Patterns in History: The assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy

Lincoln Kennedy coincidence penny

SRI research recently discovered that these two great presidents died exactly 100 years apart to 2 decimal places when we use a biblical time clock.    360.00   

In the summer of 1974, at the age of 10 I took a family vacation to Washington D.C.,  purchasing just two keepsakes from that trip – a plastic model of the Washington monument and a special penny that caught my attention and may be the tipping point for a personal understanding of patterns in history.

It was the Lincoln-Kennedy Penny.    For a quarter, you received a brilliant un-circulated Lincoln penny with the added profile of John F. Kennedy stamped just above the date. This was attached to a small piece of paper with many coincidences, some amazing and some not worth mentioning.

A philosopher at heart, rarely “Believing” in anything to be certain – I enjoyed telling grown ups about these “amazing” facts that seemed to be statistically impossible.   gauging every response –  and collecting “data” from the early age of 10.   Some would quickly respond “it was just silly coincidences”  others would pause and truly consider the implications.   Personally, it was viewing peoples responses to this trivia that was interesting.

Below are the most interesting coincidences and patterns discussed on the Lincoln-Kennedy Penny.   Followed by some additional coincidences  discovered based on a *Biblical understanding of Time.

Both Presidents were slain on Friday. Lincoln on Good Friday

John F. Kennedy’s Secretary was  named Lincoln.


Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary was named Kennedy

Lincoln’s assassin shot him in a theater and hid in a warehouse

Kennedy’s assassin shot him from a warehouse and hid in a theater

Kennedy’s secretary Lincoln warned him not to go to Dallas

Lincolns secretary Kennedy warned him not to go to the theatre.

They were elected exactly 100 years apart, 1860 and 1960

Both of their successors were named Johnson, Lyndon and Andrew Johnson were born 100 years apart – 1808 and 1908.

Booth and Oswald were also born 100 years apart.

Both were slain in the presence of their wives on a Friday

Both were directly concerned with Civil Rights (Kennedy failed to extend those rights to his wife)

Lincoln and Kennedy were carried in death on the same caisson

Never giving this trivia much thought up until  4 years ago when while reading some American history  I came to “see” dozens of coincidences separating the U.S. presidential elections of 1900/04 and 2008.  The essay became SRI’s most viewed “historical patterns” article because of its mentioning of a virtually unknown Governor from Alaska. Picking both future V.P. candidates as well as clearly showing the similarities between the Republican and Democratic presidential nominees separated by a century of time.  (Maybe there was more to that Lincoln-Kennedy trivia? )

One of the reasons I never gave these coincidences serious thought was that though their elections were a neat 100 years apart their deaths were separated by 98 years and half years.  It was these two mens deaths that left a indelible mark on American history and those dates span difference of 98.56  years  was just too messy on the surface.

April 15, 1865 and November 22, 1963 respectively.

That is when I got that “Gut” feeling after reading Sir Robert Anderson’s book  The coming prince –  Anderson reminded me that there are two time clocks.  Gods perfect year of 360 days and our imperfect solar clock.   As I revisited the Kennedy / Lincoln trivia –  The results were as expected……

These two great presidents died  36013 days apart.    Exactly 100 years to 2 decimal places when we use a biblical time clock.


Another coincidence: Both Lyndon Johnson and Andrew Johnson were confirmed masons.  Lincoln and Kennedy were not…………

The moral of  the story: If you decide to run for president avoid Masonic VP’s by the name of Johnson.

Just thought this was interesting

Milton Thomas X

Recent research into possible “Micro Patterns” discovered in Godtype (patterns every 100  years that seem to be divided by the Godtype codes resonate sequence of  8.33, 16.66, 33.33 and 41.66)  Each irrational number representing a person of the Trinity who in turn represents “time” (Past/Present/Future), which in turn represents cognitive humanity.  see research here.

While looking into the 70 weeks of Daniel I came upon the works of Sir Robert Anderson –  Anderson’s book  “The Coming Prince”  was a Godsend (thank you Gavin Finley)  helping folks such as myself   put their focus back on God’s word and not Man’s Numbers (**Hell).

Anderson makes a point that we are living under two seperate calendars.   Gods perfect year of 360 days mustbe taken into account. (This use of 360 day years are often hijacked by masonic / gnostic societies and the “God” of this world –  we must do our best to discern )

* Ecclesiastes 1:9 as well as many other verses in the bible demand a cyclical “time” world view.

William Blake – 6000 years from hell

**William Blake in his Illustrated work “Heaven and Hell” mentions and mirrors Godtype’s 6,000 years of pre-ordained cognitive human history as “ancient knowledge” (Babylonian Talmud).  Interestingly he mentions that he heard his revelation from “Hell” itself.

At times we must question from where do we get our information?  Heaven (Gods Word / Bible)  or  Hell (the seduction of the numbers and secondary sources) ……..

By Chance we  purchased a large lot of these rare  collectible Lincoln-Kennedy Pennies.  Your purchase helps us cover web site costs.  They are exactly as pictured.

Lincoln Kennedy coincidence penny


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