Deeper into the rabit hole: Supertramp, 9-11 and the Georgia Guidestones

9-11, Supertramp, The Harlot and Rush Permanent Waves

Deeper into the rabit hole…

Georgia Guidestones and supertramp 9-11. Missing from the Center Stone? Any reference to Jewish civilization, which was responsible for our 10 commandments!

Just one week after our breaking news article possibly tying in the 9-11 supertramp cover image with Biblical prophecies from Revelation 17-18 and Jeremiah 50-51. We have found even more “coincidences” which bring this subject matter to the realm of padded room material!   As I was listening to a late night radio show on the “Georgia Guidestones”   the author pointed out the crucial date that the Guidestones “Must”  be completed by,  stipulated on the contract by its secretive benefactorR. C. Christian. What can that date signify instantly started rumbling through my mind.

Padded room here I come.

Georgia Guidestones Photo

Several more  “coincidences” which tie  into our biblical /conspiracy article from a few weeks ago?

I learned that these secretive munuments were built according to what seem to be masonic / Rosicrucian principals along with the sinister demand that humanity maintain the world poplulation under 500 Million? (where did the other 6.5 Billion people go) This monument was interestingly purposefully erected on March 22, 1980 which is inscribed upon the stones.

Just short of a year after the Supertramp  Breakfast in America album issue date of March 29, 1979.   A little math and one figures out it was built exactly 360 days after!  360 –  just happens to be a very important number to Mason’s, Rosicrucian’s, Khabalist and just about every secret (Gnosis) society known to man (they are all one in the same) The most likely candidates as the builders of this mysterious monument.

OK, this is surely just another coincidence,  as a rational human being I can’t dare write about the 360 days between the guidestones and the album was my internal thought until I came across the work of Van Smith who dug into these coincidences further after possibly seeing our image and post at coverart.com.   He discovered  the “Studio B”  studios where supertramp recorded the most *Popular  album of 1979  was housed within an old Masonic Lodge!

As I woke up the following morning while this article was in draft stage, it was clear as day to me.  The “meaning” is in the anniversary!  The 33rd Anniversary.   As I researched that date once again I could only smile and laugh –  This completion dates 33rd Anniversary just happens to fall on Friday March 22, 2013.  (03×22=66 and 2+0+1+3=6) 666,  How interesting? This has most likely been discovered by previous Guidestones researchers.

My head hurts from all these coincidences!  Am I just forcing my research to fit my world view?  At what point can we say that all these coincidences have reached a level of statistical impossibility?  We have opened up comments on this page and would like to know what you think.

Stanley August Miesegaes / A Mason?

Further digging pulled up this rare  image of Stanley “Sam” August Miesagaes, The secretive and little known Dutch millionaire responsible for financing Supertramp’s initial stardom appropriately wearing what seems to be a typical “masonic” pendant. (photo by Luke Thomas of Fogcityjournal.com) Supertramp interestingly dedicated their previous album “Crime of the Century” to him – The lyrics to the title song are chilling.

If there is any truth in these coincidences touching upon the supernatural, have we not just tied the apocalyptic Revelation 17-18 as well as the cataclysmic Jeremiah 50-51  – into the sinister Georgia Guidestones that seem to point towards some future destructive world event?

The number 33 is one of the most important numbers for our control oriented secretive societies & Masons.    *The 33rd anniversary of this album is just a few days away on 03/29/2012.

Just Check out the Cover Art of last years Newsweek of March 28, 2011  (appropriately published by the Daily Beast) one of the worst offenders using Cover Art to sway the population towards progressive ideals. The publishing date was exactly 360 days prior to the Guidestones important 32nd Anniversary of 2012 just a few days ago. (There was a leap year in 1980, so the extra February 29th from the first anniversary requires us to step back 1 day)

Apocalypse Now - Newsweek cover

Supernatural Rock?

Beloved,  There are forces who believe they have “Gnosis” or  Hidden Knowledge that are trying to pull all the strings upon our earth and humanity.  Are they supernatural?  Are these forces the fallen angels of the bible or simply  fallen men?   Great knowledge & hidden truth’s does not mean these folks are on the right side of history.  Or on the right side of  the “true” creator of this universe.   Please continue your research and put your faith in the one and only true Rock of Ages  who is clearly taught in the Judeo-Christian scriptures.  The Wonderful Counselor, The Prince of Peace who guides us through life’s toughest times.

Milton Thomas X

*Supertramp’s Breakfast In America Album was 1979’s most popular album.  The cover art was the winner of the Grammy for Cover Art (packaging) that year as well.

**”History subtly repeats” is a common theme at SRI. There is nothing “Psychic” about some of the predictions that have come to pass which have been written down here at SRI.   It is simply a sequential view of time, an understanding of history combined with an attentive eye of the present as well as a constant look at the future.

Predictions based on history

This is why we may possibly see a “new” cataclysmic cover art issued this coming year (March 28th, 2012?) by a musician or group that is destined for the top in 2012 or possibly a cover of a magazine? Purposefully designed to intersect 360 days prior to the Georgia Guidestones 33rd Aniversary.

3 Responses for “Deeper into the rabit hole: Supertramp, 9-11 and the Georgia Guidestones”

  1. Ken O'Neill says:

    “Judeo-Christian”? – no such thing, just as there is no such thing as Islamo-Christian, Buddhist-Christian or Hinduo-Christian etc… in actual fact Judaism is the only one of the above mentioned – or any faith you care to mention – that is hostile towards Christianity.

  2. Ken O'Neill says:

    “Judeo-Christian”? – no such thing, just as there is no such thing as Islamo-Christian, Buddhist-Christian or Hinduo-Christian etc… in actual fact Judaism is the only one of the above mentioned – or any faith you care to mention – that is hostile towards Christianity.

  3. Hann Solo says:

    My name is Hann, and I really wanna chat with you about this Supertramp thing. I have many things to tell you that you’ve not noticed about the album… For instance… The album art for B.I.A. has “33” letters on the cover if you include “Libby” on the name tag. Supertramp = 10, Libby = 5, and Breakfast In America = 18 1(0+5+18=33) Plus look at Roger Hodgson’s solo album art.. It’s full of freemason symbolism.. Okay…. So not only are you looking out of a plane on the cover but, there are 3 planes with long trails (Chemtrails) coming out of them. two on the the vinyl sleeve and one on the backside of the album.. All of which are flying over the WTC Towers. yeah that’s right the WTC buildings appear on this record 4 different times. Every time with a plane flying over.. I actually have the record. My father bought it in 79. Still in great condition too. So I also noticed that even if the tower wasn’t blocking the bottom of the U in supertramp, it would still be an 11. It was actuall never a U to begin with. WHY? Cause if you look a little closer the bottom of all of the letters in Supertramp fade out completely. (Notice the bottom of the S..?) Please contact me about this and other things I’d like to talk to a like mind about… Freemasons and all of their other SS friends are trying to take over our planet, and I feel like you’d like to know what I know…

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