Leo Laporte – One of the Most Trusted Technology Experts Blasts President Obama

Beloved Technical Guru Leo Laporte Blasts President Barack Obama

Leo (TECH GOD) Laporte  Blasts President Obama yesterday!

One of the most trusted, beloved, soft spoken and brilliant Technology evangelist on earth is certainly Leo Laporte.   Leo not only voted for Barack Obama once, he voted a second time though he showed some occasional worries on his radio show.  He also donated thousands of dollars to the Obama campaign and this is why his following Quote from Yesterday on June 6th on his Google + stream is so amazing.   You can truly feel his disappointment……

I gave thousands of dollars to help elect +Barak Obama and voted for him twice, but it’s becoming clear that he has betrayed our trust and tarnished the liberal principles of openness and freedom that he pretended to espouse.

Mr. President, you owe us an explanation, at least, of why your administration has chosen to become the most paranoid since Nixon’s.

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