Through a lens darkly: Remote viewing and American Presidential politics

Is it Biblical if visions of the future come to us in “dreams” or through historical research and what the church has called “listening to the holy spirit” ? – Does not Judeo-Christian teaching allow for this? Or are these prophetic visions simply “extreme” strategic simulations?

Through A Lens Darkly, 1 Corinthians 13

Alan Keyes 2000 Campaign Button for VP

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In 1998 I had a dream, a “vision” that America would have its first African American president in 2008. As I researched all the possible candidates from an early Libertarian/Pro-Life point of view I discovered Alan Keyes. This must be him I thought, Americas first black president in 2008.   I put all my efforts towards this end by co-managing the Minnesota State campaign in 2000 and building one of the most visited websites  DECLARATION.ORG

The campaign button I designed and printed to the left which was being worn by 1000’s of early “tea party” republicans at the national convention in 2000 is evidence of this vision.

From the offset my goal was for Alan Keyes to get the VP nomination, my vision was typical of strategic thinkers and long term, it was 2008 I was looking forward to, not 2000, to the angst of my co-manager who was leading this endeavor who would catch me positioning for the VP nomination and not the “presidential” office. I also tried to no avail to call this “grass roots” movement at declaration.org the “Tea Party” – every one told me it was silly, the tea party was an “event” not a political affiliation! (dislikeing the term “grass roots”? from the very start)  Ultimately,  I  designed & printed several thousands of Keyes for VP buttons that were being worn by thousands of the original grass roots (tea party) delegates at the 2000 national convention.

GW Bush cut this possible future short with the excellent but possibly history changing choice of   Dick Cheney that eased the minds of  the early “tea party” which  was still unsure of  this Texas Governor. (A selfish choice! not positioning a candidate to run in 2008)  As for myself I began to realize the first African American president would most likely be a democrat.

Just 4 years later it was biblically appropriate when Barack Obama was being coronated Senator from Illinois and Chicagoland.   Alan Keyes moved to Illinois to ironically run against the Leftist Radical who was being groomed for the presidency in 2008.  The Chicagoland machine actually arranged for Obama to run unopposed up to his coronation, that is until Keyes was requested to come to Illinois and debate this unabashed socialist with his contrasting libertarian ideals.  Surely Alan Keyes understood as I did at that first debate   – Barack Obama was the “Chosen” one.

I Continued to hope and pray for the opposite. Putting efforts to support John McCain even though an entire year of my life was spent politically attacking him in 1999 (our “grassroots” Minesota Campaign was the only one on Super Tuesday 2000 to beat him – even though the Tribune polls predicted him the winner).  So much for polls by our supernaturally controlled media!  Is history written in stone?  Possibly, but I still believe that Dreams and Visions are calls to action.

In 2008 I had a “vision” that crossed party lines,  after simply doing historical research I was left with that same “rare” gut feeling I had not had since 2004 ,  This time I came to an understanding that Sarah Palin and Joseph Biden would be the VP Nominees.   So I took a chance and published my first article to set these predictions in stone. See the article here. The rest  is history.

Milton Thomas X
Researcher and teacher Dr. Major Paul Smith (former military remote viewer), describes and gives scientific credence to the above article

“Gut Feelings” and what I have called RBRV (Research Based Remote Viewing) is a science that has been used by our own military and championed by Ed Dames & Paul H. Smith working for the U.S. government. It is not always an exact science. Dr. Paul Smith seems to call what I discovered as a child as “Technical Dowsing” . I prefer the biblical description of “Listening to the Holy Spirit” & viewing through a lense darkly – 1 Corinthians 13. Paul is very scientific in his work, referring to these responses as “Ideo-motor responses” ie “Gut Feelings”. Strategic thinking personalities (Pretenders/ENTP’s) who constantly run “simulations” through their minds on strategic outcomes eventually arrive at this “ideo-motor response” that is somehow quantum entangled with our own futures.
For an article providing evidence for this “ideo-motor response” and why it has been called a “Gut” feeling through out the ages, please see my review of the North Hollywood Bank America Shootout Article Here

For Major (Dr.) Paul Smith’s website, please visit TechnicalDowsing.com

For Major (Dr.) Paul Smith’s website, please visit TechnicalDowsing.com
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