UFO – Falling Star Phenomena witnessed by thousands at Football game


UFO’s that fit the biblical description of Angels (Fallen) are appearing in front of live national television cameras and the media remains silent!

The video is amazing, It captured for all to see – a typical falling star phenomena during an NFL football game in New Orleans, La. The Falling Star can be seen as the NFL’s hi resolution cameras were fixed on the nearby St. Louis Cathedral. Coincidentally on this same day (October 23, 2011) we reported on a similar sighting here in California.

A little digging and research and one finds out this “Falling Star” was once again traveling East to West – Absolute due West. SRI was first to tackle this often observed coincidence and the possible scientific reasons in our “Waiting for a Ride” Article. The St. Louis Cathedral NFL – UFO-falling “Star” seemed to includes several distinct objects in the high speed video but on second look because of modern digital cameras higher resolutions and frame rates – we can now see a physical object behind these mysterious blue lights. It is a spherical shaped object of some sort with a bright greenish continuous luminous center ring which circumferences a physical sphere. (see the ancient texts description of of an Arch angel according to biblical texts – fallen or not) Also here’s Billy Graham’s description not only matching our hi-rez photo but quoting Graham telling the “Christian” world that we “should not just shrug off the works of Stitchen & Velikovsky!”.

This video gave the illusion of being so called “rods” because of its high speed. The plasma looking spherical balls that seemed to be trailing it on second look and after further research seem to be what are called “Cherubim” in the bible. These  Intelligent  ‘transportation Light objects/beings”*   seem to be girdling and sustaining** the decent of the larger physical object on its fiery fall to earth.   It almost seems as there are (2) distinct sets of these objects consisting of (4) faces/objects each, Interesting.  Higher frequencies and compositions of the many speedy and amazingly fast “Cherubim” light objects  may account for them to appear more defined in the actual speed video.

We have additional high resolution images here

*Cherubs are often discussed in the Jewish midrash. These Jewish holy books claim there were two cherubayim placed by God at the entrance of paradise (Gen. 3: 24). They were special angels created on the third day – and therefore had no definite shape; with the ability of apearing as men or women, spirits or angelic light beings (Angel of Light of the bible). According to the Midrash the cherubim were the first objects created in the universe – with special abilities used to sustain creation. It is interesting that “Cherubs” are often shown as little babies with wings (often supporting objects in the air!) by human artists. Yet the bible clearly describs them as each having 4 faces?

**Ezekiel similarily describes cherubim as a tetrad* of living creatures – each having four faces: of a man, a lion, an ox, and an eagle. Each with four wings – Two of the wings extended upward, and two below meeting above and sustaining the throne of God. Beloved, please check out the video and images once more and ask yourselves whose “throne” are these light objects carrying safely down to earth?

Transportation Angels? UFO’s? I am not alone in this understanding. In 1994 Billy Graham wrote a little book called Angels. Graham came up with many of the same conclusions we have stated in this article. He payed mightily for his views and was ridiculed by much of Christendom at that time, I for one read that little book 17 years ago and was relieved that one of my heroes had a true “biblical’ view of angels – a view that is today playing out before all to see on national television.

Milton Thomas X

*Tetrad simply means a set of (4) or multiple’s of (4)

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