The Great harlot of Revelation 17, Romanus Reloaded (Part 3)


Nicki Minaj Issues her Luciferian influenced Album on March 28th

Nicki Minaj Commemorates the Guidestones 33rd Anniversary with her new album “Pink Friday-Roman Reloaded”

It seems my  prediction at the end of our Supertramp/9-11/Guidestones research has come to pass.

After taking a well needed break from all this “conspiracy” research (I prefer the term historical patterns) and working on more important and edifying research on the “patterns” dealing with the image of God (Genises 1:26) I took a deep breath and sat down tonight to see if there was indeed a  music album issued last month commemorating the Georgia Guidestones upcoming 33rd anniversary. Just as I have proposed that the Grammy’s 1979 favorite album “Breakfast in America” by Supertramp. Issued on March 28, 1979 exactly 360 days prior to the monuments commemoration on  on March 22, 1980.

If you read this original article you will notice that it was the upcoming 33rd anniversary on March 22, 2013 that I had realized was most important to our Gnostic friends  (03×22=66 and 2+0+1+3=6 – 666).

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Instead of jumping into the research I remembered to pause and ask the Lord for peace & wisdom.    Lord, I prayed – I just do not have the time to dig into this. Please show me “Truth” as quickly as possible.   That still voice I have learned to listen to simply guided me to my prediction/quip at the end of my last article back on March 25th.

“This is why we may possibly see a new “pseudo gospel” cover art / album issued this coming year (March 28th, 2012?) by a musician or group that is “destined” for the top in 2012 – Purposefully designed to intersect 360 days prior to the Georgia Guidestones upcoming 33rd Anniversary. I have a feeling the devil may prefer digital…..”

A music album or musician destined to reach the top? It cant be, I had already checked all sources last month and there were no scheduled albums on March 28th. Yet  As I thought about this years grammy’s, The image of the horrid performance by Nicki Minaj mocking Christianity and the Church back in February entered  my mind. But this could not be it,  that was back in February and I had looked into it in late March and remembered seeing a release date that did not fit my research. And yet I could not remove the imagery from my mind of her unforgettable (unforgivable) pseudo biblical performance.

Like a genie in the mirror, I asked the Google “Spirit” my one research question. “music by release date march 28”

Staring right back at me on top of the search results was Vicki Minaj, with her angry face, the face of ***Roman – The demon I later learned she claims is within her..

To quote Google’s excerpt from The Hollywood Reporter.

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Roman Reloaded The 19 track Album was released on march 28, To spite an April 3rd scheduled release.  After being postponed from its original February 14th Drop date!

“To spite an April 3rd scheduled release date” Interesting, even the Hollywood Reporter understood that this Wedneday, March 28th Leak made no sense, or did it?

My once off the wall Theory of a “Pseudo Gospel” being represented by the Georgia Guidestones which is being commemorated by the music industry with album release dates 360 days prior to important

whose face is on the cover? Nicki Minaj or Roman?

anniversaries is now completed.  This final coincidence In light of Minaj’s Grammy performance is beyond statistical probability due to reasons I will outline below.

Why the Music Industry?   I am not sure, but Lucifer after all was once the most beautiful created Cherub – & Heavens Choir director.

It seems that this unforgettable anti-Christian performance at this years Grammy Awards, applauded by an unknowing and soul less audience was set to release the corresponding album the very next day on February 14th, 2012.  As a Marketing professional it is clear to me that the album would have benefited greatly if it were released hot of the grammy performance. That is why the postponement and new release date of April 3, 2012 with no coherent reason confounded most music insiders.

I am positive that Nicki herself was confounded by the delay!  it made absolutely NO business sense. or did it?

The reason I waited several weeks to research my prediction of these historical patterns was that March 28th ended up falling on a Wednesday this year. As a lifelong researcher of Album Cover Art CoverArt.com I was well aware that the music industry always releases records on **Tuesday.  This knowledge caused me to begin to question my own sanity.  The patterns will finally end was my internal thought. I started to contemplate that these dozens of coincidences starting back in my first article may simply be what I had been calling them – coincidences.

I guess I must now thank the music executives who ultimately and purposefully released this record against all protocol for helping to restore my sanity. You see they quietly and without any warning released the album on:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012, exactly 360 days prior to our Pseudo Gospel Guidestones most sinister – 33rd Anniversary!

Are these “idol” makers high ranking members of our Gnostic Masonic societies? Or are they simply men and women like you and me who are subtly influenced by the “God” of this world as Bob Dylan fearlessly admits?

Milton Thomas X

Warning this video and its lyrics are vile and difficult to view, even to a lifelong researcher into the occult

21221223435 by YardieGoals

WOW, watch Nicki Minaj explain the title of her Debut album “Pink Friday” along with the “fact” that her debut album was released on a TUESDAY, even though she would have preferred Friday. she responds to an adoring fan who credits her for their “salvation” with the strange title being her attempt to rename “Black Friday”, the Day after Thanksgiving. After all she says, she is in controll of everything – everything that is except the release / issue dates of her albums….


Connections. That is what spurs my writing. That is why my quick post on Tom Horn’s new book Petrus Romanus earlier in the day seemed to spur me to sit down and find out if there was indeed a commemoration album issued on March 28th. A music album named Roman Reloaded? Thoughts of a man possessed (reloaded) with an evil entity. Thoughts of Horn’s book. Thoughts of and grammy performance with Catholic and Satanic symbolism? Can there be connections…. No Way! this album could not of been issued on March 28th, commemorating the Guidestones 33rd Anniversary were my initial thoughts – I was wrong. It surely was.

These connections which I have seen my entire life, especially as a child – seem to be coming at incredible speed. It is getting difficult to hold back my emotions. This relentless and constant discovery of the adversaries tactics and use of numbers (time) are wearing me down.

Not since Walter Martin’s passing 25 years ago had I cried over the death of a man I had never met, but this is what happened earlier today after hearing Tom Horn and Steve Quayle give proper tribute to David Flynn who recently passed away.  It was bitter sweet tears learning that others understood what an amazing gift from God David Flynn was. I believe his gift for understanding our creator was unmatched. Flynn has been the most important christian researcher of the last century.  You can hear this excellent  interview dealing with Horn’s new book Petrus Romanus here.

I wondered if I was losing my mind.

I wondered why God would give an undeserving soul as myself insights into the adversaries plans.

I wonder if other events intersect with Friday, March 22, 2013?   Black (Pink) Friday November 23, 2012?

I wonder if Tom Horn’s Petrus Romanus has anything to do with Minaj’s demon Roman? Roman Reloaded?

Another research project has sprung from this, I thought that I was done. I can not just let this go.

Dear Lord, thy kingdom come, thy will be done.


**why Music Albums are alway released on Tuesdays NPR explains why music albums are always released on Tuesdays!  It is a tradition that is rarely broken –  except if you are trying to commemorate a sinister monument and a sinister date with a commemorative piece of art. Whether it is a pseudo biblical cover illustration or an anti-christian stage show or even a music artist and album that has literally sold its soul to the devil…..

***Who is Roman? Minaj created an alter-ego named “Roman Zolanski” She claims that in some songs it is not her singing but it is Roman she also claims that he was born inside her, and she becomes him when she is angry. She has also said ‘He is a demon inside her’.

*Minaj claims to be a Christian. We are told that she tweeted John 3:16 on Christmas day? I would ask any Christians who are reading this now to please pray for this child of God.

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