Duane Elgin: Author of the Living Universe

Recent Photo of Duane Elgin - The Living Universe

“Social Healer” Duane Elgin is a truly empathic individual who is concerned about our earth and humanity’s role within the  “system”.  Typical of all Deepak Chopra devotee’s “The Evolution of Conciousness”  has priority in Duane Elgin’s philosophy. This philosophical belief system can be understood as the flip side of the coin – a paradoxical twin to the world view which is held by “Western Civilization” which bases their reality on Judeo-christian philosophy.

Interestingly Duane Elgin first expressed his Gaia and Eastern philosophy after his return to the United States from a trip to India with his new found organismic and collective consciousness world view.

As a researcher I agree with many of Duane Elgin’s findings, including the Inteligence of the animal world which seems to show a “consciousness” which is confirmed in the Judeo-Christian scriptures as well as simple observation.  Like all Chopra devotees he see’s this inteligence  as a “Collectivist” conciousness – A collectivist phillosophy at its root which is opposed to the unique “individuallist” conciousness we are taught about in the bible.

These collectivist human thinkers all believe in Darwinian Evolution, and it is here were we get a clue for their attempt at progressing this unsubstantiated  physical theory into  the more abstract philosophical realm which can never be disproved.  These New Age philosophers will not speak for more than a minute without preaching about  “collectivist global consciousness”.

Judeo-Christian Philosophy teaches quite the opposite.  Unlike the Gaia principles of an organismic world view, Judeo-Christian writings teach a mechanistic world view.  A world view that confirms our earth is a perfectly designed machine!   A created “earth” that is self sustaining.   A planet that was created and working long before the biological life we know today was “designed” to inhabit just about every inch of its surface.   A planet that “Human Beings” were given the unique charge of taking care of and mastering its resources.

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