NASA STS-75 and STS-80 by David Sereda

STS-75 Proves That Space is teaming with Life - A macro size petri-dish

This Video by brilliant researcher David Sereda is worth watching completely – The NASA STS-75 mission tether incident raw video begins at 32:00 into the video, just fast forward on the control bar above

15 Years ago the STS-75 Tether Incident displayed to the world as well as NASA dispatchers the reality that space is teaming with unidentified life-forms. 15 years later and 99% of the American public is still unaware of the amazing footage we have posted here. SRI has consistently referred to this event and raw video from the mission as the most definitive proof that our government is looking the other way while a lazy (supernaturally controlled?) mainstream media spends their time with the latest hollywood scandal. Just listen to the NASA dispatchers as they try to deal with hundreds and possibly thousands of unidentified flying objects (better described as ULF’s, unidentified life forms) envolping the camera’s field of view as far as the eye can see.

NEWS FLASH: The Recent Navy Video on the SECCHI website captures a similar incident, except instead of thousands of large unidentified objects we can witness just 1 Giant Object possibly as large or larger than the planet mercury. Will this make the media headlines in the days to come? An object the size of mercury? Cloaked and hidden until struck by a massive energy storm from the sun.

Both of these incidents show that there are physical objects that can be invisible to the naked eye until they are struck with high levels of electromagnetic energy. This post gives me one more chance to quote the brilliant theologian and philosopher Erich Sauer:

Erich Sauer though revered by some mainstream theologians they quite often overlook and directly contradict him:  Erich wrote these words over 50 years ago.

“”Now to what end do these worlds exist in etherial space? Has God any pleasure in dead matter? Is He not the God of the living? Can any inanimate matter praise Him, the Lord of all life? (Psalm 30:9). Or is not rather the starry world of God everywhere filled with personal life?

In fact, if only our small earth, this speck of dust amidst the whirling suns of the universe, carries organic life, “then in meaningless contrast to it stands millions of dead colossi. Then were the immense universe a limitless extinct waste, in which only on this tiny earth, as a marvellous exception, the solitary flower of life blooms.” Then the fiery splendour of the millions of suns, which yet illuminate nothing, were only “a vast meaningless and purposeless firework in the dead universe,” and all the stars and heavenly bodies were burning or burnt-out craters!

Quite otherwise speak the prophets and apostles of the divine revelation. The Word of God knows of thrones and lordships, of principalities and authorities (Col. 1:16), of sons of God and morning stars (Job 38:7), of the host of the high in the height (Isaiah 24:21), of Cherubim and Seraphim (Rev 44:6-8, Isa.6:2,3), of archangels and angels (Jude 9, Rev 5:11, 12:17). And all these it describes by the same term, “the host of heaven”, as it uses for the stars.

From this viewing and naming of the two together we perceive a reference of a more profound nature. For otherwise how could “the morning stars” sing together, and at the same time shout for joy with the “sons of God”? (Job 38:7) How could the starry world worship the Creator? Will the dust praise Him? Will it proclaim His truth? But “Thou art the existing one, Jehovah alone! Thou hast made the heavens, the heaven of heavens, and all their host, the earth and all that is thereon… and thou makest these all living, and the host of heaven worships thee” (Neh.9:6)””

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