Walter Martin’s Audio Lecture: UFO’s – Friend, Foe or Fantasy

Walter Martin with Phil Donahue – Daniel in the Lions Den

Walters Martin, the original Bible answer man and founder of CRI – Christian Research Institute gave one of the most incredible UFO lectures way back in 1975.    Based on a book which he collaborated on called  “UFO’s – Friend, Foe or Fantasy”.   Hearing this lecture and others by Chuck Missler twenty five  years ago was a ” turning point” for my “rational” and scientific mind as I was researching  “Christianity” in my attempts to debunk all those feeble minded “Jesus” people.

Being an eyewitness at a close range UFO sighting as a child along with my entire family, all I got from the church was ridicule up to this point.  “It was just a hallucination” (by 5 people simultaneously?)  “You only THINK you saw something”.   “Maybe you need to go see a doctor”.  This was how most Christian elders responded to my questions when I was a teenager.  

I was so surprised after a few months of listening to Walter on the radio (I was hooked by his rational yet highly perceptive style) learning about historical christian doctrine and the differences between the simple gospel and the cults.  When I first heard this lecture broadcast over the radio,   I instantly understood why I had trusted and respected him so much.

Walter’s knowledge of UFO history was unmatched – he was for all intents and  purposes one of the earliest UFO historians – just listen to his excitement and wonder as he discusses dozens of historical UFO cases dating back thousands of years. Walter’s serious look into this field without any worry about the Church’s ridicule – was a pivotal point for me during my early research. Thank you Walter Ralston Martin.

Milton Thomas X


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