Kevin Smith exposes Disclose TV – Disinformation in our midst

Disclose.TV website

Disclose.TV Hoaxes the Public and Tries to
Make it Appear Kevin Smith Fell for Their Lie

by Kevin W. Smith


I hate having to write this article, and I’ll tell you why in a moment.

On April 14, 2012 I was alerted by e-mailers to the fact that the Disclose TV site had been seized by the U.S. government. I went to their site, and there was a notice posted there that appeared to be official. I then did a search of sites that had been seized by the U.S. government and found a list posted on the I.C.E. web site of web sites that had been seized. In comments on FaceBook, I noted that I.C.E. is not the same agency as the one mentioned in the seizure notice on DTV. Here is the notice that appeared on the DTV site.

The notice was both official looking and suspicious looking at the same time. All this power to just take down sites is something brand new for Americans. We are used to things like the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, due process, etc. But, with our current regime (Congress and Senate included), we have been exposed to our long-held rights being shredded with new laws that say the government can take down sites without due process, without formal charges, etc., and can even imprison U.S. citizens without charges, without trial, without due process. It is all very new to us, and they are cranking out new agencies faster than Government Motors cranks out cars. So, the fact that no one seems to have heard of this agency is to be expected, even if the agency were one of the new ones created by this new anti-freedom legislation.

In other words, it was suspicious, but plausible. Even a person “on the inside” I talked with said the same thing. A former Deputy U.S. Marshal I talked with said the same thing.

So then, I posted a notice on FaceBook, my first post related to this “seizure”. Here it is.

News this morning is that some 76 web sites have been seized by the U.S. government over the past 24 hours. Some of them are very popular with the UFO/ET/Paranormal community. I do not know all the details as to why they were seized. There are some reports that say one thing, and other reports that say something else. Of course, there are also some reports that are just outrageous nonsense. But, they HAVE been seized. Perhaps we will know more facts in the next couple of days.

(Note: it is actually 150 sites on the list. )

As you see, this notice states that some 76 sites have been seized and that there are conflicting reports about what was going on. It states clearly, “Perhaps we will know more facts in the next couple of days.”

Several people asked on FB about the 76 sites. I replied that they had been seized by I.C.E. and that is not the same agency. Several other people commented they believed it was a hoax, and I stated, in each case, that I certainly hoped they were right, but that information I was receiving indicated it was real. And that is a fact–information I was receiving from people who are in a position to know said they were not certain, but it looked real to them.

At no time did I ever say that this was genuine. I was very careful to say that it could be a hoax, a hack, or genuine, and that I was still trying to find out.

On April 15, 2012 I awoke to e-mailers telling me that Disclose.TV was back up and that they had admitted this was a hoax. One person sent me the link to the DTV confession, and it is published below. Spelling errors are theirs, and the highlights were added by me.

So, some of you may have heard of Disclose TV being removed from

I think an explanation is in order, and I will make it as
detailed as I possibly can for you in order as to understand the
grandiose nature of the scheme and your own roles in it.

You see, a few months ago, I set in motion the roots of an April
fools joke.

I asked for participation from my fellow moderators and the
adiminstrators of Disclose TV, and for ideas to be put forward.

The idea was to mess with your beautiful minds, by playing to
your fears, we finessed the idea(s), and planned and plotted
against you in order to cememnt the seeds of the idea(s) into
your collective conciousness as to make the reveal have that
little bit of extra pow wow. You should now be fully aware of
that reveal I assume.

Some of you called it correctly, but actually ended up just being
dragged into the paranoia thus second guessing yourself, due in
part to a lot of silence and ignorance on our parts over the
weeks, and also due to the mass amount of chaotic personalities
that ebb and flow throughout Disclose TV. You are in most
respects your own worst enemies, but you just do not realise it.

However, you need to understand that this was a non malicious
prank, and was undertaken as a joke, with a message behind it,
which would hopefully get people talking and questioning the role
of the internet in todays world.
So lets go right back to the start…

After my proposal of an Aprils fools joke months ago, we all
settled on an idea, and it was to be executed on April fools day
in conjunction with the relaunching of Disclose TV 2.0.
So we decided to set the seeds for this earlier in the week
before April fools by placing cryptic remarks on the forum.

My thread SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG!!!, was used as a
catalyist to make you start asking questions. It worked, very
very well, even in the face of a select few members on here
posting such things as “bit early for April fools isn’t it troll
?”, basically second guessing my motives. Correctly I may add.
Although, these same members themselves finally succumbed to the

It created quite a stir, however I was very concious that my
statements needed to be vague in nature, as your own minds
collectively are far greater at coming up with your own stories
and scenarios, making sure to leave the questions wide open, and
also open to multiple interpretations. Which is exactly what
happened. The thread was conveiniantly locked, and members began
to speculate.

So it began…

Now the plan was for there to be mass resignations from the
moderators, and the drip dropping of vague indicators,
culminating in the the splash screen takedown notice that would
have gone up on April fools day followed by the relaunching of
Disclose TV 2.0.

However, due to various reasons the developers ran into setbacks
meaning that the launch date was looking like it was going to be
delayed. So we were unable to reveal our prank as intended, so we
had to bite our tounges (something hard for me, as I am sure many
of you on here can attest to), however for whatever reason
Seahawk jumped the gun and put up his resignation thread early
which ironically you may have noticed said… “watch what you
say!”, lol. From that day on he was unable to post in the main
forum. Ha ha, however, because it was seahawk saying this, and
not someone like me (who nobody would take seriously) it had an
instant effect, and the forum exploded with possibilities,
paranoia, and confusion.

During this time we had already decided that it may work well if
we gave the impression of there being infighting between the
moderators behind the scenes, nothing huge but just enough to
arouse suspicion, that also worked, and members jumped upon it,
as everybody hates authority figures and will look on with glee
if something appears askew.

It was also decided that we would all collectively start posting
threads about the NSA and the censorship of the internet through
monitoring and suveilence. Marduk and Dom worked wonders, and the
questions and suspicions started to bubble over.
You must understand, as I am well aware that some of you will be
mad at the sheer length and bredth of this undertaking, and to
the lengths we have had to go in order for it to even be
considered plausable. However, for a good prank to work
effectively, and become all that it can be, you really need to
plan ahead. So we did.

The date of the relaunch came and went, it was on and off again
due to the development process of 2.0, during all of this we had
to remain quiet and ignore members questions and mail (personal
apologies to Jet, and Will69ease on my part) who have both asked
me about this numerous times, which I have had to remain silent
on. I hope you guys understand why.

Nothing personal, believe me, I wanted to tell the world, as we
all did, because this was so epic in scope and execution that I
think we were all secretly proud of it. However, any kind of slip
up or confideing in someone, could have potentially ruined
everything, and we all put work into this, as we are a team, and
this prank has a serious message behind it.
Then finally, on Friday the 13th of all days, Disclose TV 2.0 was
to be a go, the timeframe was confirmed and we were given access
to the Dev Site for feedback. We also realised that we had to
spring into action in order to meet the deadline. So we decided
another resignation was in order, this time Spock took centre
stage. Now you may have noticed how carefully worded that
resignation letter was, and that is because it went through
several drafts written by Spock, me, and The Duck.
It was also decided to cast suspicions on one of us being a
possible mole in the network, (which we just knew would fly well
on here) – (again this all ties back to my original thread)…
SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG!!!, in which I layed the vague
foundations for a grander and highly interpretaional conspiracy
theory, for you all to unwittingly take part in and write your
own narrative for. So not long after Spock put up his resignation
thread Dom posted a few comments in his thread attacking him and
making out he was a mole possibly working for the NSA.

So Spock resigns, the forum sets itself on fire, then about 8
hours later, this picture appears in place of Disclose TV…
This image, was created a while ago, by our resident master of
photoshop. Cornbread helped with the wording, and Admin also
contributed. We were careful to remove all names to genuine
agencies, and went the ficticous route instead. Which as it
turned out, worked even better in our favour, right now people
are still trying to figure out just who “The United States
Department of Internet Security Terrorism Task Force” actually
are, as this little prank went from being confined, to a truly
global and viral event. Due mostly to many people being ignorant
of research.

Here have a look at just a portion of the discussions on the Task
Force alone…

https://www.google.com/search?q=%22inte … 20force%22

Note: The “The United States Department of Internet Security
Terrorism Task Force” does not exist, neither does “The European
Allied Command Operations”, as many have pointed out online,
these people are being drowned out to the sounds of chest
thumping and screeching however. Pay particular attention to the
specific wording on that splash screen.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this little event, has become an
internet sensation.

Here is but a few brief examples…

Note: this first video is claiming to be a possible reason for
the takedown, people have also ran with this theory too.

Here is a brief list of some of the discussions taking place
http://www.examiner.com/paranormal-in-p … ible-farce

http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum … 836926/pg1

http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum … 836918/pg2

http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum … 837194/pg1

http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum … 837305/pg1

http://criticalbelievers.proboards.com/ … read=14875

http://commonsenseconspiracy.com/2012/0 … overnment/

http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/fo … ead=236742

http://groups.google.com/group/alt.athe … 0a53?pli=1

http://groups.google.com/group/soc.cult … 4dad37583d

http://12160.info/profiles/status/show? … s%3A831311

https://reinep.wordpress.com/2012/04/14 … or-hacked/

http://mortgagerefinance.epagehub.com/a … cking_nwo/



http://occupyilluminati.com/www-disclos … ask-force/

http://au.answers.yahoo.com/question/in … 354AAzBEAa



http://www.ufoevolution.com/forums/show … php?t=9114

http://imaginativeworlds.com/forum/show … tv-seized-!

http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2012/0 … ce-118591/



http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r271168 … -Taskforce

https://lunaticoutpost.com/Topic-Breaki … PROSECUTED


http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index … 638AAkBTjV

http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum … 836930/pg1

http://intellectualodditiesnetwork.com/ … p?tid=6980

http://whatreallyhappened.com/content/c … -taskforce



http://yourtubenews.ning.com/forum/topi … e=activity

http://nexus.2012info.ca/forum/showthre … #post73612

http://hotblur.com/!/News/umm-did-anyon … g-happened

http://unhypnotize.com/general-discussi … tions.html

http://www.techwatch.co.uk/forums/11076 … force.html

http://forums.liveleak.com/showthread.p … ost1517021

http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthr … 51c5d1e98c

http://aworldwideawake.com/disclose-tv- … and-isttf/

http://www.broadbandreports.com/forum/r … -Taskforce

http://thechaniproject.com/disclose-tv- … x-or-real/

http://www.urban75.net/forums/threads/d … ng.291905/

http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread … SIEZED-!!!!

http://www.yellowbullet.com/forum/showt … ?p=8522238

http://thetrickstersmiddlefinger.com/36 … overnment/


http://digg.com/news/politics/discloset … task_force


http://camelotforum.net/index.php?optio … Itemid=164

http://occupywallst.org/forum/is-this-a … zed-by-go/

http://butterflyofdream.wordpress.com/2 … is-seized/

http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum … 837046/pg1
My favourite quote from the ensuing chaos:
Also this just in from Kevin Smith of the Kevin Smith Show.

News this morning is that some 76 web sites have been seized by
the U.S. government over the past 24 hours. Some of them are very
popular with the UFO/ET/Paranormal community. I do not know all
the details as to why they were seized. There are some reports
that say one thing, and other reports that say something else. Of
course, there are also some reports that are just outrageous
nonsense. But, they HAVE been seized. Perhaps we will know more
facts in the next couple of days. ”

Via http://www.examiner.com linked above.

You get the idea, the list is endless, it went everywhere, and
that is but the tip of a very large iceberg posted above.

Also of note is that we may have popped up here and there
ourselves, pushing the joke in various ways and guieses.

However, there is a meaning behind that ficticious splash screen,
and that is this…

The internet is a very important part of humanity, and the
censoring and monitoring of peoples private information is wrong,
you have a voice. Please use it.

I consider you all on this forum vitally important not only to
this websites success but to the forward thinking of humanity,
now that we have collectively gained your attention, take this
time to think about what it would be like to actually be censored
and monitored, not being able to say as you wish, and share your
honest opinions. I am sure many of you will have opinions on
this, some will find it funny, others will jump on the chance to
tear us down for doing this,but the point is, that you actually
can do that, and that is all that matters in the end, because
like it or not, people have a right to be heard, share knowledge,
and connect across the geological landscapes of the earth. It is
only in being able to do this, that we have any chance to
progress as a collective species. For the sake of our children,
and our childrens children.
[b]Never let them take away your right to a voice.

Thank you for your time, we all hope you enjoy and continue to be
a part of the single greatest online community on teh internets.
Disclose TV is expanding, and with that, we want to take all of
you who have been such a vital part of its growth with us into
the future.

I am sure that if you have any more questions, we will all be
happy to fill you in on this little ruse for the relaunch.

Thank you to Admin and the development team, for making Disclose
TV an even better site. Those rivals better watch out, we have
now arrived.

My thanks to all of you for enduring what must have been a very
puzzling, trying and disturbing experience over the last couple
of months.


As you see, Troll2rocks admits the hoax was planned and gives the details of the plan and the implementation of the plan. Later assertions were made that they did this just as a joke to cover their down time as they changed systems. Those later assertions do not seem to mesh with this detailed admission of an organized plan as an “April Fools joke”. By the way, Uwe, April Fools Day is April 1st–not April 14.

I find it both flatering and telling that of all the many, many comments made on the internet about the “seizure” of DTV, Troll2rocks picked my statement as his “favorite quote” in the aftermath of their putting the hoaxed notice up. I guess Troll2rocks must really think I’m someone important. If so, the April Fools joke is on him. I’m just another guy who happens to host a show.

But notice the quote he published. It is exactly what I posted on FB. It is exactly the truth. It does not claim the DTV seizure is real–it doesn’t even mention DTV. it claims that 76 sites have been taken down–and they have. It states “Perhaps we will know more facts in the next couple of days.”

I have nothing to defend here. The only thing I would point out is that using this very straightforward and very verifiable statement by me as some sort of proof they caused us all to run to paranoia is just as dishonest as the hoax itself. Also notice that they used the classic tactics of government dis-information operatives.

For example, they planted a story that is hoaxed but plausible. Then, they infiltrated to give the story more spin and fizz. Infiltrated? Yep. He admits it:

Also of note is that we may have popped up here and there
ourselves, pushing the joke in various ways and guieses.

I said at the beginning of this article that I hate having to write it. Why?

I hate having to write this article because I do not like–and avoid it like the plague–targeting anyone in our field for negative comments. I just don’t do it. But this situation is different. This is a situation where, for whatever berzerk reason, someone in our field has perpetrated a hoax that played upon some of the most sensitive and very real fears of people everywhere, and especially in America. Not only that, this Troll decided to use my name and my statements as proof that his hoax had worked. I was drawn into this by Troll2rocks and that is unfortunate.

Troll2rocks proved only that he is a troll. A mental mudsucker. An intellectual mushroom. He played on very, very, very real concerns–especially in America–about genuine and growing totalitarianism, and for what? To what end? To what gain?

I am not apologetic that I took this seriously enough to investigate it. I am not apologetic that I said I was receiving information that said this was real as well as info that said it was a hoax. I reported to you honestly what I was receiving, and I said more than once that I was not sure which way it would go. I did say that it looked as if the info was tipping towward this being real. I said that because that was the case at the time. But, I also was careful to say I was not certain.

Troll2rocks was certain. He was certain he was lying and deceiving the public. And now, we are certain of that as well.

As a result of this egregious violation of basic credibility, the Kevin Smith Show, the KSS Members Community, the K-FILES, and all other parts of the KSS operation and publications will not contain links to anything that is posted on Disclose TV. No video links will appear, no article links will appear, in anything we publish or broadcast if those links lead to Disclose TV. They have openly acted in a way that is blatantly dishonest and smacks of government disinfo methods, and we will ignore them completely in the future. It is one thing to make an error in reporting. It is another thing to lie to the public. Disclose TV lied to the public. That cannot be easily explained away.

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