The Coming Papacy of Peter Turkson? The Final Pope or the Anti-Pope still to come?

Peter Turkson: Patterns in history may call on him to play a part in Papal history

(Folks, We were certainly wrong about Petrus Romanus! please see essay and some new discoveries here.   Yet we doubled down on the Geo-Earth Anomalies and found even more!  Statistically impossible measurements all stretching forth from a location on the coast of Ghana. (see the very bottom for new illustrations) This Research is still very valid… Its just the interpretation that was incorrect….. I’ve been certainly humbled by our Good Lord!   But I must still report our discoveries,  leaving the ultimate INTERPRETATIONS to you the reader.)  

Over the last two years,  I have written dozens of “research essays” on many, many subjects…. unbeknown to myself these seemingly  unrelated research articles have collided together.   Today –  February 11, 2013.   News this morning of Pope Benedict’s resignation seems to have some correlations with many essays from the last 20 months as well as recent  “David Flynn” type geometric / time  research discovered the night before.

It was a research essay from a few months back where I discovered the possible “Temple / Center” of time for our Hemisphere in the United States .

The Washinton Monument at the center of the Vesica piscis?

As David Flynn proved that the Temple in Jerusalem served as the “Temple at the center of time”  I seem to have given strong evidence that the Washington Monument serves as a “pseudo” occult temple here in America.   Our research was just a reluctant  attempt at producing a “David Flynn/Isaac Newton” research anomaly for a chapter of the  Godtype book.    Flynn had proved Isaac Newton’s theories that the earth’s measurements equated with time.

My  hunch and verification of the Washington Monument measuring up to be an occultic “center of time” here in America paid off.    Nautical miles collided with a very important UFO event and its popularization in July 1951. The measurement was exactly 1951.58.   Not only this, but the Latitude of 33.3000 also intersected this timeline at the  Adamski property.    So when I had a hunch this Latitude actually ran right below my feet,  I thought it was surely overreaching.   The location where I sit most mornings over looking a beautiful valley that I am fortunate to have as my backyard –  to give praise to our creator for this beautiful world he has bestowed to us.  It certainly was… My chair was exactly at 33.30000 to 5 decimal places?   This is somehow a very personal and  important latitude  Just as Flynn had discovered in his Roswell research.     Original Papal Timeline Discovery RESEARCH  HERE


Adamski’s Palomar Campground on Google earth

The night before the Popes resignation, I was compelled to do further research on   the odd angle of the Time-Line that stretched from the Washington Monument to the George Adamski event location?  If it was truly a timeline that designated July 1951 and the Adamski property as I had  postulated then it should also measure out an additional 78 or 85 years to designate the years 2029 or 2036.   (2029+7)  (Godtype research gives evidence 2029 is the end of the church age).   That still voice that Christians call the Holy Spirit,  I had for years simply called it intuition – spoke to my conscious mind and told me to stretch this occultic timeline to the edge of the U.S. continent which would signify the end of this timeline?   As I stretched the line I was initially confused because the measurement fell well short of 2029 or  2036,   Yet in google earth I could see  out in the ocean was one of the large Islands off  the coast of Southern California…..Directly converging with our “Time line”.     As I continued the line to the western most edge of the Island, ( the furthest point away from the monument in the continental USA) I had to smile once more…  It was exactly 2036 nautical miles to the westernmost end of the island and 2029 at the front!   That still small voice was indeed correct -again.   It always seems to be – but what was more interesting was the name of the Island.

San Clemente,  named for the first Apostolic Catholic Pope –  Pope Clement I  (According to Tertullian).   I instantly understood that though I was at the “end” of a timeline I may be paradoxically at the beginning as well.  That somehow  I had come across a possible “Papal timeline”?

Peter Turkson – Pope Clement Xv?

Intuition?  As a Christian I must attribute this to the Holy Spirit.   I  knew that if I stretched this timeline back towards the Washington Monument  and continue across the Atlantic Ocean we would arrive at the opposite end of  history.  We would discover something important!    I ran the line and to my surprise it ended up off the coast of Africa – just a few miles from the Prime Meridian.  The strange measurement reported by Google earth caught my eye,   It  shocked my soul.    This line running from the western most edge of San Clemente Island across the Atlantic ocean all the way to the coast of Africa measured  EXACTLY 6, 660 Nautical miles.  By the way,  the intersection of the time-line at the prime meridian had a similarly interesting Latitude of 6.66.

“What the heck have I come across, Is God trying to get my attention here?” was my internal thought.   It must have something to do with Petrus Romanus and Saint Malachy’s Prophecies,  It may also correlate with my previous research articles dealing with March, 22 2013, and its occultic commemorations.   My public prayer at the end of the Nicki Minaj / Petrus Romanus article  asking God for wisdom on what *November 23rd may also represent?  This came to mind as I researched Pope Clement on Wikipedia….  There it was right in front of me, the Feast day of Saint Clement –  what else could it be….  November 23rd!

I went to sleep.


Now waking the next morning to an early morning phone call from my Mother shocking  me about the Popes resignation news.  She asked me something I was not prepared for:   “What must I do to get right with God?”  She understood  the importance of the   first pope resigning in over 600 years. I simply smiled and said you already know the answer….. Christ took care of our sins on the Cross,  we simply need to accept this act of redemption.     For myself, coming across a possible “Papal Timeline” was a strangeness that I have become accustomed too – yet it was surely Timely.

“I am use to this.   Much of my research seems to always be discovered   24 hours prior to  coming across amazing verification’s on the following day.    This has been my standard modus operandi.  I have been doing this for a lifetime”.

Actually I had   recently read an amazing partial  prediction by authors Tom Horn and Chris Putnam who in their book Petrus Romanus  make the assumption that Pope Benedict would have to step down for the St. Malachi prophecies to be correct.     Though they were just off by 1 year,  and their initial choice of the next pope and year did not fit my “research”  here at SRI  (SRI has been shouting out for some time that March  2013 was the significant Point of time to be watching out for, that it is only representing the beginning of a final 16.66 year Godtype period of history prior to a prophesied 7 years of tribulation)   Their  findings are  certainly amazing.  In fact it was some research  correspondence a few weeks back  with Chris Putnam that reminded me of a “Papal” connection to my Adamski Research article.

Hi Milton,  ………(?!) I am finishing the last few chapters of this book right now. I have a deadline fast approaching. I am actually writing a little about Adamski myself, did you know he claimed to have an audience with Pope John XXIII? He even had a gold papal medallion to prove it. As you can imagine, I am focused on that until its done. I will be able to look at what you have in more detail after I am done but it is certainly weird that Adamski’s compound seems to forecast his destiny……..”

Malachy’s Prophecy Encoded Into Our Earth?

As I looked at all the Papal news on Monday morning I discovered one of the front-runners was an African man by the name of Peter Turkson.   Peter Turkson  just happens to be from Ghana, so as I developed the Illustration below  the puzzle pieces all began to come together.   God’s perfect history seems to designate Peter Turkson’s involvement in end time events.   His native home land…. Ghana  the location of the end of our “papal timeline”.  A papal timeline that measures exactly 6,660 Nautical Miles?  That crosses the prime Meridian (0,0) at 6.66 Latitude.  A journey that began on the Island of San Clemente, named for the first Pope who is also considered the first “Apostolic Father”.

3/3/2013 – What is the angle between these two statistically impossible measurements was my thought today…… Of course, what else could it be…. thirty three (33) degrees!

For more coincidences,  6,660 Mile timeline from San Clement Island to Ghana works out to  111.666 degrees (112)!   Does this not match Malachy’s prophecy of 112 popes?  111 + 1 (Petrus Romanus).    My post notes discovered the most amazing coincidence of all – A connection to  God’s temple in Jerusalem and not the Occult temple of the Washington Monument.    San Clemente Island just happens to also be exactly 6,660 nautical miles from the Temple in Jerusalem!  

(The odds of this are astronomical) The St. Malachi prophecy calls for exactly 111 popes +1  Petrus Romanus….   represented by degrees by the number .666  Add to this our research articles that cracked the hidden Gnostic commemorations of March 22, 2013.   Commemorations that have been going on  continually since 1979/1980.  Nearly 33.3 years now (*A Godtype period).  Research Articles Below

Harlot of Revelation 17 – She’s a Supertramp article         

The Harlot – She builds monuments as well / Guidestones Research Here

Nicki Minaj & Music Idustry Commemorations of Petrus Romanus – March 22, 2013 & Nov. 23rd

The “Tipping point” to all this research –  Godtype


Though we have made several predictions here at SRI that have come to pass we are not by any stretch of the imagination claiming any special powers or prophetic capabilities.   We have simply made  “Interpretations” based on patterns in history.   Patterns from God’s creation.   Patterns from God’s adversary.

Will the modern world see the first Black Pope this coming month.    What will he be commemorated  On March 22, 2013?    Is the 112th Pope in line from St. Malachy’s prophecies truly  the final Pope as described by  Saint Malachi?   The final pope before the return of Jesus Christ….. Is Peter Turkson this final Pope or possibly the next Anti-Pope?   Will Pope 112 from Malachy’s prophecy be a good pope as Malachy describes him?


Peter Turkson – Petrus Romanus – Saint Clement – Ghana – nsuta wassaw

Post Notes and additional discoveries:

Clement I,  is recognized as a saint.   He is commemorated on 23 November in the Roman Catholic Church. (I openly prayed for wisdom at the end of my Petrus Romanus  research article asking God for wisdom into the  Occult’s subtle commemorations of this day: November 23rd  )

George Adamski,  the subject of our original discovery  of the location of a timeline that ultimately became a “Papal Timeline”.   By coincidence was a staunch Catholic who received a special meeting with the Pope himself  to speak about his meeting and contact with UFO occupants – He was given a Gold  medallion from the Vatican  to prove it.  What special message did Adamski have for the Vatican that would garner such a prestigious award?

Peter Turkson according to the Vatican biography was born in Nsuta-Wassaw.   Nsuta-Wassaw does not exist on any map that I have been able to get a hold of.      The only reference I could find for these two names combined together were the coordinates for a massive manganese “Pit” mine at the following location by the same name.  “The Wassaw-Nsuta pit mine”  A town that does not exist?   A town only known as a Manganese pit mine.   One of the Hottest burning elements on earth….. I’ll leave this open for interpretation.

David Flynn, the brilliant  researcher who broke the codes of Isaac Newton’s theories of the Temple being the center of Time and Space.

The Temple in Jerusalem is also  6,660 miles from San Clemente Island anomaly.  WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THIS?  Forming an equal sided triangle with our African / Ghana anomaly as well

In his book   he properly uses the Temple in Jerusalem as the center of time.  My many years of understanding the subtle patterns from occult commemorations allowed me to discover the temple being used by the adversary – in our  hemisphere – The Washington Monument.

Yet I was inspired today after some serious bible study and prayer…..  San Clemente Island named for the first pope and possibly the last MUST be connected to the actual temple!  It surely was, exactly 6,660 Miles from the Temple in Jerusalem.   111.666 Degrees representing the 112 Popes of Malachy?    see image to right.

Our Adamski Timeline which converges in 1951 has additional coincidences that must be reported:

In 1951 the Church began the first of (3) ex communication’s of the last popular Anti-Pope.  his given name was Michel Collin. He was a popular and charismatic cult leader according to time magazine…This Pseudo Pope’s  Papal name?  Clement XV.

The Anglican Church need not be left out of our research!

I was  inspired after coming across the story of King Henry VIII’s separation from the Catholic Church   in  1534 with the “First Act of Supremacy”  placing Henry VIII as the head of the Church of England (Pope).  At his death Queen Mary I  actually reestablished ties with the Church due to her staunch Catholicism.  But just a few years later the ties were separated for good by Elizabeth I.  The “Second Act of Supremacy  of 1559.    If one has read about the timeline discovered by David Flynn which stretches from the Temple in Jerusalem to the ancient London stone in old London marking the original Prime meridian.   The nautical miles amazingly work out to 1948 representing the Birth of Israel.   Hmm.  Our Anomaly sits at the Prime Meridian Directly south of the London Stone?  I now have more than just an inspired “gut” feeling for 0,0 / 6.666 being represented by 1948 (Birth of the False Prophet?).    We have shown how distances measured by “degrees” match the number of popes exactly within the Malachy prophecy 111.666 (112).  111 Popes + Petrus Romanus.   Should not then the distance from our 1948 Petrus Romanus marker of  0,0 and 6.66  extending due North to the London stone tie into the Church of England?  –  A measure in degrees of the number of Popes since the schism with England?

It certainly does.   again we have an interesting irrational number of 44.666.  There were Exactly 44 Popes +1 (Petrus Romanus)  since the schism with England…..

Milton Thomas Fleitas


London Stone, 1948, Petrus Romanus and 44 popes



*Godtype is the tipping point for all this research.

My research website for the upcoming Godtype book is available at Godtype.com. It is the amazing orderliness of “Time” as we know it that paradoxically allowed such a “disordered” personality as my self to recognize the Judeo-Christian teachings and dare I say “Truths” of the Holy Trinity representing itself within the (4) proven base personalities of humanity.    This led to the realization that “Time” itself was patterned according to the Trinity.   Past, Present, Future and All time.  Paradoxes that pioneering cognitive scientist David Kearsey documented during his stellar career. (Keirsey documented both the Quantity percentages of personality within humanity as well as the “Time” aspects that separate the 4 base temperaments.   NT=Sequence, SJ=Past, NF=Future, SP=Present. How interesting that the 16 names he coined for the 16 personality types also represented The Judeo-Christian Deity of the Holy Trinity.

Once I took this leap of faith, the most amazing book of all time we call the Bible began to give evidence to every aspect of these suppositions.  prollifically backing up and documenting my theories to a level that even the most ardent agnostic must pause and consider this reality…….

We are beautifully and intricately made….

SJ’s = Father = Past = Correlation of Energy = Ancient of Days = (T, correlative thinking)
Provider, Protector, Inspector, Supervisor – All names for God the Father

SP’s = Holy Spirit = PresentKinetic Energy = Earth/physical creation = Life (S, Sensing)
Performer, Composer, Promoter, Crafter – All names for God the Holy Spirit

NF’s = Son = FutureConversion of ALL energy = LOGOS/Logic = Love (F, ethical thinking)
Healer, Mighty Counselor, Champion, Teacher – All names for God the Son (Yeshua)

NT’s = Trinity = *InfinityPotential Energy =  Rationality (N, intuition)

Architect, Mastermind, Field Marshall, Inventor – All names for God the Trinity (Creation role)

EASTER ISLAND – Western Most EDGE from the GHANA Anomaly EXACTLY 6660 NM

Shadow of the Washington Monument



Eastern EDGE of China. 6660 Nautical Miles from Ghana Anomaly following Same Heading as Easter Island Measurement also 6660 nm

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  5. […] bad pope” were  eradicated.  I had begun to have doubts, within the pages or our Malachy research article that pointed to a 112th “final” pope as a “bad” pope.    The […]

  6. ALI says:

    Below is the translate post of ALI from March 15, a deep researcher that arrived at a peter Turkson (false) prediction as I did as well as several other”out there” Christian and Catholic authors. The interesting thing is that Ali is a Muslim… he gives praise to the God of this world… Allah and his good messenger Mohamad. Ali, I pray for you…. keep up your research. Your statement below is TRUE. you certainly bear witness to the GOD OF THIS WORLD. keep up your research, and quite possibly it will lead you to the greatest decision in your life… A decision for Christ.

    “I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and I testify that Muhammad – the Messenger of Allah and Ali – the friend of God.”

    February 12, 2013 Mr. Wolf started the year on the Zoroastrian calendar, will elect a new Pope Peter in what I was sure Turkson 66.6% [1] But as it turned rapidly conclave of 13 March 2013 elected (error of 33.4%), Francis I – the new pope.
    Pope Francis csoobschaet: “I picked his episcopal motto:” Miserando atque eligendo “(Lowly, and yet chosen).

    “Voluntary resignation of Benedict XVI, rather, suggests that the papacy alive, it moves, it is able to think and make appropriate decisions, until overtaken by Alzheimer’s disease. If the prophecy of St. Malachi about the risks of the upcoming arrival of” Peter “does not come true, that the Catholic Church will have to officially deny Malachi prefix “ST..” So the Roman Church is in a very difficult position in which it had once put the prophet to confirm the sanctity of Malachi Vatican should put the name of Peter – and that he has destroyed the church “[2].
    Not set, the conclusion from this why? With so scared conclave? Raised a fuss about the black pope? The answer is obvious. Long before the election of a new pope Vatican pasted posters with Peter Tarson and strikethrough Cardinals emblem. From this we can conclude: Malachi is not a saint, and consequently the whole Roman church one big theater of clowns …
    Yes, sorry, that is not selected. Just who wish? Cardinals? They then imagined that choosing a black pope, the consequences will be worse. For all the media will talk about the imminent end of the world. It is likely that they have decided not to disturb the faithful and go to meet them …

    Iranian spiritual leader Ayatollah (“sign of God”), Ali Khamenei rafiditov first called to prepare for war and the rise of Shiite Mahdi – Dajjal (false messiah). Khamenei said the Shiites should expect an early appearance of his “Twelfth Imam”.
    “If we think we are the warriors of the twelfth Imam, we must be ready for war under the leadership of God and with His help, we will make the invisible so that the Islamic (Shia – UmmaNews) civilization will prevail in the world. This is our destiny, “- said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

    Ali did everything to black pope was not …
    In Turkson was 66.6% chance to become a dad, but the attempt failed? Vatican was plastered with flyers with the crossed arms of Peter Turkson http://www.proza.ru/2013/03/09/194

    from March 13, 2013 the new Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio choose a name Francis I (translated means – “the tribe of the Franks” literally French), was born in Buenos Aires on December 17, 1936 in a family of Italian immigrants, a railway worker. Youngest of five children. Received his technique in chemistry. He studied at the seminary in Villa Devoto Buenos Aires. Entered the Jesuit Order 11 March 1958.
    The Jesuits and the Jesuit Order, the official name of “Society of Jesus” (Latin Societas Jesu), the Order of St.. Ignatius (named after the founder) – male religious order of the Roman Catholic Church, founded in 1534 by Ignatius Loyola and approved by Paul III in 1540.
    The Jesuits played a large role in the Counter-Reformation, were actively engaged in science, education and missionary work. Members of the Society of Jesus, along with the three traditional vows (poverty, chastity and obedience) yield and the fourth – of obedience to the Pope, “in matters of mission.” The motto of the Order is the phrase «Ad majorem Dei gloriam» («To the greater glory of God”).
    To which the Pope will report Fratsisk [3] The first one? Not elected Cardinal Peter Tursonu – Pope secret?
    The basic principles of the Jesuits: the rigid discipline, strict centralization, unquestioning obedience junior in senior position, the absolute authority of the head – for life elected general (“Black Pope”), reporting directly to the Pope.

    EMBLEM “French”
    In an azure shield emblem of the Order of the Jesuits – the golden sun burdened scarlet letters hristogrammoy (anagram) «IHS», which is also a reduction in the Latinized form of the Greek name of Jesus – IHSOVS and abbreviation of the first three words of the Latin translation of the phrase «IN HOC SIGNO»), and under them three black nails 1 and 2. Accompanies the logo at the tip of the silver five-pointed star and a bunch of grapes.
    Motto: “Miserando atque eligendo”

    Al-Masih Ad-Dajjal, the Antichrist analogue in the Islamic tradition. Its appearance, according to Islamic teachings, will mark the tests will fall to people at the end of time before the end of the Light. When the Dajjal will appear on Earth, it will attract people by miracles, prophets warned the people that they should not believe the Dajjal, DESIRING to prevent him. Facial Dajjaal righteous be able to read the word ‘Kufr’ disbelief, but all will be clear that the one-eyed Dajjal (newly elected Pope wears glasses – OA). Muhammad Ali and warned that Allah can not be one-eyed. Anas ibn Malik said that written on his forehead Dajjaal “kaafir” (wrong).

    In Dajjaal three manifestations: a human face, “Dajjal” as a global public-cultural phenomenon, “Dajjal” as an invisible force. That the advent of Dajjal in human form was possible to gain a foothold on Earth some decadent institutions. Their founders and followers, with the support of the impure forces, follow the Dajjal in the destruction of good and Islam.
    With the permission of Allah, tests people Dajjal will perform miracles by which he is able to win over many of the faithful. Even the Muslim Ummah will be only a small part. Phenomenon for the Dajjaal to Earth followed rain, after which all plants will bear fruit, and all the animals will follow. Buried treasure in the ground once the efforts of Dajjal will come to the surface.

    1.Musulmane believe that all previous prophets warned the people about the ad-Dajjal.
    2. The Prophet Muhammad said that humanity would not be subjected to the test more terrible than the test ad-Dajjal.
    3.Dadzhal would in time of famine, pestilence and war, and his power, he finds playing on the human needs of food, and the world, especially at such a critical time.
    4. Before you hit the ground phenomenon Dajjaal fierce drought, followed by crop failures and loss of livestock. At this point, and there will be ad-Dajjal, with lots of food and water.
    5. First Dajjal proclaim himself a prophet, and then announced its own “divinity.” Those who accept him as their “masters”, the Dajjal osyplet mercy. He will send them to the ground rain withered. Those same who reject him, waiting for the drought and famine in the world.
    6. The rule of al-Dajjal will last for several years, after which he gets under his leadership a huge army and launched a war against those who rejected it. And at this point will be from heaven and destroy Jesus Dajjaal. Then Jesus will unite the world under one rule, and based on a single religion of Islam.
    About the time of the coming Dajjaal, as well as on the Day of Judgment, Allah only knows.
    According to a hadith of the Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam), the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will overtake the Dajjaal at the gate Lyudda (Lod is in Palestine, which now has an airport and a major military base of “Israel”), and kill him.

    On a bright and sunny day, fortieth day of the Virgin Mary – July 16, 2012 (12:16:50) in the skies over Vologda formed cloud.
    Do not have time to go through and a few meters of a sudden summer rain drizzled, and the sky was overcast with a cloud directly overhead. Looking at the sky as seen through the cloud breaks blinding sun. The first thing that came to mind – the Eye of God! Good sign from heaven!. Homes considered made two shots. On the very first saw a distinct letter “A”. Its origin is closely related to one of the 99 names of God [4] …

    Zulfiqar [5]
    One of the most famous and colorful characters of the Muslim East is Zulfiqar – the sword, according to the Koranic tradition belonged to the prophet Muhammad. For Muslims, it means about the same thing, that the sword of King Arthur – for the inhabitants of Britain. Especially revered Zulfikar Shiite. According to Islamic tradition, after the death of Muhammad’s sword bequest got Ali ibn Abi Talib, son in law of the Prophet, who, from the point of view of the Shiites, was the first and only legitimate successor to Mohammed (Caliph).
    In the legends of Zulfikar often endowed with magical powers and magical properties.
    The origin of the sword wrapped in legend. They say, for example, that he belonged to the first man – Adam, who brought him to the ground after the expulsion from paradise. According to the most common version, the sword went to the Prophet Mohammed as a trophy after the Battle of Badr in 624 wells, and before that it belonged to one of the leaders of the Quraysh tribe. In the hands of the Prophet has become a magic weapon, crushing force.
    In his hand Zulfiqar Ali became the most famous sword in Islamic history. According to legend, this sword has two blades and had magical properties: for example, they could not kill an innocent person. When Ali did not fight, he left Zulfiqar hang in the air, just tossing it, and in case of need, the sword miraculously found himself in his hand. It was believed that Zulfikar defend the borders of the Muslim world from enemies. In honor of the sword named Iranian tank.
    Mystery is where is the sword Zulfiqar (Dhu al-Faqar).
    Is Zulfiqar invisible? This is the “Word of God” represents a forked tongue the snake … speech, communication, internet.
    No sooner had I put this line of magic sword Zulfiqar, as when saving articles error occurred on the server and it is “forked” (Save a second copy (duplicate) article on “Proze.ru” Certificate publication number 213 031 400 292) …

    Ashhadu en la il `Yaha` illa Ax `ahu` ya `anna ashhadu Flies ammadan` ra `sulyu illallah wa` Aliyyun Ualiyyu l-Lah
    (I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and I testify that Muhammad – the Messenger of Allah and Ali – the friend of Allah).

    [1]. Peter Turkson – I am Alpha and Omega http://www.proza.ru/2013/02/12/2617
    [2]. Mary, Mary, also (in Persian “flower”) – the mother of Jesus (Isa).
    [3]. The Gospels tell us that arhirei (Pharisees) and scribes called Jesus Beelzebub or claimed “that he casts out demons power of Beelzebub, prince of demons.” According to the vision possessed Catholic nun, Sister Madeleine in Aix-en-Provence, this demon is none other than one of the rulers of the devil world. “Beelzebub was the prince of the Seraphim, – recorded with her words – the most important thing after Lucifer. All the princes, the governors have nine orders of angels fell, from the order of seraphim first three fell, namely, Lucifer, Beelzebub, and Leviathan, and all of them have rebelled. ” Next Sister Madeleine said that the service of Beelzebub is sophisticated people sin of pride, and that his opponent is a heavenly St. Francis of Assisi.
    [4]. God’s eye over Vologda http://www.proza.ru/2012/11/17/1458
    Aliyev surname derived from the Arabic name of Ali, which is translated in literary Arabic means “high”, “arrogant”, “sublime.” The first known bearer of the name was Ali ibn Abi Talib, the cousin-in-law and close associate of Muhammad. According to legend, his name is based on one of the 99 names of Allah – “Al Aliy” (highest).
    [5]. Zulfiqar (from the name of a favorite saber) of the Prophet Muhammad and his son in law Ali), a Muslim sword with two blades, which has magical powers. In the 19th century description of swords – “two blades at the end”, which should mean polutorastoronnyuyu sharpening, was misinterpreted as “two blade at the end.” Such an interpretation has resulted in the Caucasus sabers “Zulfikar” blades which bisects the lower half, with some masters bifurcates into a vertical plane, and the other in the horizontal. Saber “Zulfikar” is not used in battle, but were extended in the East as the front arms.

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    5. The last Pope Petrus Romanus will be one of the culprits in the beginning of the Apocalypse http://oleg-aliyev.livejournal.com/72801.html
    6. http://dic.academic.ru/dic.nsf/es/76706/
    7. SWORD OF THE PROPHET MOHAMMED http://relicviyas.ru/glavnaya/18-mech-proroka-muxammeda.html
    8. WILL LAST NEXT POPE: Opinions
    9. Why daddy took the name Francis I http://kp.ua/daily/130313/384133/

    «Свидетельствую, что нет Божества кроме Аллаха, и ещё свидетельствую, что Мухаммад — Посланник Аллаха и Али — друг Аллаха».

    12 февраля 2013 г в начале года Волка по Зороастрийскому календарю будет избран новый папа Пётр в чём я был уверен 66,6% Турксон[1] Но как оказалось стремительно конклав 13 марта 2013 года избрал (ошибка в 33,4%) Франциска I – новым Папой Римским.
    Папа Фрэнсис cсообщает: “Я выбрал свой епископский девиз: “Miserando atque eligendo”(Lowly, and yet chosen).

    “Добровольная отставка Бенедикта XVI, скорее, свидетельствует о том, что папство живо, оно двигается, оно способно соображать и принимать адекватные решения, пока не настигла болезнь Альцгеймера. Если пророчества св. Малахии по поводу рисков от предстоящего прихода «Петра» не сбудется, то католической церкви придётся официально лишить Малахию приставки «св.». Так что римская церковь находится в крайне сложном положении, в которое её когда-то поставил пророк: для того чтобы подтвердить святость Малахии Ватикану надо ставить именно Петра — и чтобы тот ещё разрушил церковь”[2].
    Не поставили, отсюда вывод почему? Что так испугало конклав? Поднятый шум по поводу черного Папы? Ответ очевиден. За долго до выборов нового папы Ватикан обклеили плакатами с Питером Тарсоном и его перечёркнутым кардинальским гербом. Отсюда сделаем вывод: Малахия не святой, а следовательно и вся Римская церковь один сплошной театр клоунов…
    Да жаль, что не выбрали. Только кому жаль? Кардиналам? Они то себе представляли, что выбрать черного папу, то последствия будут хуже. Ибо все СМИ станут говорить о скором конце света. Вероятно, что они решили не будоражить верующих и пойти им навстречу…

    Духовный лидер Ирана аятолла («знамение Аллаха») Али Хаменеи впервые призвал рафидитов готовиться к войне и приходу шиитского Махди — Даджаля (Лжемессии). По словам Хаменеи, шииты должны ожидать скорого появления своего «Двенадцатого имама».
    «Если мы считаем себя воинами двенадцатого имама, то должны быть готовы к войне под руководством Аллаха и с Его невидимой помощью мы сделаем так, что исламская (шиитская — UmmaNews) цивилизация восторжествует на мировой арене. Это наша судьба», — сказал аятолла Али Хаменеи.

    Али сделал всё, чтобы чёрного Папы Римского не было…
    У Турксона было шансов 66,6% стать папой, но попытка не удалась?! Ватикан был обклеен листовками с перечеркнутым гербом Питера Турксона http://www.proza.ru/2013/03/09/194

    с 13 марта 2013 года новый Папа Римский Хорхе Марио Бергольо выбравший себе имя Франциск I (в переводе значит – “из племени франков” буквально французов), родился в Буэнос-Айресе 17 декабря 1936 года в семье итальянского эмигранта, железнодорожного рабочего. Младший из пяти детей. Получил диплом техника в химии. Учился в семинарии Вилла Девото в Буэнос-Айресе. Вступил в орден иезуитов 11 марта 1958 года.
    Иезуиты или Орден Иезуитов; официальное название «Общество Иисуса» (лат. Societas Jesu), также Орден св. Игнатия (по имени основателя) — мужской монашеский орден Римско-католической церкви, основанный в 1534 году Игнатием Лойолой и утверждённый Павлом III в 1540 году.
    Иезуиты сыграли большую роль в контрреформации, активно занимались наукой, образованием и миссионерской деятельностью. Члены Общества Иисуса наряду с тремя традиционными обетами (бедности, послушания и целомудрия) дают и четвёртый — послушания папе римскому «в вопросах миссий». Девизом ордена является фраза «Ad majorem Dei gloriam» («К вящей славе Божией»).
    Какому Папе будет подчиняться Фрациск[3] Первый? Не избранному кардиналу Питеру Турсону – тайному Папе?
    Основные принципы построения ордена Иезуитов: жёсткая дисциплина, строгая централизация, беспрекословное повиновение младших по положению старшим, абсолютный авторитет главы — пожизненно избираемого генерала («чёрного папы»), подчинённого непосредственно папе римскому.

    В лазоревом щите эмблема Ордена Иезуитов – золотое солнце обременённое червлёными литерами христограммой (анаграммой) «IHS», которая одновременно является сокращением латинизированно-греческой формы имени Иисус — IHSOVS и аббревиатурой первых трёх слов латинского перевода фразы «IN HOC SIGNO»), а под ними тремя чёрными гвоздями 1 и 2. Эмблему сопровождает в оконечности серебряные пятиконечная звезда и виноградной гроздь.
    Девиз: “Miserando atque eligendo”

    Аль-Масих ад-Даджаль аналог антихриста в исламской традиции. Его появление, согласно исламскому вероучению, ознаменует те испытания, которые выпадут людям в конце времён перед Концом Света. Когда Даджаль явится на Землю, он будет привлекать к себе людей чудесами, пророки предупреждали ЛЮДЕЙ, чтобы те не верили Даджалю, СТРЕМЯСЬ ЕМУ ПОМЕШАТЬ. На лице Даджаля праведники смогут прочесть слово «куфр», неверие, но всем будет видно, что Даджаль одноглазый (Новоизбранный Папа Римский носит очки – О.А.). Мухаммад и Али предупреждали, что Аллах не может быть одноглазым. Анас ибн Малик говорил, что на лбу Даджаля написано «кяфир» (неверный).

    У Даджаля три проявления: человеческий облик, «даджаль» как всемирное общественно-культурное явление, «даджаль» как невидимая сила. Чтобы пришествие Даджаля в человеческом облике стало возможно, на Земле должны закрепиться определённые упаднические институты. Их основатели и последователи, заручившись поддержкой нечистых сил, последуют за Даджалем в разрушении добра и ислама.
    С позволения Аллаха, испытывающего людей, Даджаль сможет совершать чудеса, с помощью которых ему удастся привлечь на свою сторону многих верующих. Даже от мусульманской уммы останется лишь маленькая часть. За явлением Даджаля на Землю последует сильный дождь, после которого все растения будут плодоносить; все животные последуют за ним. Зарытые когда-то в землю сокровища стараниями Даджаля выйдут на поверхность.

    1.Мусульмане верят, что все предшествующие пророки предупреждали людей об ад-Даджале.
    2. Пророк Мухаммад говорил, что человечество не подвергнется более страшному испытанию, нежели испытание ад-Даджалем.
    3.Даджаль явится во время голода, мора и войн, и свою власть он установит, играя на людских нуждах пищи и мира, особенно острых в подобное время.
    4. Перед явлением Даджаля землю поразит жесточайшая засуха, сопровождаемая неурожаями и падежами скота. В этот момент и появится ад-Даджаль с большим количеством воды и пищи.
    5. Сначала Даджаль провозгласит себя пророком, а затем объявит о собственной «божественности». Тех, кто примет его как своего «господа», Даджаль осыплет милостью. Он пошлёт на их иссушенные земли дождь. Тех, же, кто отвергнет его, ждёт засуха и голод в этом мире.
    6. Владычество ад-Даджаля продлится несколько лет, после чего он соберёт под своим водительством огромную армию и начнёт войну против тех, кто отверг его. И в этот момент явится с небес Иса и сокрушит Даджаля. Затем Иса объединит мир под единым владычеством и на основе единой религии ислама.
    О времени приходя Даджаля, равно как и о Судном Дне, знает только Всевышний Аллах.
    Согласно хадису Посланника Аллаха (да благословит его Аллах и приветствует), Пророк Иса (мир ему) настигнет Даджаля у ворот Людда (Лод находится в Палестине, где ныне расположен аэропорт и крупная военная база «Израиля»), и убьёт его.

    В яркий и солнечный день сорокалетия день Девы Марии – 16 июля 2012 года (12:16:50) в небе над Вологдой образовалась туча.
    Не успел пройти и нескольких метров, как внезапно заморосил летний дождь, а небо заволокло тучей прямо над головой. Взглянув на небо увидел как сквозь тучу пробивается ослепляющее солнце. Первое, что пришло на ум – Око Бога! Добрый знак с небес!. Дома рассмотрел сделанные два снимка. На самом первом увидел отчётливую букву “А”. Её происхождение тесно связано с одном из 99 имён Бога[4]…

    Одним из наиболее известных и ярких символов мусульманского Востока является Зульфикар — меч, в соответствии с коранической традицией принадлежавший пророку Мухаммеду. Для мусульман он означает приблизительно то же, что меч короля Артура — для жителей Британии. Особенно почитают Зульфикар мусульмане-шииты. Согласно исламской традиции, после смерти Мухаммеда меч по завещанию достался Али ибн Абу Талибу, зятю пророка, который, с точки зрения шиитов, был первым и единственным законным преемником Мухаммеда (халифом).
    В легендах Зульфикар часто наделяется магической силой и волшебными свойствами.
    Происхождение меча окутано легендами. Рассказывают, например, что он принадлежал первому человеку — Адаму, который принес его на землю после изгнания из рая. Согласно наиболее распространенной версии, меч достался пророку Мухаммеду в качестве трофея после сражения у колодцев Бадр в 624 году, а до этого он принадлежал одному из вождей племени курейшитов. В руках пророка оружие приобрело магическую, сокрушительную силу.
    В руке Али Зульфикар стал самым известным мечом в истории ислама. По преданию, этот меч имел два лезвия и обладал волшебными свойствами: например, им невозможно было убить невинного человека. Когда Али не сражался, он оставлял Зульфикар висеть в воздухе, просто подбрасывая его, а в случае нужды меч чудесным образом оказывался у него в руке. Считалось, что Зульфикар защищает границы мусульманского мира от врагов. В честь меча назван иранский танк.
    Тайной являлось где находиться меч Зульфикар (Dhu al-Faqar).
    Не является ли Зульфикар невидимым? Это “Слово Всевышнего” символизирующее раздвоенный язык змеи… речь, средства коммуникации, интернет.
    Не успел я записать эту строку про волшебный меч Зульфикар, как при сохранении статьи произошла ошибка на сервере и она “раздвоилась” (сохранилась вторая копия (дубликат) статьи на “Прозе.ру” Свидетельство о публикации №213031400292)…

    Ашхаду ан ля ил`яха `илля Лл`аху уа `ашхаду `анна Мух`аммадан ра`сулю Ллахи уа `Алиййун Уалиййу л-Лах
    (Свидетельствую, что нет Божества кроме Аллаха, и ещё свидетельствую, что Мухаммад — Посланник Аллаха и Али — друг Аллаха).

    [1]. Питер Турксон – Я есмь Альфа и Омега http://www.proza.ru/2013/02/12/2617
    [2]. Мариам, также Марьям (в переводе с персидского “цветок”) — мать Иисуса Христа (Исы).
    [3]. В Евангелиях рассказывается, что архиреи (фарисеи) и книжники называли Иисуса Христа Вельзевулом или утверждали, «что он изгоняет бесов силой Вельзевула, княза бесов». Согласно видению одержимой католической монахини, сестры Мадлен из Э-ан-Прованс, этот демон никто иной как один из правителей дьявольского мира. «Вельзевул был князем серафимов, – записано с ее слов, – самым главным после Люцифера. Все князья, то есть правители девяти орденов ангелов пали; из ордена серафимов первыми пали трое, а именно: Люцифер, Вельзевул и Левиафан, и все из них взбунтовались». Далее сестра Мадлен сообщает, что служба Вельзевула заключается в искушении людей грехом гордыни и что его небесным противником является Св. Франциск Ассизский.
    [4]. Божье Око над Вологдой http://www.proza.ru/2012/11/17/1458
    Фамилия Алиев происходит от арабского имени Али, что в переводе в литературном переводе с арабского означает «высокий», «надменный», «возвышенный». Первым известным носителем имени был Али ибн Абу Талиб, двоюродный брат, зять и сподвижник Мухаммада. По преданию, его имя основано на одном из 99 имён Аллаhа — «Аль Алий» (высочайший).
    [5]. ЗУЛЬФИКАР (от названия любимой сабли) пророка Мухаммеда и его зятя Али), мусульманская сабля с двумя лезвиями, обладающая магической силой. В 19 веке описание сабли —«два лезвия в конце», что должно означать полуторастороннюю заточку, было неверно истолковано, как «два клинка в конце». Такое толкование привело к возникновению на Кавказе сабель «зульфикар», клинки которых в нижней половине раздваивались, причем одни мастера раздваивали их в вертикальной плоскости, а другие в горизонтальной. Сабли «зульфикар» не использовались в бою, но получили распространение на Востоке в качестве парадного оружия.

    1. http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/
    2. Герб Царя царей – Coat of arms the King of Kings http://www.proza.ru/2013/02/16/2013
    3. Paul Thornton. First reader thoughts on the first Pope Francis. Los Angeles Times. http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/opinion-la/la-ol-pope-francis-mailbag-20130313,0,3214685.story
    4. Где сейчас находится меч Имама Али (ДБМ), который назывался зуль-факар? http://islamquest.net/ru/archive/question/fa5646
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    6. http://dic.academic.ru/dic.nsf/es/76706/
    7. МЕЧ ПРОРОКА МУХАММЕДА http://relicviyas.ru/glavnaya/18-mech-proroka-muxammeda.html
    9. Почему папа взял себе имя Франциск I http://kp.ua/daily/130313/384133/

    © Copyright: Олег Алиев, 2013
    Свидетельство о публикации №213031302190

  7. susann says:

    He has not been elected. Another potential was chosen. Any remarks on that?

    • Babel says:

      Yes, please see a lengthy essay going over the “Zeal” of the evangelical church (myself included) calling on Pope 112 of Malachy to be a “bad” Pope. The prophecies of St. Francis I discovered the week before began to set my doubts. Pope 112 according to these Catholic prophecies was to be a “Good Pope”. Exactly what Malachy and St. Francis call for. It is the Next Pope….. which Catholic Prophets consider what the evangelical church is labeling the “False Prophet”. The Anomalies are still there…. They will not go away. It is their interpretation which I was surely wrong on. http://www.supernaturalresearch.com/2013/03/the-shoes-of-the-fisherman-the-last-good-pope/

  8. ALI says:

    BELOW is a TRANSATION from Russian to English of ALI’s Post.
    (ALI is a Muslim)

    Coat of arms the King of Kings http://www.proza.ru/2013/02/16/2013

    1) The Antichrist will be a Jew (circumcised), of the tribe of Dan (Jer. 8:16). The Muslims is Dajjal – the false Messiah, the prophets warned the people to not believe the Dajjal, and tried to stop him. Facial Dajjaal righteous be able to read the word ‘Kufr’ disbelief, but all will be clear that the one-eyed Dajjal. * 2)) According to Konstantin Tsarenko Antichrist is the current U.S. President Barack Obama (the name of his mother Dunham);
    2) The Antichrist will be the assistant – the false prophet (Rev. 13:11), that is probably not yet been officially elected the new pope. Electoral authority Vatican (conclave) has been rushing to his election and likely until March 10 to elect a new pope;
    3) The Antichrist will be the main ally of the land of Edom, Moab and Ammon (Daniel 11:41);
    4) he will reign in the Roman Empire (Revelation 17:11);
    5) He will win the three kings: Egyptian, Libyan and Ethiopian (Daniel 11:43) – the war is already under way in these countries;
    6) Jews recognize him as the Messiah (John 5:43);
    7) he will restore the temple in Jerusalem (and sit in it) (2 Thessalonians 2:4), but it does destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque and in its place build a new church;
    8) He set up his image (“image”) for public worship (Revelation 13:14);
    9) He will punish people stigmatized, that is, will impose a special stamp on the forehead and right hand (Revelation 13:16);
    10), he will be in particular to persecute Christians (Dan 7:25; Rev. 13:7);
    11), he shall slay present themselves prophets Enoch and Elijah (Rev. 11:3-10);
    12) The reign of the Antichrist will be three and a half years (Dan. 7:25; Rev. 13:5);
    13) The Antichrist will be killed by Christ (Savior) at the Second Coming (2 Thessalonians 2:8, Revelation 19:19-21). Muslims are waiting for the coming of the Messiah – the Mahdi (Arabic mahdi, «slave [in the way of Allah]” the full name of the Mahdi Sahib al-Zaman) – heralding a close end of the world, the last heir of the Prophet Muhammad. It is likely that it will come from Iran (Persia).

    And what science tells us heraldry? If symbols rule the world, not the word and the law.
    With God’s help, I want to talk about the future of the coat of arms of Pope Peter Turkson. In the beginning we blazoniruem (describe heraldic language) his coat, and then decipher its symbols.

    Heraldic description (blazon)
    Cardinal Peter Turkson Emblem
    (Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson (born 11 October 1948))
    To start, we codifying heraldic symbols on the arms of the language:
    “The silver shield scarlet (red) band on the right (Fr. bend), laden with gold Latin cross placed on it a green wand of Mercury with two snakes resembling symmetrical mirror number« I3 »Latin epsilon or mirror form a shape in the form of butterflies (Adinkra (Adinkra ) “PEMPAMSIE”), followed by silver book with Greek letters “ALFA” & “OMEGA” ** and azure (blue), the monogram of the Virgin Mary of the letters “AM” (Ave Maria) ***.
    Followed by a two-towered castle at the top of the gold with a black open portal (without wings, standing on the basis of the silver and black wavy narrow belts ****, Downstairs natural colors * 1) anvil inoculated three silver with gold-tipped spears. *****
    The board is placed gold trilistny (Kleeblattkreuz, croix treflee) Cross of Lorraine (French Croix de Lorraine or ‘Anjou cross “, Fr. Croix de Anjou) and topped with red gallery (hat) Cardinal with 30 red tassels.
    The motto in Latin: “VIVERE CHRISTUS EST” “.

    Cardinal Peter Appiah Kodvo, Tarkson (Kodvo African name means “Monday” in his native language.)
    (Author’s interpretation)

    1) The name of Peter – a stone in Hebrew = Evens. This word consists of two things: the “father” and “son.” Even, Avan, Bina, bniya – all words bet-nun, ie they are all derived from the bin – the source.

    2) Gold Latin Cross (Latin Crux immissa, Crux capitata) burdened with green mirror monogram number 13 resembles the Greek letter “F”.
    Today the cross is associated with death. Monogram may indicate Phoenicia (literally “land of purple”) – Dan enemies. And like the monogram Caduceus, the wand of Mercury (Greek Karikeyon or Kerikeyon) – a symbol of the god Mercury (Hermes in Greek), the herald of the gods with two mirror snakes. Consists of a magic wand, or heraldic rod around which twine symmetrically with two snakes facing each other heads. Symbolic interpretation in the psychoanalytic sense sees a staff of Mercury phallus, which paired two snakes. In the world of images both alchemy snake symbolize in equilibrium chemical elements sulfur (Sulphur) and mercury (Mercurius). Rod – is the axis of the world, or the world tree. Also, the logo, this logo may allude to the tribe of Dan – snakes on the background color of the stone sapfir.1). Two snakes represent Asia. Zmeepochitanie was in Judaism. Snake – a symbol of Eve, snake-like goddess, life-giving. The ancient Jews copper serpent represents Venus. Apocryphal snake secrets, stories of magic snake Moses back to revolt Lyutsifera.Zmeya skin changes, but does not change the nature. Protestants have the brass serpent was mounted on a mast. Roman S – is a projection of a serpent on a pole, flag, signifying the victory of the spirit over the flesh. It should be noted that S with two poles – a sign of the dollar.
    In general, the snake – the current symbol of time and this is a commission, which is embodied in the heavenly constellations and human-Ophiuchus, reveals the secrets of the closed time.
    Snake – a metaphor alien, not ours, but is embedded in us. Snakes coming out of Adam, emerging from the big toe of his foot. The myth of the Fall is only found in the Bible. Snakes were characteristic of the Semitic fertility cults, which were used in the sexual rites, approximating the arrival of God. Temptation of Eve can be interpreted as a warning to the Jews, do not be tempted like competing cults. In Western art, the snake was the main symbol of evil, identified with Satan.
    The serpent or dragon – is Satan, the tempter, the enemy of God and a member of the Fall. He represents the forces of evil, destruction, grave, guile and cunning, evil man must overcome in themselves. Dante identifies the serpent with the enemy, but if it winds around the Tree of Life, it is a symbol of wisdom and auspicious, but if the tree of knowledge, it is the beginning of Lucifer and malware.

    3) The book – the emblem of wisdom, education, knowledge, and education. Always represented in expanded form, symmetrically located, with a completely clean white pages (which symbolizes the pure mind). Image of the book on some old coat of arms – a direct image of the Holy Scriptures – the Bible, the Koran, the Talmud, Torah and others, the emblem of the holy book. Greek letters “Alpha” and “Omega” point to a verse of the Gospel of John: “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and heard behind me a loud voice like a trumpet, saying, I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last” (Rev. 1:10). “Hebrew Aleph represents the will and the power, and the human mage. Aleph Jews, symbolized by the bull or Taurus.

    4) The monogram of the Virgin Mary of the letters “A” & “M” (Ave Maria) also suggest “Antichristus” “Messias” (“Savior of the Antichrist”). [12] According to some (mainly Orthodox) Christian theologians, the Jewish “Messiah” for Christians – the Antichrist. Another possible interpretation:. If you turn this monogram, the porous head of Baphomet. What name Antichrist come Miru we already speak of the prophecy: Peter Roman (Malachi), the Antichrist (Orthodox Christians), al-Myalik Amlyak (faithful Muslims) and more recently the Jews realized that the one whom they were waiting to be called the Millennium Moshiach Yeshua (Jesus the Messiah – Savior). [4]
    If you look closely and step back, then it is only a thought comes: a cross with an unusual “squiggle” logo resembles the tribe of Dan. From the point of view of Orthodoxy, a Messiah, but Jesus Christ, can not be. According to the poll of the Institute “Panels”, the overwhelming majority of Jews still consider Jesus a false messiah and waiting to be “true” Messiah, who, according to Christian doctrine, will be the Antichrist.

    5) Golden Castle. Its type, location, shape, color – all play a role in determining the symbolic meaning of the castle as an impregnable fortress of the spiritual power of man. In the Middle Ages represented a transcendent soul and heavenly Jerusalem. Gold lock can point to Vatican washed flooded. As well as hardness, endurance, the ability to “punch”.
    Center of the world of the Kingdom. In a series of legends of King Arthur motif of the castle is one of the dominating. A symbol of feudal power. If Palace symbolizes the system of absolute monarchy, the castle – the feudal separatism. Associated with the old. Castle – the emblem of secrecy, silence. The waves and the castle symbolizes that the disclosure of secrets come. [13] The symbolism of the castle is usually associated with the symbols of the treasures (spiritual wealth), Virgin (anima) and a noble knight (seeker). Gold lock is also present on the State Emblem of Ghana, where it symbolizes the presidential palace.

    6) Anvil – as a symbol of endurance, hardness, inflexibility. Anvil with spears [5] indicates that the main criterion for the arrival of the Messiah-Messiah-Mahdi (from Hebr. Mashiach, lit. – Anointed one), described in the prophecy Issayi in the Old Testament (Tanakh): “And he shall judge among the nations, and rebuke many people: and they have to beat their swords into plowshares (ie plows), and their spears – the sickles: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, nor will they, they learn war anymore “(Chapter 2, p. 4). The Jews is the first coming of the Messiah, the Christians the second coming of the Messiah. The Muslims Mahdi. [6] Anvil borrowed from the Bible. In the Old Testament, the Book of the Prophet Isaiah (Ch. 2, Art. 4), predicted the second coming of Jesus Christ to earth and eternal peace, which must then occur: “And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they beat their swords her into plowshares, and their spears
    their – into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more “(” ploughshare “translated from Church Slavonic -” plow “).

    7) The motto of the coat of arms of Peter in Latin “VIVERE CHRISTUS EST” (“To live is Christ”), is the Latin phrase of St. Paul in his letter to the Philippians (1:21). [7]
    8) form a shield emblem Peter Turkson in heraldry is called a “French” (square with a pointed base and top corners). The period of greatest proliferation XVIII-XX centuries. This may indicate that the Cardinal has French roots and considers himself to them. [8]

    9) Cross of Lorraine gets its name from Lorraine – a province on the border between France and Germany (now a region in north-eastern France). In the Middle Ages, the province was an independent principality. In the crusade in 1099, Jerusalem was taken, and the victory was dedicated to the Prince of Lorraine. Perhaps this cross indicates the prophecy which speaks of the Frenchman.
    10) Gallery (Latin galerus ruber – Red Hat) – a cardinal’s hat, a very large, flat, red hat with a wide brim, from which hang on the sides of 15 brushes. The gallery is the heraldic honors rank of Cardinal. Galera is derived from a simple pilgrim hat with a wide brim. In ecclesiastical heraldry it is used with a different number of brushes in different time tsvetah.Pervoe Pope gave galleys cardinals at their holiday destination. After the death of Galerius hanging on the tomb of Cardinal until the body has turned to dust. This is a reminder of the impermanence of earthly living. As headgear is not used since 1969. Galleries on the arms of Cardinals – Red with 30 brushes.
    11) Adinkra (Adinkra) “PEMPAMSIE” – ready icon, stamina, endurance (symbol resembles a chain link and implies strength through unity, as well as the importance of being prepared.), Symbol of the popular Akan (Twi-Fante) of Ghana, which is like a butterfly symbol of transience and frivolity, as She happily flitting from flower to flower. But at the same time, the butterfly is a symbol of metamorphosis and change. In addition to the symbol of change, in the ancient cultures of the butterfly symbolizes the resurrection of an immortal soul. Often the image of a butterfly can be found in ancient tombs. In Catholic iconography butterfly is often depicted in the hands of the Christ child, which symbolizes the resurrection of Christ. In many religions and cultures, the butterfly is a symbol of the immortal soul and the resurrection.

    Coat of arms the King of Kings http://www.proza.ru/2013/02/16/2013

  9. ALI says:

    Peter Turkson – I am the Alpha and the Omega


    This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.
    (Revelation 13:18)

    I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end. (Revelation 22:13)…


    The statement of the Pope Benedict XVI for the forthcoming renunciation of a throne became a surprise not only for million Catholics of the world, but also for a papal environment.
    According to a prediction the last Pope’s name will be Petrus Romanus – it means Peter * Roman.
    Nostradamus claims that the last Pope will be French.
    The last Pope will be one of those who are responsible for the beginning of the Apocalypse.
    “I can understand its decision, I can understand feeling of physical fatigue. The body can be tired, wisdom isn’t tired. This is the original decision of the original person”, – Shimon Peres, the president of Israel, declared while making comments on Benedict’s XVI decision to transfer keys from paradise to someone else…
    Resignation will come into force at the end of February, and by the end of March (the beginning of the Wolf year according to Zarathustric calendar) the new Pope Peter will be chosen – I am sure 66,6%.
    Peter Turkson (Ghana) is said to be the 112th (CXII) Pope. If we look at the photo of Peter Turkson we can see that the cross is turned down (Sacred Peter’s Cross) **. The symbolics of Peter Turkson’s coat of arms where we see the Greek letters “Alpha” and “Omega” which show us to the Gospel verse of John Bogoslov (“I was in good spirits in day Sunday, and heard behind itself a loud voice, as though pipe which spoke: I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end. (Otkr. 1:10) “.
    The most interesting thing is the motto of the coat of arms of St. Peter. If we try to translate using Google: the Latin “VIVERE CHRISTUS EST” (“To live is Christ”), means St. Paul’s Latin phrase used in the letter to Filippians (1:21) *** was translated as… ” CHRIST ONLINE ” – was some kind of shock.
    Some people think that the Antichrist – will be the American president and the last one. “Symbols rule the world”, it means signs. I observe how people lose their belief, watchin one and the same president elected in the USA – his nickname is “Lord of the Flies” (Beelzebub) – that surprised me most of all, but what does it mean? Beelzebub is the closest helper of the Satan (who is the opponent, the slanderer). The Satan can turn into the angel of light – Lucifer. If to open the Apocalypse the Satan acts as a dragon and a devil — the leader of dark angels in fight with Saint Michael the Archangel (Otkr.12:7 — 9; 20:2,3, 7 — 9).
    The last mass of the Pope Benedict XVI took placein St. Peter’s Cathedral. In the evening the lightning struck the roof. Can it be the God’s sign? Think yourself…
    Benedict XVI will come to people on February, 27th – it will be the last time.
    * Peter – means “stone” (Greek). The name Tsur is closest according to the meaning – it means “rock”, “a stone ledge”, “stronghold” (“Tsur” sounds like “Tsar”), it can mean God in the set phrases. According to the sound the name Porat fits ( the root of the word is – “fruit”,) but this name is used very rare while Tsur – is accepted by both secular and religious people.
    ** Some people think that the main Christian symbol can be anti-christian when turned down. That’s why the turned cross was widely adopted in modern mass culture – as a Satanist symbol first of all. The turned cross is often used by the musicians who play black-metal. The turned cross is often shown as the Satan’s symbol in pop-culture (“Emily Rose’s six demons” and “Omen”)


    Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson attends a Mass for Pope John Paul II in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican, April 13, 2005 photo. (Pier Paolo Cito/AP Photo)

    © 2013. Translated by Adriana

    Coat of arms the King of Kings http://www.proza.ru/2013/02/16/2013

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