Charlotte Iserbyt: Free ground breaking book and recent interview

Just 5 years ago I would not have used some of the rhetoric being used by Charlotte Iserbyt on this interview, and yet today it is clearly no longer over the top. Charlotte Iserbyt is a tireless researcher when it comes to education. Her book “The deliberate dumbing down of America” has been number 1 at many online book sellers. If I had not witnessed some of these marxist controll oriented practices being used in our schools first hand I would not have believed it. Agenda 21 is being implemented! Charlotte understanding that we are sitting on a precipise has made her book available for FREE on her website: http://www.deliberatedumbingdown.com

Iserbyt is a Christian researcher who often quotes C.S. Lewis and stresses the importance of faith in God. A long time conservative who has come to realize that the conservatives were just as responsible for the Dumbing down of America, not because of their push for these marxist plans but because they were well aware of what was coming down and they remained silent.

Though I do not like linking to Alex Jones because of a relentless obsession with a “new world order” and a never ending push for “Ron Paul”, Alex is one of the few persons exposing this important research.

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