Jennifer Granholm Meltdown: – A cross between Tony Robins and Howard Dean

Jennifer Granholm Meltdown

The truth:
Obama did intervene,
– Bond holders ( many of which were pension funds or their investors and individuals) of GM were squeezed out favor of the UAW (Unions)
– All of GM’s toxic assets ( old factories, liabilities, debts) were left in the old GM inc ( never to see light of day and die in bankruptcy)
– a ‘New’ GM was born without debt, a free loan from US Government and 40%  handed to UAW for pensions that were never going to be paid!

What else would you expect from Chicagoland Presidential Politics.   To them Big business and Government must “become”one in the same.   This is where “progress” will ultimately lead us.   Healthcare. Auto Industry. Energy.    The inflated and ridiculous numbers she spouted were simply “Jobs”  that were supposedly saved.   Not jobs created,

Why so much excitement?   All those Jobs she mentioned where Union Jobs!  Union Jobs secured on the backs of the American people.

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