The Great Harlot of Revelation 17, She’s a Super Tramp!

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SuperTramp’s Breakfast in America, 9-11 and the Harlot






Supertramp’s Breakfast in America Cover Art and 9-11

Coincidence? At first glance one would think a perfectly centered 9-11 on the mirror image of the twin towers must be. Let me first tell you that this album cover was very special to me, It was one of the *two first record albums I ever purchased back in 1980 out of a bargain bin from the top floor of a local department store**. I did not choose these albums for their music, instead it was their covers which had captured my attention at the age of 15.

Cover Art became so important that I developed CoverArt.com 10 years ago with the quest of documenting this influential art form which has been used for good, yet it is also capable of influencing the masses with sinister plots. (Just ask Joseph Goebbels)

So as the internet begins to be a buzz about this 9-11 mirror image on supertramp’s breakfast in America cover, whether this is a coincidence, Jungian archetypes* or the supernatural – there is truly a deeper and more serious symbolism playing out right in front of our eyes.

*We discuss possible Jungian Archetypes at Godtype.com

Supertramps Breakfast in America Cover Art:

Presents New York City & The Statue of Liberty (in the guise of an all american 1950’s waitress wearing a chilling nervous smile) along with the words Super Tramp above the great city. The waitress is holding up a “golden” cup on a serving plate right up to the twin towers whose mirror image show a clear 9-11 just above the buildings (The “Harlot” symbolizes the City, not the Statue/Waitress)

America and the Bible

Is not the group’s name “Super Tramp” actually a synonym for “Great Harlot” ?

As an American who was born in the great city of Manhattan, It has taken me many years to finally confront hunches about whether or not America is mentioned in the bible. Revelation 17-18 and Jeremiah 50-51 when studied together clearly show this to be certain.  America is quite possibly mentioned in the Bible…..  a difficult proposition to ponder for any American who takes the bible seriously.

Even if this 9-11 mirror image symbolism is just a coincidence, or most likely a pseudo gospel from our secretive Gnostic friends – Revelation 17-18 and Jeremiah 50-51 clearly teach that the Great Harlot (a Super Tramp) is partially represented by the great city which our statue of liberty overlooks as she sits on many waters, holding a “golden cup” over this city (home of the U.N.) which can be argued to be responsible for the finances and commerce of the world!

Revelation 17: v15
And he saith unto me, The Waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.
v18 And the Woman which thou sawest is that great City, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

Deeper into the rabit hole. SRI discovers this artwork and others signifying  apocalyptic events tie in to the sinister Georgia Guidestones.  Both Revelations and Daniel continue to speak of this Great Harlot (Super Tramp) telling us that she holds up a “Golden Cup” over this great city? A city which controls finances?(Wall street) and government? (United Nations?)  That controls the commerce of the entire world as symbolically portrayed in 1979’s Grammy winning cover art of Breakfast in America.

See part two of this research here

which documents Gnostic commemorations of  March, 2013 –  commemorated exactly 33 years earlier by a strange and impossible work of art.

Certainly Carl Jung would have called this evidence of the collective unconscious, Bible believing Christians could see this as the subtle works of the adversary……….

Milton Thomas X

*The other album purchased on that day in 1980?


While concluding this article, my subconscious mind kept repeating “there’s a 2nd important cover”.   So I viewed every album published in 1979 to no avail and yet I could not get rid of this “Gut” feeling.   As I was calling it a night, I pulled up the image of  the other record I purchased alongside Breakfast in America 30 years ago – I could not help but nod my head and sigh. It was published just one day later on new years day – January 1, 1980, It was:

Rush’s Permanent Waves. My favorite rock group which I followed through the years due to their Libertarian themes written by drummer and lyricist Neal Peart.
The cover strangely shows a beautiful woman. An all american girl with 1950’s era bobby socks (reminiscent of the 50’s era waitress from supertramps album) and a wholesome dress & hairstyle, yet she is flashing us with a devilish smile in the midst of so much devastation – A harlot if you will, walking away from her devastated city….

Rush Permanent Waves and the Harlot

* A little research into Rush’s pemanent waves album cover concept finds out that our favorite rational  band did indeed have a “meaning” and a reason for the title of their 1980 album.  (Unlike the hidden gnostic imagery of supertramp’s cover with its possible masonic links – article here)  It seems Rush  was discussing “Waves of Culture” a concept that most rational’s who see time in “sequence” as oppose to (past,present or future) are aware of,  ie cycles of time,  rise and falls of empires and even civilizations.  Who better to represent the passing and end of a culture or civilization then the Great Harlot of revelation 17-18,  A Super Tramp…..

And just to add one more coincidence that may simply be that, considering album release dates are generally chosen by the music executives: Permanent Waves Release date of January 1, 1980 ends up being exactly 33 years and 90 days from the Georgia Guidestones 33rd Aniversary. 33 years and 3 months. 33.3 – how interesting.

** I estimate we have purchased / archived nearly 5,000 record albums & 10,000 historical magazines over the years for our virtual museum at CoverArt.com, and yet it was these first two records I purchased which I somehow remember every detail about – from the grey painted chipped particle board bargain box, the messy poorly lit upstairs floor of our local WWII era J.C. Penny building & the embarrassment of asking my mom for money to buy two records (I tried to hide the Permanent waves cover from my mom due to the provocative image of the model).   I was an outgoing nerd who did not understand why all my friends wasted so much time listening to music? It was the art, imagery & symbolism that grabbed me, and never let me go.

*the newspaper in the foreground of Rush’s Permanent Waves Cover originally had the Headline “Dewey defeats Truman”. (The Tribune sued Rush and forced them to “white it out” on future issues) a point in history which I had unknowingly written of in the past as a demarcation point in which the American mainstream media began its journey towards complete progressive control. this famous cover is also “symbolic” of just how wrong American “mainstream media” can be…….

With Thanks to the insightful and intuitive wisdom of Patrick Heron. I have recently moved Patrick’s must see video on “Is America written of in the bible” Here. I though, disagree with Patrick on the primary causes of devastation to be more akin to   Solar & Astronomical phenomena and more natural in their origins (acts of God) as oppose to nuclear armaments (acts of men)

Several have written me with comments believing these images were evidence for the Bible’s prophecies, Nothing could be further from the truth.  These commemorative Art images are not “evidence” of a supernaturally inspired bible.  This article along with the information we uncovered on the Georgia Guidestones are simply evidence of a “Pseudo Bible” , a small part of what can be called an “alien gospel”.   Much like the Muslim end time prophecies that mimic the Judeo-Christian texts (from the opposite vantage point) or a UFO fleet writing the words Allah and Mohamad in the skies of mexico  These visual messages are  simply pieces of an Alien Gospel that is taking future prophetic events and painting them with the adversaries view point, a deception that we are clearly warned about in the Bible .

22 Responses for “The Great Harlot of Revelation 17, She’s a Super Tramp!”

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  3. […] expanded with a total of  4 indepth research essays on SRI – here are the links –  #1 The Great Harlot of Revelation 17, she’s a Supertramp. #2 She builds monuments as well.  #3 Romanus Reloaded  #4 (322) and the music […]

  4. bittercritter says:

    Supertramp was trying to tell us the “juice” did it? Sorry, couldn’t pass up a tired cliché. No Jews or juice required for 9-11, something that could have only happened with inside help (and a big push from the depths of Hell).

    Satan does like to proclaim himself and acts done in his name and hiding things in plain sight is a favorite trick. Nice work!

    Be strong in faith for the true test is coming and we may all feel like old testament prophets before all is said and done and the world is remade by God.

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    book mark this blog.

  7. Txtea says:

    “Breakfast” in America not lunch or dinner lol ………the first plane hit at 8:45 am…

  8. chris banez lim says:

    hm, although a bible reader and a major fan of the band, this never occurred to me before, a curious thing about the group and the record album that made them arrive to their primal peak, a real peculiar thing for all its symbolism and significant biblical perspective

  9. chris banez lim says:

    hm, although a bible reader and a major fan of the band, this never occurred to me before, a curious thing about the group and the record album that made them arrive to their primal peak, a real peculiar thing for all its symbolism and significant biblical perspective, weird

  10. Baphomet says:

    Nice to see that the 9/11 image on the breakfast in America album cover, that I have discovered and wrote an article about a couple of years back, is still being discussed. ( see link: http://www.quofataferunt.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=732 )

    But there is much much more to the album than just its cover.

    For example in the lyrics of the Breakfast in America song they sing:

    “Could we have kippers for breakfast
    Mummy dear, Mummy dear
    They got to have ’em in Texas
    Cos everyone’s a millionaire”

    Kippers is british for RED HERRING

    We all know what that means…

    Look at the rest of the lyrics of that same song, it’s about the so called hijackers!

  11. Cheers mate, I’m a rap producer your article was awesome, it really heleped me. I hope my soundcloud track will be better after reading this.Kind regards!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Another thing i haven’t seen pointed out is with the supertramp cover the view is from an airplane window.

    • babel says:

      Yes! Though I cracked the initial “biblical code” within this cover art over at Coverart.com I did not realize this fact until it was pointed out to me on my original essay. very perceptive of you, and proof of how deep these layers go….

  13. Doug Krieger says:

    Hey – did the message get through – don’t know – AGAIN, check out http://www.the-tribulation-network.com and our new release at AMAZON.COM:

    THE FINAL BABYLON – America and the Coming of Antichrist – Cris Putnam writes the intro. – your worst fears will be confirmed!

  14. Doug Krieger says:

    O.K. – THE FINAL BABYLON – America and the Coming of Antichrist – Just wrote it with Doug Woodward and Dene McGriff – pick it up at AMAZON.COM – it will confirm your worst suspicions and in no uncertain terms – we’re finally getting clear who the REAL BABYLON OF THE LAST DAYS really is!

    Bro. Doug

  15. P says:

    Image taken from a plane..

    • babel says:

      Yes! this is chilling. I point it out in another article…. thank you for pointing it out here.

      • Ahab says:

        No need to impute the Album design to the real perpetrators – it could have been many other things like an early warning… throuth the artist(s)…. etc etc.

  16. P says:

    And gold on a plate!

  17. Roxanna says:

    AWESOME STUFF! Your research is amazing! I really enjoy Patrick’s work, but he n I disagree about the Giza pyramids. That’s not a salvation issue, but I seriously think it has something to do with what’s coming. Thanks so much for sharing:)

    • Babel says:

      Yes. I too disagree with Patrick on some areas. But I admire his proclamation of the Gospel at every possible turn….. God Bless. Thank you for your wonderful comments.

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