) or stream our videos (formatted video data) The NSA’s  servers have simply recreated rudimentary “Clone” servers within the walls of there Colorado facilities and others.    Think about this rationally.   It is the most simple thing to do,   simply recreate a functioning “Clone” server that can interpret the data!  Now all you have to do is “mirror” the data at the ISP’s.

Cable companies, Hard line telephone companies (DSL) and primarily the manufacturers of data network hardware are the most likely true culprits who have been complicit with the government.   Ever  wonder  how hardware manufacturers of these network   switchgears made so much money during the 90’s and 2000’s when the american internet infrastructure was being built?  

There is no way the supposed deals broken on the Guardian with internet Giants like Facebook, Google, Apple could have been breached.

NO WAY, these public and private companies could have ever kept these conspiracies secret for 3-5 years.

Data is simply captured as it begins its trek to our favorite social server. This did not require any authorizations except for the first “prototypes” where brilliant yet amazingly simple systems of data capture were initiated.



06 08 20013

The Guardian conveniently released additional information today confirming our post.   The NSA “Pre-Captures” its data just as outlined above


 06 21 20013

Again. The Guardian confirms our allegations that British Snoops and eavesdropping is far beyond the scope and has been in play much longer than what we have  here in the United States


09 05 13

Again!  The Guardian… confirms our article.  tells us that my thesis on our hardware being exploited by the original design of our infrastructure is key….


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