PAN STARRS comet visitation will coincide with Guidestones anniversary

Pan - Satan - Lucifer - DevilThe newly discovered Pan Starrs comet that will be visable in March of 2013  is being called the first “Great Comet” of the 21st century.
By coincidence this “Great” comet will be visible during the Georgia guidestones planned 33rd anniversary celebration in March of 2013.    The Guidestones commemoration  just happens to fall on Friday March 22, 2013.  (03×22=66 and 2+0+1+3=6666, )
Strangely, PAN Starrs is the first major comet not to be named by its discoverers.  It was instead named after the Panoramic Survey Telescope & Rapid Response System (Pan-STARRS) which is atop Haleakala in Hawaii.
We are told is that too many people were involved in its discovery.
So for the first time in   comet history a newly discovered comet gets a generic name after the” telescope”  that was used to find it.   Not the discoverers!

Interesting meanings and imagery are apparent when we study this.

PAN is the Devil  God with horns and a beard (Beards and horns are the ancient terms used to describe all comets) He is a “Beast” – The union of a “God” with an earthly animal (Goat) and his image has represented the Judeo Christian image of the devil for 2000 years.
He is the only God who Died (went away) and has yet to return.  A pseudonym for Lucifer, the ultimate God of worship for our  33rd degree masons and other secret society types  who put their trust in the “God of this world”,  Like Lucifer of the Judeo-Christian scriptures Pan was the god of music.

And of course the word “STARS” is synonymous with Angels throughout both the Old and New testaments.

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Milton Thomas X

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