Crop Circles and 2012

English Crop Circles and 2012 Mayan Prophecies come together in this well made documentary. What was left out were the dozens of similar Judeo-Christian prophecies that also relate to this supernatural phenomena. This video includes one of the first films to actually capture a major crop circle being produced – evidence that they are not man made.

What was completely glossed over was the work by Christian researcher David Flynn.  David is the brilliant researcher who broke the Mars / Sydonia stories in his book Genises 3, Cydonia and the mysteries of mars.   We have posted David’s lecture on the intertwined world of UFO’s, Mayans, Roswell and the “Alien Crop Circle” below.   This is the #1 must see video on this website.  David Flynn  known as one of the top Supernatural researchers among all of UFO’logy, just happens to be a “Born Again Christian”

David Flynn’s #1 UFO Video and Lecture: The Doomsday Clock deals – deals with 2012, Roswell and Hidden Geometry from a Christian and American point of view , This video contains David’s Alien Crop Circle research (the large image on this post) which starts at exactly 6.00 minutes into the video. This is a must see for everyone!

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