Supernatural Researchers Debate if Christians should vote in 2012 Elections

Image Posted and Supported by Minister Fortsen and Rob Skiba

Differences between Obama and Romney? Too many for this post. I did not respond to this question because both of our anarchistic leaning  Christians were simply bating me on this point, and they would have simply responded with their RON PAUL talking points.  Talking points that   anti-constitution  progressives would be proud of.  

It is Easier to mention just a few ways in which Romney is NOT like Obama:

 Romney is NOT for Abortion, he does NOT stand for Gay Marriage, He is NOT for taking money from hardworking Citizen A to give to non-working Citizen B, he is NOT for diminishing the Status and Influence of America throughout the World, he is NOT for gutting our Military and lowering it to levels not seen since before WWII.  He is NOT for grabbing control of 1/6 of Americas total Economy and turning it over to the inept control of bungling bureaucrats.  He is NOT for making victims of Americans so they become solely dependent on Government for their welfare rather than exercising their rights in a free enterprise economy.  He has NOT made himself busy attending Cocktail Parties, filming the Letterman Show or Starring on the View, on the very day when the Islamic Flag has been raised over 4 American embassies, and an American Ambassador and 3 additional American citizens  were murdered in Libya.

The differences are profound, Obama has stood FOR all of the simple facts listed above.  Romney has NOT.  Your vote this year will define who you are.  It will not so much be a statement on the candidates but more an indictment of who the voter is.  These votes will separate the something for nothing crowd from the willing to work and achieve.  As Christians it will clearly define whether or not America still has a moral compass or has become a Godless sea of anarchists.

Please see an important essay on Christian Non-Voting here.  which includes a lengthy response from the “Anarchy” side from former presidential candidate Alan Keys.    Or click on our poster from Godtype with Dietrich Bonhoefer’s wonderful relative quote.  

A transcript of a recent facebook feed with a discussion on Christians voting or not voting in this years elections. Supernatural Researcher and film maker Rob Skiba, Christian Author Minister Fortson and SRI’s editor Milton Thomas X (the only one for voting for Romney) vs (Skiba and Fortson who have been championing Christian non-voting for anyone other than Ron Paul)


Michael Rice You know I don’t disagree with this but…I don’t think you are saying you’re going to vote for Obama are you? “..and let my vote make it happen.”

Rob Skiba Helena, you are hopelessly deceived if you think these LUCIFERIAN organizations are not “inherently evil” – from their very foundation stones, which were laid by Nimrod and his wife (the gods of this world) in ancient Babylon. By your reckoning, we should just roll over and wait for the guillotines instead of opposing evil and standing for truth. Do I want to see Christ return? Absolutely! But He told me to OCCUPY until that day – not surrender and let evil triumph. Bring on the rule of Antichrist and let my vote make it happen??????? Are you out of your mind!? That’s pure insanity. Do you know how many BILLIONS are going to die under his reign of terror? Do you know how BAD it will get before Christ returns? Do you not care for your family and friends? How do you know that God’s plan isn’t for us to last another 20 or 30 years before His calendar says time’s up? What if we’re stuck here until 2033 or beyond? Do you really want to be responsible for the hell on earth that the NWO wants to unleash between now and then? If you think it’s bad now, you haven’t seen anything yet. God help us all if this is the general attitude of Christians today. 16 hours ago · Like · 3

Minister Fortson I’m voting for both by not voting… LOL… Obama people keep saying that no vote is a vote for Romney… and Romney people keep saying that no vote is a vote for Obama… so by not voting, my vote seems to count twice. I feel special. 16 hours ago · Like · 2 Paul Ealy No matter who wins this November election, the NWO agenda will continue and will get worse, as the whole world is getting ready for the emergence of LUCIFER as a MAN (the Beast/Son of Perdition) which will destroy the whole world and make it a desolate, barren wilderness as Isaiah 14 prophesied. 14 hours ago · Like · 1 Paul Ealy Helena, Rob Skiba said there may be until 2033 or later for the Great Tribulation to start. The Bible says in Daniel 11 (from what I learned from other books, plus the Bible) that there are 3 KINGS OF THE NORTH coming up, with the last KING being the Beast of Revelation 13. Also it is more frightening to see from Job 40:15-24 that the Behemoth is going to be the Anti-christ as a MAN (the 7th Head/King of the mystery of the beast (Rev. 17) which likely will be Nimrod which will be a GIANT MONSTER. Also the whole chapter of Job 41 is about LEVIATHAN which is LUCIFIER as Satan manifest in the flesh (that is the secret of the Mystery of Iniquity, and also 8th King of the Mystery of the Beast (2 Kings of 7th Head, see Daniel 7 and Rev. 17)). So it is going have to wait a LOT LONGER for the Rapture of the Church to happen, so I expect most Christians will be killed and a small remnant of Christians alive at the Rapture. 14 hours ago · Like

Milton Thomas This is sad. The differences are great in these two men. The propaganda above is clever, it is full of rhetoric and uses tactics I am tired of seeing from the adversary. It is sad to see my Christian brothers falling for it……. It is sadder still to see them promote it with such vigor…. 12 hours ago · Like

Minister Fortson Milton Thomas please name a difference… I gotta hear this one. LOL 12 hours ago · Like · 1

Minister Fortson I’m guessing we’re now going to hear about how Romney is so great a choice for America… I’m anxious to hear these “differences” LOL 12 hours ago · Like · 1

Milton Thomas No, Romney is not “Great” for america…… The question is truly who will not “Harm” America further. Do you believe in our Constitution? Ask your self which one of these two men will cause more harm to it, and if your answer is still that Obama is equal to Romney? – Then you do not understand how unique God made each and every one of us! And we must simply disagree, because to say otherwise…. that there are NO differences is part of the Rhetoric that I abhor from the progressives and you are not being completely truthful. if we were not brothers in Christ I would not spend and waste one more moment of my time on this. As mature conservatives, republicans libertarians and many traditional Liberals, we will be voting for Romney and hopefully winning the next election not because he is Great, not because he is our chosen messiah, or some Savior of the republic. He is just a man. We leave all the Hero Worship to the progressives, the Marxist and now it seems we need to leave it also to your group of Anarchy loving Christians who worship their own HERO – Ron Paul. 12 hours ago · Like · 1

Rob Skiba Milton, do you have a clue who the Bilderbergers are? Do you have any idea what the agenda is of the Freemasons, the Knights of Malta and the C.F.R.? Do you know what goes on at the Bohemian Grove? Do you have any idea what the NWO is all about and who’s behind it? Do you have any slight understanding of the Federal Reserve and the I.M.F. and how bankers are really the ones calling the shots? If Romney “wins” it will only be because he’s been selected by people who could care less what you voted and because he’s related to SIX former presidents, thus earning his right to keep it all in the family. Ron Paul is just a side-show. He’ll never have a chance at getting (s)elected, so focusing on him is a total waste of time (even though I tend to agree with most everything he says). 11 hours ago · Edited · Like · 1 Minister Fortson Milton Thomas Romney is basically a Bush clone… if you wanna bring the constitution into this… Bush was the WORST president in history as far as attacks on our constitutional rights… PATRIOT ACT… enough said… As far as Ron Paul… No Ron Paul supporter I’ve ever met wants anarchy. That’s just a spoon fed lie from small minded, constitution hating, people like yourself. If you don’t understand what Liberty is about, you could just say so. I’m sure someone wouldn’t mind explaining it to you. 9 hours ago · Like · 2

Diana Learn Helena – anyone who says “bring it on” to Satan, the AntiChrist and what is to come is either utterly uniformed or hopelessly self-righteous. Satan is not to be trifled with. Outside of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God Himself, there is NO ONE with more power over this earth. As Christians we ARE COMMANDED to STAND against evil.. to the end.. HAVING DONE ALL – STAND. Your cavalier attitude frightens me if it is any indication of a significant portion of “Christians.” 9 hours ago · Like · 3

Rob Skiba Everyone wants Obama out, but the alternative is not going to be any better. They are BOTH Luciferians to the core who will advance the NWO agenda one way or another. Wake up people. Blow up your TV and do SOME real research, PLEASE. I’m begging you. Nearly all of mainstream media is owned by six Luciferian run corporations. They are spoon-feeding you exactly what they want you to hear in order to manipulate the outcomes they desire to see happen. Most of the same Christians that are now begging for Romney also supported Bush. Oh the great “Christian Bush” – they are TOTALLY clueless as to who that man really was/is. He has such an easily verifiable track record of Luciferian activity it’s not even funny. Sure, he said all the right Christian buzz words, but Jesus said we would know them by their fruits, not their lying tongues. GWB is the one that made it possible for Obama to do a lot of what he has done. I was once deceived and voted for him twice. My eyes are open now though. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. No more. Obama has paved the way for the next guy to continue the same downward trend – whether it’s him or Romney, we will not see any improvement. The NWO agenda will march on exactly as planned at the Bilderberg and Bohemian Grove meetings all of these lying yahoos attend. 8 hours ago · Like · 2

Rob Skiba If you are talking about the election, I’d agree completely Jim. If you think Romney is the answer, I’d have to strongly disagree with you my friend. A “lessor evil” is still evil and to cast a (meaningless) for it is to knowingly endorse and align oneself with evil. What Biblical mandate do we have for such insanity? 7 hours ago · Like · 1

James Neathery so let’s pull ourselves out and live in the desert. 7 hours ago · Like

Rob Skiba Or better yet, let’s pull ourselves out of Babylon and align with the things of God. In order to live 2 Chron. 7:14 we must “turn from their wicked ways” and stop seeking a political solution for a spiritual problem. 7 hours ago · Like · 2

Rob Skiba We would do well to read 1 Samuel 8 while we’re at it. 7 hours ago · Like · 1 James Neathery you got it all worked out Rob. I’m part of the conspiracy too. 7 hours ago · Like Rob Skiba Ah so now we slide into mockery? No Jim. But if you believe casting a meaningless vote (which only amounts to an endorsement) for a Luciferian, who is a relative of SIX former presidents and a MORMON with ties to the CFR and the Freemasons and is going to help, I’d say you need to really pray long and hard about that one bro. 7 hours ago · Like James Neathery No, really I’m part of the problem. 7 hours ago · Like

Rob Skiba Well, you said it, I didn’t. All I’m saying is now more than ever we need to align with the things of God and not give lip-service and allegiance to the things of the devil. You are fooling yourself if you think supporting a Luciferian is going to somehow improve anything. 7 hours ago · Like · 1

Milton Thomas Rob, I have one clue my brilliant friend. I know who my children are. I know that 4 more years of Obama will have a tenfold destruction over what Romney would bring to our country. I dont give a hoot who you vote for. I care that Brilliant men such as you and Fortson are working so hard to manipulate what both of you see as a less a inteligent population into not voting! My children and the next generation is what matters to me…. I have one question I ask of both you and Minister Fortson which I will answer also for myself. If Ron Paul would have won the Nomination would you vote for him. I WOULD! I WOULD TOTALLY vote for him and support him and do everythiing I could to get him into office. PLEASE, Answer this question honestly. As for”NO” Ron Paul supporters not wanting Anarchy (fortson) – As “for everyone wants Obama Out” (Skiba) – This is either Rhetoric, or both of you have a tendency to see your side through rose colored glasses? Let me make a statement That I would like both of you to disprove… Some RP supporters are seeking Anarchy… Some RP supporters look forward to a Obama election win. AM I telling a lie? or do both of you 7 hours ago · Like

Rob Skiba Milton Thomas, if your children truly matter to you, you would not endorse ANY Luciferian agenda. You would want to steer as far away from that as possible. No question, Obama ha…See More No question, Obama has been horrible for this country. But Romney’s record is nothing to cheer about. Furthermore, he’s related to SIX former presidents (who themselves are all related to each other – including Obama, who is related to both Bush and Cheney). These same 44 presidents are all related to ONE king from the 1200s – King John Lackland (signer of the Magna Carta). This should tell you something – it is pure nepotism, plain and simple. Your votes mean nothing in terms of who sits in that seat. They are PLACED, not voted into office. Additionally, both Romney and Ryan are in tight with a number of organizations and secret societies that truly DO NOT CARE for you or your children one bit. I challenge you to research every affiliation those men have. Look into the overall objective of those organizations. Then tell me you still believe any of that is any different (or better) than what we’ve seen with Obama. Beyond all that, even mainstream media is coming right out and telling you that your votes mean nothing. Watch this: http://youtu.be/kXRe1sBLA6U How many voter fraud cases, hanging chads, bogus caucuses, illegal aliens, dogs, cartoon characters and dead people have to “cast their vote” before you realize the entire thing is rigged? How much more proof do you need? Seriously? As for Ron Paul, personally I love just about everything the guy says. If we truly had a system that was “of the people, for the people, by the people” I might think he’d have a chance. But the fact is we live in a two party dictatorship and someone like RP is simply not invited to the party table because he opposes everything those Luciferians stand for. Ron Paul is either a plant to cause division (which would lead to anarchy – something the NWO actually wants), or he is simply background noise that will always be ignored. Either way, support for him gets us nowhere. And finally, if you honestly, truly care for your children and theirs, then practice 2 Chron. 7:14 and stop looking for a political solution to a spiritual problem. You can’t fix Babylon with Babylon. Meaningless Votes 2012 This video shows why your votes are meaningless. If we truly did elect president… See More 7 hours ago · Like · 1 Meaningless Votes 2012 This video shows why your votes are meaningless. If we truly did elect president… See More 6 hours ago · Like · 1

Milton Thomas Rob, you are a brilliant man. but you use your brilliance to put down the intelligence of anyone who does not agree with you with unfounded over reaching statements. All those conspiracies you mentioned simply took the discussion away from the important questions I am asking both you and Fortson. Being a introverted soul you may not always be aware of the cutting sharpness of your debate tactics – they go one step further than I am usually willing to spar with…. I apologize for going a bit over the line… I generally try my best to not question any ones intelligence…But I am a sinner, in need of grace. I am just to tired of seeing the LEFT in this country use these tactics as their standard attack on their opponents. – I am in agreement with much of what you said… We are on the downward trend just as you say. Folks on my side are trying to slow it down… folks on your side will have the opposite effect – They will certainly speed things up….. Im not saying this is bad thing…. whatever the choice. Vote Obama, Vote Romney, Vote nothing. The Lord’s time schedule will not be effected by you or me… In the end we are just practicing our debate tactics… Important discussions I do not find it enjoyable at all…. 6 hours ago · Edited · Like

Rob Skiba I don’t mean to put people down. But I’m getting pretty sick and tired of providing every evidence I can to show people that what they are believing is a lie only to be ridiculed, mocked and abused by people who refuse to look at the evidence. The important questions you are asking MUST take into account the so-called “conspiracies” I’m trying to show you (which aren’t really conspiracies, but rather truth – the real conspiracy is the lies most people believe in). By the way, I am not on the “LEFT” – and never was, even when I used to believe in the lie. Politically speaking, I was about as far to the “right” as one could be. That said, I’m not trying to “attack” anyone. And I never said you didn’t have a clue. I was asking if you did. Please provide an example of any “unfounded over reaching statements” you think I’ve made. 6 hours ago · Like

Milton Thomas Rob. there is middle ground. You are a leader in providing these evidences to the world. But are you also the leader in “the tactics which we should use to combat these Luciferian truths”? I do not attack your research… but I do disagree with your tactics to combat the adversary. You must allow for opposing opinions, or then you are putting yourself up on a very high pedestel. A pedestel that is 100% correct all the time? My friend this is not possible…. You have wisdom… I will attest to that. but with no middle ground, I should just stop thinking and follow what ever Rob Skiba says? Cmon Rob… I know you were never on the left. I was referring to the progressives which I know you are not – though we disagree on tactics I am well aware we are fighting on the same side. As for overreaching statements, THAT WAS WRONG OF ME TO SAY. but telling me “If my Children truly matter to me” in any context…. let alone speaking of my supporting Lucifer was slightly a bit to far… wouldn’t you say? That comment dug deep, and I lost my cool for a moment with my own piece of rhetoric ie “Overreaching Statements”. 6 hours ago · Edited · Unlike · 1

Rob Skiba I allow for plenty of opposing opinions IF they come with some semblance of backing. Opinions are just that. Take it or leave it. But if someone is going to disagree with something I present as evidence for my opinion, is it so unreasonable to expect the same in return? Any statements I make such as “If your children truly matter to you…” are meant to get you to think. Because the path you seem to be on is leading in a direction that is contrary to caring for your children. Endorsing ANY Luciferian agenda is not good for you, for them or for future generations. But don’t take my word for it. Look into my seemingly absurd statements and tell me what you find. I’m not on any pedestal. If I am it’s because someone else put me there and I’ll be the first to admit that such a thing would be foolish. Trust me, I don’t want to be there. I know I am not 100% correct. I know I am flawed. I know I can come across as overbearing, arrogant and any number of other derogatory things you could think of. Please cut and paste this for all to see, so the world can know that I am fully aware of those things and freely admit it. That said, time is VERY short. Should I try and tippie-toe around the issues, being sensitive to everyone’s feelings, or should I scream at the top of my lungs that the roof is on fire and about to collapse on us all? People may disagree with my methods – fine. Whatever. Show me a better option. People disagree with what I have to say. Great. Show me where I’m wrong. Provide some evidence of your own. That’s all I ask. 6 hours ago · Like

Milton Thomas #1 we both should be preaching the name of Yeshua. I respect all you have done. Again I only disagree with your tactics (not voting and encouraging others to do the same) I have already made my point on where I disagree with your tactics over and over. I have told you I agree with all your research on all the conspiracies etc. And yet you seem to want me to disagree with your research? I do not. But my vote is not Meaningless to me. It is my God given right as an American whose parents fled a Communist Totalitarian system to come to this wonderful country. To not vote as you would want would be to piss on my grandparents graves….. That will not be possible. I leave you now my friend so that you can fight some other battles. I will be on my knees every day up until the election and I ask anyone else out there to join me on this…. No matter who you vote for…. Or do not vote for, lets all pray for Gods Will to be done. it was a pleasure to spar with you a bit, you have my respect, I hope that I can earn yours some day. take care and God Bless, milt 5 hours ago · Like

Rob Skiba I do #1 on a regular basis. Part of not voting is directly linked to #1. Show me anywhere in the Bible that would even remotely suggest that we should be politically active supporting the “lessor of two evils.” What Would Jesus Do? Do you honestly believe Yeshua would vote for Romney just to get rid of Obama? Your vote may not be meaningless to you, but it is to the government. Do you honestly believe those in such a position of immense power would leave their fate in your or my hands? Please. Did you watch the video I suggested? Where does it say in the Bible that the right to vote for Luciferians was given by God? As for our grandparents, yes many of them fought and died for something they truly believed in. So have a lot of people in our generation. I signed up and spent 8 years of my life in the Army willing to do the same if necessary. That’s why it hurts so much to acknowledge that they may have died in vain. But unless we wake up and face the facts, more and more generations will do the same thing – fight, kill and die for a lie. I say enough is enough! Praying for a rigged election is counter-productive. PLEASE read 1 Samuel 8:18. You have my respect Milton. Just because I disagree with you, doesn’t mean I do not care about you or respect you. My issue is not with people, it is with ideals, false hope and lies we were taught to believe as truth. 5 hours ago · Unlike · 1 Minister Fortson Milton Thomas I would vote for Ron Paul if he’d won the nomination, but the fact that the Republican Party had to LIE, CHEAT, and STEAL in order to keep him out proves he’s PROBABLY not one of them. I say probably because I don’t know for sure. Furthermore, are you God? How can you say that Obama will be 10x worse than Obama? Let’s get some things straight: 1) Obamacare – Romney CLAIMS that he invented it. 2) Abortion – Romney made millions investing in Stericycle, but now that he’s running for office, suddenly he’s pro life… that’s a sham. 3) Gay Marriage – Romney was in favor of it UNTIL he started running for office. Then again, suddenly he’s against it. 4) Gun Control… Romney wanted tighter gun control until he started running for office. 5) Reagan-Bush Years – Romney was AGAINST it until he started running for office, now he wants to return to those policies. Romney can’t make up his mind on anything… Bush was “The Decider” and Romney is “Undecided”… Why do Republicans go out and hand pick the dumbest of the dumb to represent them? As far as encouraging people not to vote… I can’t in good conscience tell people to endorse “the lesser of two evils”… Satan OWNS evil and as Rob pointed out, the lesser of two evils is still evil. Your vote doesn’t count anyway. Its an exercise in FUTILITY… maybe you should research the Electoral College… They are SUPPOSED to uphold the vote of the people, but there is NO law that obligates them to do so and there have been three times in history where they didn’t. They voted how they wanted and the person with the least votes won… and that’s a fact… do some research on the 2000 election… Gore had the most votes, but Bush won the election… The person with the most votes should win, but they’ll SELECT whoever they want to be in office, regardless of how you vote. Again, just ask Al Gore if you don’t believe me. 2 hours ago · Like · 1

Milton Thomas Thanks Rob. you do allot for the kingdom. The funny thing I just realized was this image was from Jesse Ventura. I lived in Minnesota when he ran and supported and voted for him over the republicans at that time. I was fortunate to be part of one of the greatest Election wins ever for an independent / Libertarian candidate. I also was the Co-State Campaign manager for Alan Keyes in 2000 (Minnesota) and fought tooth and nail against George W. Bush as the primary strategist. Alan Keyes contstituancy in 2000 was pretty much Libertarians from all stripes of life similar to Ron Paul’s constituancy today. I just want to let you and Fortson know that I am by no means a republican pansy hack. I have been fighting against the system for along time. sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. and its a little silly reading Fortsons current response above trying to give me some civics classes. His rhetoric is amazing…. Am I God? Did I know Gore had more votes? The person with the most votes should win? I was running State political campaigns against the establishment republicans when Fortson was still a teenager. about an hour ago · Like

Milton Thomas“Minister Fortson I said “tenfold” thats poetic language for alot more….3x 5x 10x I dont really know. but you must be certain that it is ZERO since you are willing to allow Obama a win. I do not see you going after the LEFTIST with such zeal as you go after religious and libertarians folks. You are going primarily after possible Romney votes. Not Obama votes. This means that in a sense you have taken sides does it not? I ‘ll leave the being God business for you. Ill let the folks who read these discussions decide who is being Judgmental and omniscient. (that means “all knowing” if you are not aware of it) just kidding, my sinful nature fires back condescension with the like. But it seems you like calling folks Dumb. “Dumbest of the Dumb’ etc.. You surely sound like an uneducated Democrat when you use the “Dumb” card If you would like some advice? STOP DOING IT! its sophomoric. …… coming from my Ron Paul cousins is a bit disheartening. I dont want to stoop to name calling any more than I have already. God bless you, please forgive my condescension and I ask the Lord of all – in prayer as I close my part in this interesting thread, that He may put a dozen or more searching souls in your path this coming week so that you may share the gospel of Jesus Christ. God Bless, Good night.


*Judas arguably loved the Lord, yet he was an introspective “mastermind” who plotted and seeked to “Break” the political system of his time.   Through Christ, he was expecting a physical overthrow of the existing Roman government.   I find it interesting that almost every leader seeking this “breakpoint” which would be expected with four more years of progressive leadership in America which is the only possible outcome if Christians choose to vote for a third party or “none of the above”.    Our right to vote is a distinctly American privelidge. It is specifically our (2) party voting sytstem that seperates us from European socialism and  a population that fears tyrants more than they fear God.   We should leave it to the progressives to seek a “Messiah” as their leader.   Republicans understand we vote for simply  a man, a person who is no better than you or I, who will hopefully represent our morals and ideals.  We understand that Romney can only begin to turn us towards the  right direction.   

It seems Alan Keyes and others are also searching for a  Messiah who will bring us “instant’ political victory upon this earth……… Just as Judas did.  

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