Georgia Guidestones book author completely rips SRI’s research?

The Guidestones - America's mysterious monument

Whats up? For the authors of the latest “The Georgia Guidestones” book to completely rip SRI’s  documented research simply pointing out the many coincidences tying in possible commemorative Cover Art being issued 360 days prior to its building date simply because of  “Biblical correlations” may give you a clue to this books true nature.  As well as the possible affiliations of these authors to receive such a hyperbolic name calling response……..(I am use to this from  ideologs, but serious researchers? something is not quite right here.)

Newsweek: March 28, 2011

After giving Raymond Wiley and KT Prime Links to our last Georgia Guidestones article which possibly linked a national Cover Art commemorating the guidestones  360 days prior to their aniversary I got this interesting, hyperbolic response:

FaceBook conversation feed

Raymond Wiley / KT Prime fb page response:

The one about the Supertramp album cover and 9/11 is hilarious as well. The “satanic panic” lives on… It would take a long time to parse out each and every delusional claim here.

I have often come across hyperbolic name calling over the years, Always from Idealogs from either side of a philosophical discussion.  terms used by this books representatives such as:

“Satanic Panic” ?

” Take too long to parse out Each and Every Delusional Claim”?

“Hilarious” ?

All I’ve done is point out coincidences in history, as a researcher I used subjective descriptions such as “possible”  “coincidences”,  I even simply refer to the readers to make up their minds.

Sure, I was shocked when my “Gut Feeling” decided to check out just one magazine,  Newsweek’s (now run by the “daily beast”) first March 28, cover art of 2011 to see if there was an apocalyptic commemoration of the Guidestones 2012 anniversary.  To find it did not just imply an “Apocalypse”,  Like much of today’s attempted progressive take over of our country “apocalypse” was spelled out on the headline!

Georgia Guidestones and supertramp 9-11

OK, It may all be a coincidence. I am still very aware of this because it is my rational nature…. But what do you think ?

This  response from the Authors of “The Georgia Guidestones” “Americas most mysterious monument” is confirmation  that the hours of research on this subject were fruitful and needed.  How can serious authors who call these “the most mysterious” monuments attack a subjective article with the claim of not having the “time” to parse out these delusional claims! (Possible Evidence of a campaign of disinformation which those in the midst of it do not even realize they are committing)

To quote the authors from their books website

“Conspiracy theorists surmise a global plot on the part of shadowy group of men to reduce and subjugate the world’s population and create a “New World Order.” Others believe that the man behind the monument was a Rosicrucian, and that the stones are representative of that group’s occult manifestos. Are the stones proof of a Satanic conspiracy or a testament to a Cold War psychology of nuclear annihilation?”

Milton Thomas X

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