Andrew Breitbart, My Hero……

Breitbart is here art poster

I have written in the past. “Breitbart is a hero to me….” Today, I need to expand this and say he will always be a “hero” for me as well as countless Americans.

Breitbart’s obsession with the hipocrasy of Television News Media mirrored my own obsession with “print media’s” insidious misuse of “magazine cover art” to promote progressive causes and attack American individualism. Occasionally documenting this at our “mainstream” website  at CoverArt.com showing the progresive control of the oldest media in existence, the one page cover art which has been swaying the populace as far back as 200 years – The one page cover art using precise images and few words to sway a Nation.   This art form has been hijacked by our Nations leading News organizations

attacking  America from within by companies such as Time and Newsweek.  These all american companies seem to be at odds with America’s divinely inspired bottom up rebublic system of governance.  It seems they will go to any end to place themselves as the new headmasters of a top down political sysem that the progressives and their less informed liberal cousins are helping to put in place.

Andrew Breitbart was fearless, he was honest, he loved “all” of America including the “leftist” and “progressives” that are trying to remake our country into something it was never meant to be. It is love that gives one the courage to get up in front of ones enemies without any fear and simply use words and logic to combat the hate from the left.

He understood like no other the methods of control which the main stream media pushed on American citizens. Though he did not see it in the same “supernatural” sense as I, he recognized it and attacked it with a fearlessness that made me smile every-time I got a glimpse of him on the nightly news. He should be compared with some of America’s founding fathers.

Andrew Breitbart is the founding father of American new media journalism. Like many rational and perceptive men and women before him he was the “tipping point” for a new conservative counter-offensive against an age old “supernatural” nemesis. For this he will always be remembered.

Milton Thomas X

Post Note: Here is a wonderful article by Sarah Palin a few weeks after this post putting into words much better than I could ever my feeling on our fallen friend….

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