Did Millions of Evangelicals Purposefully not vote in 2012? “Not Voting, is a Vote for Jesus”

When all is said and done and the pundits are done looking at the numbers they will realize that several Million Evangelicals that made it to the polls in 2008 did not leave the comfort of their homes in 2012.  Evident by the poor showing of morally based voters on referendums across the entire country.   There is further evidence by the fact that John McCain garnered nearly 60 Million votes in 2008 far out numbering this years tally?

What was bothering me the most for months though was watching Evangelicals who surely  voted for McCain in 2008 blotting out my FB feeds with calls for NOT VOTING!    I can count at least 12 Christian leaders who were supernaturally obsessed with their new found “Christian Ethic” of not voting.    “Not Voting,  is a vote for Jesus!”  to quote just one of the many Christian leaders who have worked overtime promoting this concept of not voting is a vote for Jesus.    I am truly confounded by this logic? 

Here are two Christian authors debating yours truly…. Decide for yourself.

I have also posted Alan Keys extensive response to this post below as well.

Let me just re-post my feeble attempt here at SRI to reach the anarchistic introspective mindset that supernaturally took hold of so many evangelicals.  Including a poster we created using the famous quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer  (There is also a 2 page response from Christian Leader Alan Keyes that will give you a glimpse into this “A vote for no one, is a Vote for Jesus” mentality that has overtaken so much of Christendom) 

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Dietrich Bonhoeffer Quote for Christians who are considering not to vote in 2012 election

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the brave German pastor who paid with his life for his actions against the Nazi regime said the following:

“Silence in the face of evil is in itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

To paraphrase these words of wisdom in light of the curent election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

“Not To Vote (For Romney) Is To Vote (For Obama)”

There has been a supernatural onslaught of Christian leaders who are turning  their talents towards the task of swaying  quick to judge believers to not vote for either  the Republican or Democratic nominees.     After several online debates with  these men I have discovered the most efficient way to get to the root of the discussion.

Quote and then paraphrase the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

The reason we know that we have finally found words of choice in dealing with those leaning  towards anarchy?

Albert Einsteins famous quote:  “If you can not explain it simply,  you do not understand it well enough”

Every author and Christian leader that I have confronted with the simple words and logic of Dietrich Bonhoeffer has responded in kind with a mountain of prose.  I believe our choice this November is as  simple as the Gospel being understood within  just 13 words in the gospel of John.   “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son”.    Bonhoeffer’s words above in the poster from Godtype.com are as simple as the gospel and yet as profound as the Son of God giving his life for you and me.

America is Blessed by our two party system,  It allows us to make clear choices.

Interestingly there was a two party vote documented in the Bible.   Pilot  gave the crowd a choice between two prisoners…. Barabbas or the Lord himself.    I can imagine that it may have been this story from the Bible that Bonhoeffer thought of…  Thinking of those who remained silent because their “prisoner” of choice was not in the running.  Meanwhile as far as the crowd was concerned the choice was simple,  it was between a known criminal and a religious leader and cult member.    It seems that I will be voting for the Cult leader on Nov 6th. 

Milton Thomas X

To be fair to the other side of this issue,  I am posting the extensive response written to me by a Godly man  Alan Keyes, who I worked for during his 2000 presidential run co-managing his Minnesota campaign as well as developing one of the most visited websites and online community at Declaration.org that year.  (I believe this was the  earliest start of the Tea Party, as a strategist I referred to our grass roots origination the “Tea Party” and attempted to call us that, except everyone else told me that it was silly….  The Tea Party was an Event, not an organization!)   I sent Keye’s  a  short note quoting Bonhoeffer,  and stating that for my children’s future I would be voting for Romney.    He sent in return an eloquent and extensive   two page response.

His words are always convincing….. But I believe he is simply promoting “the silence” that Bonhoeffer so eloquently describes.      Originally posted at World Net Daily  (wnd.com) under Alan’s article Beelzebub. 

Alan Keyes

Milton,  When I ran for President I did so to offer Americans who adhere to the principles of America’s Declaration of Independence a choice for President that represented their will. I ran, therefore, pure and simply as an American. Then as now my only “dream” was to uphold the vision of God acknowledging liberty that is America’s dream. Like the men who signed the Declaration, I believe that, by trusting in God’s Providence, we can realize that dream.

We can do so not only for ourselves but for all people willing to acknowledge God; trust in His endowment of right; and unite in supporting a constitution and laws that respect the “laws of nature and of nature’s God.”In my campaign for President in 2000 I did my best to exemplify, in all I said and stood for, that simple premise of America’s character: In God We Trust.If, when you watched my debates with Obama in 2004, you were dreaming of an African American president, then it’s no wonder you “understood it was a democrat who had been chosen”. Obama was made to order to fulfill that racially motivated delusion. I stood against him precisely because the idolization of race, or any other artifact of human understanding, abandons the premise that endows right and justice equally for all, as conceived by our Creator, not ourselves; as understood according to God’s will, not the often vain, invidious, and sometimes utterly false categories of our self-conceit.In the literal sense, Obama was lifted up to be an “American Idol”, the focus of the self-obsessed, self-consuming passions, vices and vain material ambitions that have been at war with the God acknowledging vision of the Declaration of Independence since before that document was penned. Tragically, the self-consuming aspect of that idolatry finds its expression in the holocaust of abortion; the hedonistic debasement of the vocation to procreate; the degradation of marriage and the natural rightness of the God-endowed family.

It appears as well in this generation’s abandonment of its responsibility toward posterity, as we support or tolerate politics and government policies that prepare an unimaginable mountain of debt to crush and enslave generations to come.It saddens me to say it, but the fallacy you use to justify your vote for Romney falls prey, in a negative sense, to the same kind of idolatrous delusion that informed your “dream of an African American president.” Only now you are not driven by your commitment to a false and idolatrous hope. You are driven by your surrender to an equally false and idolatrous fear. In 2008 Obama was the golden calf. He became the focus of America’s longing to escape the temptation to self-destruction occasioned by the fragrant guilt still wafting from the sins of the past. But he also offered an opportunity to surrender to that temptation, made all the more powerful by the unacknowledged conviction of guilt produced by sins we presently perpetrate against ourselves and our posterity. Mesmerized by the false idol of hope he was made to appear in 2008, the nation was led to cast itself into the abyss. Now as we fall, that false idol of hope has morphed into a flaming, hideous monster of destruction. Out of the depths we cry for deliverance, yet on account of our guilt and self-delusion we fear to cry, with all our heart, unto the Lord.This fear and halfheartedness doom us to destruction. Unable simply to stifle our cry, those who stand to benefit from our destruction work to misdirect it toward another version of the self-made god. And now the vote you cast will give that other idol worth, spurning again the true Providence of God that time and again assured America’s survival.

God did so, in spite of all our sins, because from the depths of fear, with deep repentance, came voices that had not forgotten the Word of their Creator, and would not cast their lot with anyone but Him. In times like these we are challenged to remember the true meaning of faith. When a false idol of fear drives us into the arms of a false idol of hope, the truth of our faith lies in our willingness to trust in the eyes of the spirit, rejecting the vain counsels of human fear and strength, in order to rely on the common sense that binds our hearts to God. That common sense calls for us to reject the idols of flesh we are made to see, and rely instead upon the power of the One true God, whose vision we have, with conscientious certainty, from within.

For the sake of your children, and their children as well, I pray that God will lead you to look with this vision of conscience upon the ill nature of the bad choice you presently see as your only alternative. I pray that you will then have the moral courage to vote instead to affirm, as I think America’s founders did, the inward vision of the good God even now prepares for those who trust in Him.p.s., That’s what I thought you were doing in 2000. It’s late, but not too late, to prove me right.

Alan Keyes – New Website promoting the “Platform Republican Approach”  LoyalToLiberty.com


*Judas arguably loved the Lord, yet he was an introspective “mastermind” who plotted and seeked to “Break” the political system of his time.   Through Christ, he was expecting a physical overthrow of the existing Roman government.   I find it interesting that almost every leader seeking this “breakpoint” which would be expected with four more years of progressive leadership in America which is the only possible outcome if Christians choose to vote for a third party or “none of the above”.    Our right to vote is a distinctly American privelidge. It is specifically our (2) party voting sytstem that seperates us from European socialism and  a population that fears tyrants more than they fear God.   We should leave it to the progressives to seek a “Messiah” as their leader.   Republicans understand we vote for simply  a man, a person who is no better than you or I, who will hopefully represent our morals and ideals.  We understand that Romney can only begin to turn us towards the  right direction.  

It seems Alan Keyes and others are also searching for a  Messiah who will bring us “instant’ political victory upon this earth……… Just as Judas did.      

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