The Black Flag of Islam: The True and Symbolic nature of 666

Black Flag of Extremist Islam with symbol for 666

The true symbolic nature of 666 represents Historical Islam.The “Symbolism” of 666 is represented in every “Black Banner” which is proudly displayed by Islamist through out the world – These banners all have (3) symbols in common – Greek letters of Chi, Xi and Sigma which translators throughout the last 2000 years have been  translating as 666 or Six hundred, Sixty and Six.

These Greek symbols are by a supernatural statistical coincidence “mirror” images of the Arabic words for“In the Name of” and “Allah” as well as the symbol of militant Islam (Xi)- “The Crossed swords”.   In fact, there was one vertical line missing to complete this impossible coincidence?  A line which can be found in  the earliest codex inexplicably and without any possible translation?  (see image below)  Three symbolic letters that to the early translators of the bible translated incorrectly as 666.

The statistical possibilty of the original Biblical codex containing  the mirror image of the symbol being worn by militant islam today is impossible for me to brush under the rug,  especially in light of the “mirror image”  Supertramp cover art story broken right here first on SRI.      Article Here     The undeniable  culmination of prophetic biblical texts seems to be playing right before our eyes.

Add Wally Shoebat’s explanation that what Christians have translated “the right hand” to him, because he is a native arabic speaker truly means “Arm”. The archival videos of German Brown shirt thugs in the 40’s with their Swastika proudly worn on their arm, or videos of modern day Muslim wearing the Islamist Black Flag banner on both their arms and foreheads!

666 worn by Al Quaida on forehead

 The Beast from the Abyss   Is actually called the  Adversary –  “The one who Humiliates” ,  “The Most proud one”, “The one who causes Affliction”, “The one who causes death”, “The Great deceiver” –  These are all names for ‘God” in the Koran of  Islam.  Names that do not require much intelligence to understand that the God of the Koran is the adversary of the Bible!    Unbelievable? Check out the 99 names of God in the Koran! in Wikipedia

A brief explanation of 666 by Wally Shoebat

Christianity has come up with so many wild possibilities for the meaning behind 666 over the years that I for one simply realized that all the current “ideas” were unlikely.

Symbols, Art and Imagery are a part of some of SRI’s breakthrough articles based on patterns and symbolic imagery that have been right in front of our noses for decades. From the Supertramp 911 series of articles symbolically pertaining to Revelation 17 and Jeremiah 51. To the Beast of the Abyss of Revelation matching Bin Laden’s final resting place (article here).  SRI’s  first story broken many years ago was similar in nature –  The impossible coincidence of a mysterious fleet of 200+ craft over the city of Mexico  writing “In the Name of Allah” and Mohamad as well in a beatuiful dance in the skies!  We have the actual video and research here along with actual Islamist videos  claiming this to be a miracle for their God!.  A God who wants to kill every unbending westerner on earth…

The Symbolism of 666: The Black Flag of Islam

Curent world news sure makes one feel like the “Beast” may be in fact militant “Islam”. When we do a little bit of research we find Wally (Walid) Shoebat, Wally was born into Islam, and yet he came to the “Lord” due to his inate ability to both discern and “Crack Codes” within the scriptures. Codes that he could no longer deny and ultimately brought him to the saving grace and redemption offered by the risen messiah. Wally discovered the true symbolic nature of 666 has been right in front of our eyes. One only needed to study the original biblical Codex’s to realize what has been translated 666 for 2000 years is simply (3) Greek symbols. Xi, Chi and Sigma. (3) Symbols that ironically mirror Arabic. (3) symbols that amazingly show up on the arms and foreheads of radical Islamist who are out to destroy the modern world. The Blag Flag of Islam. Wally has been preaching this a long time and yet you get a clue at the beginning of his hour long teaching we posted below to how this has not made main stream news, The Church always put a muzzle on him. They would ask him to give his testimony but please don’t go into that 666 stuff, Its too controversial, its too shocking, its certainly true………

666, six six six, six hundred and sixty six, six and sixty. Christianity was never quite sure on how to properly translate the original codex’s. Christianity was lacking an Arabic understanding. A Code breaker named Walid Shoebat.

Add the fact that Islam teaches a “Psuedo” biblical teaching. The Anthesis of what the bible teaches as

Stylized “Allah and Mohammad” in Caligraphy – Simply Mirror these images in your mind and rotate 90 d. and you have symbolically created the Circle Logo of the “Muslim Brotherhood” along with the Crossed swords to boot! with just (3) greek letters Chi, Xi and Sigma – taken from the original Biblical Codex. Just a coincidence I guess……..

end time events is clearly taught in islam from the opposite vantage point. What the Judeo-Christian world understands as Evil and the Anti-Christ is clearly taught as Good and a coming world savior (The Mahdi) . Beloved. We are living in the midst of biblical prophecies. To my Muslim brothers, please pray and ask the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for discernment on these matters. It is my prayer that like Walid Shoebat, you too will choose the true prince of peace. Yeshua Hamashiach

Milton Thomas X

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