Ancient Aliens Debunked: A must see epic documentary

Recent Photo of Giorgio Tsoukalos

Chris White has produced one of the most important video productions dealing with the Ancient Alien Phenomena  With the added scholarly research from   Michael Heiser this documentary is epic in its scope – answering just about every  “Alien” claim made on the Ancient Aliens television show, one of the most popular programs on television which is falsely spreading a “Psuedu Gospel” with the help of a complicit media, imagine folks seeing a show on “The History Chanel”? surely the History Chanel has done their homework and verified at least some of this shows claims?  You will realize that it’s not just our national news media that has become lazy.  Our History Channel seems to be rewriting history as well.

Though SRI research does not agree 100% with Christ White’s conclusions on this documentary,  and neither should you. SRI research documents the fact that we do have a very Ancient “Alien problem” , Its just that this problem was clearly documented and spoke about in the pages of the Judeo-Christian scriptures. Still, there is so much solid research and facts that you would be shorting your mind of  many new interesting discoveries that often go beyond the “Alien” problem.

The Ancient Aliens show and its prime benefactor Giorgio Tsoukalos has one goal in mind. To Debunk the Judeo Christian world view and replace it with an age old story, A story the most beautiful of created angels used to temp earths first inhabitants. A psuedo gospel that will possibly sway even the “elect” with a future disclosure.   When you hear for yourself so many Lies, disinformation and the twisting of the “truth” coming right from the mouth of Tsoukalos – one realized why Christ called Satan the “Father of Lies”.   His followers on earth just can’t help but repeat them…..

Chris White point out that one of our Ancient Aliens favorite quotes from Hindu texts speaking of flying crafts in the ancient past,  was not taken from any ancient manuscript! it has been repeated over and over by Ancient Alien adherents who have themselves been duped….

The text that is so often quoted is from a “Channeled book” published in 1913! imagine that – I personally fell for this one.

Yet one of the best  sections in this documentary which is well worth the price of admission (3 hours of your time) is the time spent on the amazing possible use of “Elevators” in the construction of the great pyramid!  With no help from levitation devices and all the silly suppositions made by Tsoukalos this documentary will enlighten you on one of the greatest engineering feats created by man all by his lonesome. With no help from our supposed Alien creators.

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