Statin Coverup revisited: Patterns in History

Statins proven to cause memory problems

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After 15 years of preaching and blogging on the subject of Statins and their  responsibility for hundreds of thousands of cases of brain disfuction and memory loss as well as thousands of  falsely diagnosed Rhumatoid Arthritis cases. There was  also my gut feeling that  statins are  the most likely cause of the exponential increase of Acid Reflux “disease”.

Would not a  drug known to cause muscle wasting disease surely effect the tiny muscle God gave human beings that acts as a valve to keep these necessary acids in their place?

Today on 02/29/2012 the national news agencies have finaly reported on the averse effects of statin drugs and their  responsibility for memory loss in countless victims.  It is just a matter of time before the  thousands of Rhumatoid Arthritis diagnoses will be revisited along with the greatest national problem of (in terms of overall numbers) Acid Reflux Disease will be found to be as high as 70% statin induced!

How could this go un-noticed for so long? the answer is simple – Money.  The statin manufacturers of Lipitor, Crestor and others are one of network televisions bigest buyers of commercial time.

Add to this the exponential explosion of new customers for “the little purple pill”  Nexum and one can predict future evidences  of “collusion” between these two seemingly unrelated products.  Ask your self, if Nexum or any of the Rhumatoid Arthritis drug companies were to discover a statistically high amount statin users also using their product would it not beg the question of there being a connection?

How was I aware of this problem?

16  years ago I was diagnosed with hyperlipedemia, off the charts according to my doctors so they used me as one of their first test subjects, and in the brilliance of our medical field because my levels were 6 times higher than anyone else I was “blessed” by being put on 6X the normal dose!

A blessing in disguise, you see these high levels allowed me to witness first hand in a short period what it may take 1,2 or even 5 years for others to notice.  Like a frog in the perverbial frying pan, often it is too late when good folks realize that their cure has turned out to be  their executioner.

Within just two months, I was aware of three major problems and side effects.


I often recount the story of looking over to my 8 year old son one morning playing in the living room and not remembering his name! But looking back, that was not what troubled  me – it was the fact that I did not even worry about it!  It will come to me was my only internal thought.   My work-life in a highly technical position was also becoming dificult, I could not even comprehend abstract processes, (A key for me, as a designer)  This was something much more than my absent minded profesor persona, I even walked back to my office one day from an event I had driven to!   If it was not for my pattern seeking  temperament, coupled with two additional symptoms that were new to me I would not have realized the only variable that was recently introduced into my Life –  Lipitor.


I also had to begin visiting  a specialist  because of a new found arthritis that was crippling my hands.  The doctors prescribed more pain meds and simply told me I was getting old, after all I was 31 and had spent my “Life” working with computer keyboards.


Add to this the new experience that I had never felt before in my life – Acid coming up from my stomach and burning my throat and mouth.    Within just 3 months I went from one problem which could have been handled with a good diet and found my self feeling like an old man just a few years shy of my twenties.

As I mentioned in our article from two years ago, my greatest concern was for the overall “cognition” our Nation as a whole.  I saw this conspiracy of silence as an attack on our Country.  What with almost every major 40+ year old business or government leader taking this drug so neccessary to control “Evil” Cholestorol.  

The same Cholesterol that comprises 80% of our Brains!  see our previous article “The dumbing down of America” with information on the science dealing with cholesterol and our brains.

Patterns.  I often write about them and point them out.

How interesting that the last great world power on which America’s Republic was in some ways pattenred as a    Bottom up Republic experiement  versus Rome’s Top Down.  The Roman Empire was in the eyes of many reputable historians brought down by a combination of several factors which included the slow poisoning of their modern water system.  You see their incredible modern technology of running water came with a price – lead lined pipes did its job at diminishing the brain function of all its citizens.  Slowly.  Gradually.  Right up to the very end of this once powerful empire.

Milton Thomas X

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