C.K. Quarterman: Author of Fallen Angels

C.K. Quarterman: Author of Fallen Angels

C.K. Quarterman: Author of Fallen Angels

C.K. Quarterman has recently released his new book “Fallen Angels”. By happenstance I came across this book just after publication and contacted C.K. in order to get a copy. Well, a small request turned into a one hour conversation with this researcher who has put over a decade of study into the Judeo-Christian teachings of Fallen Angels, God’s angels, Giants and Nephelim. C.K. combines his knowledge of theology (He has advanced degree’s in Biblical Studies) with his 10+ years of research into biblical and apocryphal texts such as Maccabees and the book of Enoch.

C.K. confronts difficult passages from the Bible that few Christians are dealing with today. These difficult passages are numerous and yet if we look at them with modern eyes that understand current genetic science, we can now understand these difficult passages with our knowledge of modern science. C.K. tackles these difficult passages with a paradoxical “Orthodox Christian Mindset”.

This mindset was a breath of fresh air reading his book. More importantly was the fact that I learned over a dozen key concepts concerning this subject matter that I was unaware of, considering 25+ years of personal study into these matters – It was a wonderful learning experience reading C.K. Quarterman’s first book. Looking forward to his next title.

These difficult passages Include important questions of where are the Angels responsible for fornicating with the daughters of men before the flood? Are they still with us today?

C.K. has been very busy these last few months giving radio interviews on a regular basis. We have located some of these interviews at the links below.

Radio Interviews


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C.K. Quarterman Quotes:

To the casual observer, the moment of creation might appear as a singularity, or a big bang. This singularity is the result of having the realms compressed into the words of the Ancient of Days. When the Ancient of Days spoke the word, His word exploded into the worlds we see now, the rudiments and stones of fire, the planets. Neither shadow nor illumination existed before creation. The Ancient of Days made the realms by mere will of having them appear, without any use of pre-existent substance. There are realms and dimensions of reality without number, and realms that cannot be calculated. The realms were created out of the very substance and nature of the Ancient of Days. We are all in this manner His children because of this creative act. We had preexistence within the mind of the Ancient of Days.

The Ancient of Days lives in a realm which has no beginning and no end, and because He is in a timeless present His perspective sees our past, present, and future as a present happening. He is therefore, uniquely positioned to judge all things, because He sees what is happening everywhere in the realms at any time, whether in history present, past, or history future.

Many people are incapable of imagining other dimensions. But these dimensions are real nevertheless. A person just cannot detect these other dimensions with their senses. Although mathematicians are beginning to understand because one way to think about other dimensions is to think in terms of circles, which curl-up upon themselves and intertwine with time.

We are told that reality consists of more than the few dimensions we are to know. We are know told that there are not fewer than 10 dimensions, which I am sure are bountiful and full of wonder!

I can tell you this, one day our kind will transverse these dimensions, not at what you would call the speed of light, but faster, at the speed of thought. This will be during the time of restoration.

You simply will to be somewhere, and you will be there. You will have no sense of traveling, no sense of boundaries; there will be no walls to impede movement.

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