The National Defense Resources Preparedness (Dictatorship) Act & Progressive Gnosticism

America's National Defense Resources Act

The National Defense Resources Preparedness (Dictatorship) Act – NDRPA

It is interesting that this act was signed exactly 45 days prior to May 1, 2012 – A day which american communists and progressives will be celebrating as May Day! These control NAZI’s will be out in force on May 1st, – will our congress allow the 45 day deadline to repeal this act go by? Will the Marxist in our midst truly have something to cheer about on May day….

Just signed quietly and with out any response from our national media. This Executive Order is truly a take over of America by this president or a future one who decides to take this law to it’s ultimate fruition.

Eminent domain on steroids.

Martial law with a soviet flair.

Title 21 by executive order!

A future citizen army ala Cuba’s & Venezuela’s neighborhood enforcers.

We have had Martial Law Acts on the books since the 1940’s, what makes this different is that it has been reworded to allow  these radical   removals of our freedoms which were meant for War time and major disasters to be implemented at any time!    Read it for yourself at the link below.


We can no longer  say that the media is asleep at the wheel,  the silence of our mainstream media must be collusion between them  & the progressives who have taken over the Democratic party – as well as short sighted Republicans who do not understand that this Law if used precisely as described would be nothing short of treason.

Hidden Knowledge and Progressive Gnosticism
This Act could only have been signed and survive congressional approval  because of   “Hidden Knowledge”.    A form of Progressive Gnosticism whose “secrets”  have  been passed out to just enough key American law makers to implement and uphold them.  Gnostic “secrets” whose  tipping point may well have been when the U.S. first embraced the elite scientific community of German scientists just after WWII.  Former SS officers who were complicit with the extermination of the Jews were heading American space programs and touted as hereo’s just a decade later.

If one reads the story of Babel in the bible on its own without any of the earent church teachings you will realize that it is the “Technology Chapter” of our Judeo-Christian scriptures.  A chapter that in some ways mirrors our current technology explosion that began right here in the United States –  on the shoulders of NAZI space scientists.

How else  can  an Act that uses NAZI Germany as its prototype make it beyond the 45 days available to the congress to repeal it?   To be signed without fear of it being struck down?   To be implemented just prior to a new election?    This is baffling!

My “gut” tells me that “hidden knowledge”  is the key. Information about some impending national calamities, financial or astronomical.  Possibly disclosure of a future disasters or even the knowledge of  our “space cousins” ala Ancient Aliens or NAZI mythology.    Many in the new age UFO community are looking forward to some future disclosure event. (Remember Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars Program, his comments about threats from beyond earth?)

A new Brown Shirt citizen force proposed by Obama – Implementation begun under FEMA Corps
If you have ever wondered why Obama called for an enormous citizen force equal to or larger than the military during the presidential campaign this Act is the key for the successful implementation of a brownshirt “citizen army”. Evidence that this chipping away at our American freedoms is a sinister plan devised  long ago.

`Police officers, military and others who have sworn to protect America will never fall completely inline with a “peace time” take over as the NDPA allows.   But surely out of work progressive thugs  **(Have you ever crossed a Union picket line ?) will simply slide into this natural role which they relish.

The progressives are implementing the original playbook which worked so well for Adolph Hitler  just 70 years ago, a man that also put his faith in the Gnostic Progressive play book based on Aryan *Space Cousins.    Progressives in America MUST now establish this “brown shirt” force.  The FEMA corps quietly passed a few weeks ago seems to be the prototype.

This said, I still do not see this as a possiblity in the very near future.  Much of this act is null and void, Surely the congress will challenge this within the required 45 days?   I believe we are simply in the “Birth Pangs” which can require as many as  10 or 20+ years to develop in a country such as ours due to our divinely inspired constitution.    But If congress does nothing, Obama gets realected and the pace of “hope and change” continues at this rate it could possibly become reality within just 4 years!

*Adolf Hitler believed in a “super” hidden race of Aryans (space cousins) which some researchers say they were actually in contact with.  Interestingly this identical belief system is followed  by the leaders of Iran. Iranians actually get their name from the belief that they are descendants of these Aryan’s. Their belief in this master race includes recent Newspaper articles reporting that their Ayatollah is in actual contact with these beings and that he is from time to time taken aboard their spaceships!  Even America’s Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan has claimed to have visited these ships. This belief was so strong that the Germans were willing to risk everything to pull off the space cousins master plan.  Interestingly, It is the Iranians today who openly call for the destruction of Israel.

This “Gnostic Playbook” or Alien Gospel which Americans are slowly being indoctrinated with in TV shows such as  Ancient Aliens and countless high budget hollywood films is capable of reaching across “Party Lines”. Imagine for a moment that a new age disclosure event were to actually happen!  Even well meaning conservatives and libertarians will bend their knees to our new found “creators”  – Even the elect will be fooled.

** American unions have become the defacto “brown shirts” for our progressive governments.  Have you ever wondered what many of these non apologetic socialists would be doing with their time if even 20% – 30% of them lost their jobs due to economic colapse?  They would all be joining Obama’s new national citizen army!  (FEMA corps?)  An Army of Thugs patterned after NAZI Germany’s Brown Shirts and Cuban and Venezuelan Citizen committees.

Post Note:
I just re-read the Act, and this president must be impeached.  The congress must repeal this within the required 45 days.

This  puts the Government in complete and total control of every single stage of commerce. even the 1,000 pounds of fertilizer just purchased to feed our trees which in turn will feed hundreds of american families. This is what God intended. and the ridiculous water rates which can barely be afforded will need the “Chosen Ones” approval in the near future….

Here is a complete read through of the Act with commentary for those who do not want to read the 11 pages of legalese. (2 Hours)
Here is Alex Jone’s brief overview! I discounted Alex Jones as bordering on madness over the years. Now I must eat my shorts. He was totally right….

Here is Alex Jone’s brief overview! I discounted Alex Jones as bordering on madness over the years. Now I must eat my shorts. He was totally right….

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