Using David Flynn’s understanding of Newton’s science gives us some amazing coincidences with George Adamski’s 1950’s UFO sightings

Godtype Book Cover: Unifying the theology of William Blake and Isaac Newton

POST NOTE 09/2014:  Our Godtype Manuscript was never published yet all the essays and research are available FREE at Godtype.com

As Editor of SRI & Praeternatural, I must apologize for the few research articles of late.  We’ve been busy researching and writing  an upcoming book dealing with the “Godtype Code” that stemmed from the unification of several SRI research essays.  As the book has developed, its final conclusions and most importantly its  premises  have been locked in.

The titles give a clear picture of the collected essays goals to teach readers.   Godtype:  The hidden code within humanity that may bridge both science and philosophy.  It’s secondary title quietly infers our independent research’s ties to the works of one of the most brilliant supernatural researchers of our generation – David Flynn.

As David Flynn cracked the amazing codes within geometry in correlation with “Time and Space” hidden in the unpublished works of Isaac Newton, It seems that we have personally cracked the hidden codes that eluded Isaac Newton’s contemporary: Poet Artist and often called heretic William Blake.   The reason?   Modern science and a child like belief in the hidden wisdom of the Bible allows modern researchers to spot these patterns of “natural law”.  A child like faith combined with an understanding of modern science is the key to breaking these codes – David Flynn had a God given abundance of both….  It seems the good Lord found it to give myself a “fraction” of this wisdom to “see” the patterns of creation, just enough to crack the Godtype code hidden within human cognition. 

Though Godtype deals with the codes that obsessed William Blake,  Codes that deal with the hidden cognitive functions of humanity – their “four-fold symmetry” as Blake called it.   Amazing evidence that “Time and Space” are certainly linked to human cognition.   We have devoted a chapter to deal with the parallel discoveries of David Flynn & Isaac Newton that show “Time and Space” is  also linked to geometry & geography as well, somehow  centered on the Temple in Jerusalem –  A building that may actually sit at the center off time.

For further essays and articles available on Godtype,  please visit Godtype.com

Now!  for the crazy statistical coincidences dealing with George  Adamski and his “Golden Age” UFO sightings – It all started with a short prayer where I asked the Lord for a “David Flynn” type discovery to make a “spiritual / scientific link” for the upcoming book. 

George Adamski:    Arguably the most talked about sightings and culture effecting UFO events second only to the Roswell affair.  Setting the  Nation on fire with the UFO phenomenon.  Any study of classic UFO research will need to deal first and foremost with George Adamski’s early physical photographs as well as his at times “outlandish” tales of actual contact with these “brothers form outer space”.    Finishing up research for the Godtype book mentioned above, I decided to finally “read” one of David Flynn’s books.  (I had avoided reading any of his books, not wanting to  influence my own research  – Yet I was well aware that somehow our Life works were parallel to each other)

July 1951 Fate: Adamski

David Flynn & Isaac Newton understood that the temple served as the starting point in which “nautical miles” in distance equated to time.   Can America have its own marker on this side of the earth?   What could it be?   Listening to my “Gut”  I decided that it must be the Washington Monument.  I have described in the past how as I child in 1974 I purchased two keepsakes from my trip to Washington D.C.     *A Lincoln Kennedy penny and a small plastic model of the Washington Monument.  *SRI cracked an amazing code of Time & Space linking the deaths of these two men – exactly 100 perfect years apart.

It must be the monument I thought,   but what event other than the Roswell crash can I do a little “David Flynn type”  research on?  Adamski came to mind…  I remembered the article that made Adamski world famous…  It was the July 1951 Fate Magazine.   So I located Adamski’s property in Pauma Valley, California.  placed my starting point at the Swimming Pool which was certainly the center of attraction for the camping park still there 60 years later and where I believe adamski took his pictures at…   Drew the line to the center of the Washington Monument and I could not help but smile and nod.

The Washinton Monument at the center of the Vesica piscis?

Exactly 1951.58 Miles.    A numerical way to say July, 1951  Is this just a coincidence?  Or can we call it Fate?   It is though, the first and only “Flynn / Newton” type research I have ever done using their concepts of geometry being linked to the Temple in Jerusalem and ‘Time”.    Personally I am a “William Blake” type soul  and Time and Space and its correlation with human cognition is where my research takes me…..  It was certainly fun spending just a few minutes on one of my “hunches” using David Flynn’s concepts and arriving at some amazing numbers which I somehow “knew” would be there….  

What else is waiting to be discovered?  Is the Washington Monument somehow the center of time and space for our hemisphere?   It seems to me that its Occultic design calls to question whose timeline I have stumbled upon?                                                  

Will SRI readers discover more of these coincidences…..

God Bless you,  David Flynn: 1962-2012

POST NOTE: Additional Research into the Latitude of the Adamski property matches the Roswell 33.3 discoveries by David Flynn.

Confirm for your self:    http://www.satsig.net/maps/lat-long-finder.htm

As I was sitting in my favorite chair overlooking a wonderful little valley that I am fortunate to have as my backyard,  The place where I go every morning to get my concepts and ideas which will take up my day…. To give praise to the Good Lord for this beautiful world he has bestowed to us,

Author's FB image sitting in his "Thinking Chair" unknowingly on the 33.30000 Latitude

Author’s FB image sitting in his “Thinking Chair” unknowingly on the 33.30000 Latitude

I realized that Flynn’s work with the Roswell coincidences were also heavily influenced by the Latitude of 33.3 degrees?  Surely if the conclusions reached in this research are more than mere coincidences, this latitude of 33.3 must also run through the old Adamski property…..  It would add and additional layer of statistical improbability  for this research being more than  just a coincidence.

It surely was….   The Latitude 33.3000 to 5 decimal places runs directly through the old Palomar campgrounds.  Please understand, 33.3000 is accurate to within a few feet.  The odds are at least (1 in a  million) But when my “Gut” said  that this Latitude may also run directly underneath my feet I felt that I was surely over reaching.     My own tiny little piece of this beautiful California countryside  just a few miles down the road…… When I got to my computer a few hours later I seem to have come up against another impossible coincidence….  The location of my “Thinking Chair”  Where I go to pray and give thanks to our creator was directly on the 33.3000 Latitude to 5 decimal places!    We are now into modern day deficit numbers,  the odds must surely be 1 in a trillion……

Milton Thomas X

IMPOSSIBLE DISCOVERIES continued as we extended this “Timeline”!   This was just the beginning puzzle piece to much larger and statistically impossible measurements throughout our entire earth.   Please see Illustrations and research here:


Adamski’s Palomar Campground on Google earth

To Replicate this research yourself, simply use Google Earth and start at the Washington Monument.   Head south west at 68.47 degrees for an exact distance of 1951.58 nautical miles representing the July, 1951.  The issue date of the  Fate Magazine that turned Adamski into a household name.


Adamski UFO sighting Location

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