Billy Graham describes the NFL game UFO as a “Cherubim” in his book Angels.

NFL Game UFO or Cherubim Angel?

Over a month since SRI’s Breaking News story on the New Orleans NFL “Angel / UFO” sightings that tripled our visits to thousands of daily pageviews. We discovered that the book Angels by Reverend Billy Graham himself included biblical quotes that not only describe an angels physical shape but their colors as well.

17 years ago,  Graham wrote this little gem of a book which got him in trouble with much of Christendom for daring to equate Angels with UFO’s.

Billy Graham is so honest and brave in his belief in the bible,  that he began his introduction with refferences to Stitchen and Immanuel Velikovsky with the observation that the Christian church should not just ‘shrug them off”! (page 11, Angels)

Enough Said, Beloved please understand that these images on SRI were taken directly from “Live Video” from the game. There has been no photoshop corrections. The “Greenish Center” ring we described in our original article is the absolute proof that this phenomena is truly a “Cherubim” Angel as described in the bible! (I had no cognizant recollection of these verses at the time of writing) After years of scientific study I am still amazed by continuing to find the most credible answers to supernatural phenomena clearly written within the pages of scripture.

Quoted from Billy Grahams book (Angels
, page 12)

Some sincere Christians, whose views are anchored in a strong commitment to Scripture, contend that these UFO’s are angels. In Ezekiel 10 we read, “Each of the four cherubim had a wheel beside him – ‘The Whirl-Wheels,’ as I heard them called, for each one had a second wheel crosswise within, sparkled like chrysolite, giving off a greenish yellow glow.

Beloved, what color is the “luminous center ring” that circumferences the spherical object I described in the original article? It is surely different than the plasma looking “balls/faces”. It is surely greenish yellow!

Billy Continues with his description straight from the bible “Because of the construction of these wheels, the cherubim could go straight forward in each of four directions, they did not turn when they changed direction but could go in any of the ways their faces looked…. and when they rose into the air the wheels rose with them and stayed beside them as they flew. When th cherubim stood still, so did the wheels, for the spirit of the cherubim was in the wheels”

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