“Being Glenn Beck” Understanding GB’s fascination with George Washington & Love

Being Glenn Beck

Being Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck 2.0

With some insights into Glenn Beck’s temperament due to many years of research into “The Image of Man” (Genesis 1:26) and its relation with human temperament.  Perceptive  rationals such as GB, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs and St. Paul  each shared the preferences of Extroversion, Intuition, Thinking and Perception (ENTP).  Though this personality is labeled the “Inventor” by Keirsey, they can also be called the  “Technical Marketers” and the ” The Great Pretenders*”.

When we study Glenn Beck – St. Paul seems to be the most similar historical figure in both style and personal will.  You see much like GB, St. Paul had a conversion in his adult years as documented in the bible.  It seems that Saul of Tarsus much like Glenn Beck 1.0 was rebooted with a new understanding of  his “Intuition” and “Perceptive” abstract preferences along side the most important factor in keeping these ENTP’s on the right side of the force – Redemption.

(In the case of Glenn Beck & Saul of Tarsus and myself, this redemption came through the sacrifice of a radical rabi named Yeshua on a cross at cavalry)

On the flip side, ENTP’s (The least likely of all personalities to believe in God) who are not redeemed by Christ, or even  worse – Men and Women who have found this redemption through the  “social justice” or secular gospels of humanism or other progressive (ism’s) are capable of being Liberty’s most dangerous foes.

Just Ask the ultimate pretender from the opposing side of the force, ENTP  Barack Obama

I found it interesting that Glenn Beck would choose to write a book called “Being George Washington”.   You see George Washington was an ISFJ, brilliantly labeled the “protector” by Keirsey.   ISFJ’s are the polar opposites of ENTP’s such as Glenn Beck (Introvert vs Extrovert, Sensory vs iNtuitive, Feeling vs Thinking, Judging vs Perceiving) and if these two were to have ever had met in their youths, they would have had a very dificult time understanding each other and quite possibly duked  it out on the sandlot.

Yet  these two polar opposite personalities find common ground as they age and earn experience.  The abstract rationals (find themselves in the role of the primary emissary for Guardian / Protectors) as they thrive to understand and gain Knowledge on  their competition and common enemies.   Meanwhile the concrete Thinking ISFJ’s (innately understand the abstract concepts the Rationals are promoting) First to fight and protect  the philosophical concepts which men such as Beck and Thomas Paine efficiently evangelize and preach.  Concepts that were immortalized  in the most “rational” document in human history, our Declaration of Independence.

As I completed my research into this post, the thought of why I did not innitially put my backing behind Rick Santorum in the presidential primaries though I have admired him for years – RS must be a polar opposite, deep down I had noticed the annoying (to my temperament) traits and behaviours that I had many run ins with in my youth!   Rick Santorum must be an (ISFJ) I thought.  A George Washington personality!

Further research  into this matter proved that Rick Santorum is possibly an ISFJ!   Much like George Washington. the Person GB has spent an entire year of his life studying and understanding.

How curious that Glenn Beck also wrote a book about entp Thomas Pain.  And has been backing Santorum from the begining….. Being George Washington.

Milton Thomas X

PSR – Pretender Strategic Research

The Key to “Being Glenn Beck”

Viewing ones competitors with an open mind & yes “Love” is key to understanding their strategic moves and future plans, one can only truly understand our adversaries if we have the capabity to become as they are.  This is the key ability that every person can improve and master in order to become more “like Glenn Beck” or even the greatest positioning genius of all time – St. Paul.

This ability will not only help one understand our enemies, but it will also help us to understand our loved ones as well! understanding that each and every human being on earth is unique (though sharing the distinct “preferences” of the 16 base personality types) likewise if one reads an opponents words from an opposite opinion with disdain or anger without putting ones self into their actual shoes – you will achieve absolutely nothing!

Love is the key, we must Love our opponents! Jesus eloquently preached this to be the most important of commandments!)

The Great Pretender
All Rationals (NT’s) can be labeled pretenders, yet the greatest positioning genius in history capable of getting  into the minds of his competition was St. Paul who wrote these words 2000 years ago
*1st Cor. 9:19

“I am no man’s slave, but I have made myself a slave to all, in order to win the more for
Christ. To the Jews I have made myself as a Jew, in order to win Jews; to those who live
under the law I have come as one under the law, in order to win those who are under the
law — not that I myself am under the law. To those who live without the law I have come
as one without the law, in order to win those who are without the law — not that I am
really under no law in relation to God, for I am bound by the law of Christ. To those who
are weak I have made myself weak, so as to win the weak; in fact, I have become all things
to all people, in order that, one way or another, I may rescue some of them. But I do it all
for the sake of the gospel, so that I may share its blessings with others” (1 Cor. 9:19-23)

Post Note:  Glenn Beck can best be labeled an ENTx,  not because of a preference for “J” judgement – He is highly perceptive in his abilities to spot patterns and what the world likes to label “conspiracies”.  Glenn was born with the paradoxical gift of ADHD!  This gift of “hyper activity” allows men such as Beck and most likely the Apostle Paul to Achieve so much in so little time, giving the impression of Judgement – a judgement other entp’s reach in days, months or even years  – Persons such as these seem to be capable of running on a higher frequency which allows them to make well thought out decisions (Judgement) based on a myriad of simulations which they have run through the worlds greatest computer – our human minds….For further research into entp’s see this page which represents Socionics much deeper and scientific exploration of personality type

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