A Strange Alliance: New Age, Christian Fringe & Classic Liberals Join Forces with Marxist from the Occupy Wallstreet Mob

Ron Paul - Morning Mayan - Geraldo Rivera

There is a perplexing situation that has come up in the last few days. The Occupy Wall Street movement which is being coordinated by and funded by progressive and Marxist leaning organizations has found a new Ally – Left of center “Freedom Loving” libertarians seem to be blind to the consequences of not only supporting this “Occupation” but many are joining them. It seems our Libertarian cousins on the left side of the fence should can now be best described as “Anarchist” sympathizers. These very different souls ranging from the Christian fringe, New age adherents and Agnostic classic liberals have perplexedly been siding with the very wolves which will one day have us all or lunch! How can this be? When one studies the supernatural message contained in the bible you get a clue on how this can be possible.

With my apologies to Geraldo Rivera, Ron Paul and Linda West (MorningMayan). I am only bringing these three unique Freedom Loving individuals who I respect and admire, as “representative” of three factions of American Libetarianism.

As the title of this post suggests, there is a supernatural alliance being formed by these groups with the Marxist control oriented organizations which are quietly fronting and funding “The Occupy Wall Street” movement. You may say These are just hippies! they’re not really Marxist? Check out the list of supporters at the end of this post.

This highly strange alliance is not a new one, a similar alliance was formed just 70 some odd years ago in Germany when Socialist, Liberals put their consciousness on the reason for all of Germany’s woes, the reason they came up with was simple – its the folks responsible for the money, the banks – The Jews. Is this hatred of wall street just using new code words? Beloved, If we do not win these American liberals over to our side soon, a history many of us thought could never ever repeat itself is now at its tipping point once more. (like individual Grasshoppers converting to destructive locusts, Humanity unfortunately was created with a supernatural ability for destruction. ie Free Will) America may not be immune….

Geraldo Rivera and the Wolves -The “Jerks” are the Occupy movement! You can’t win everyone over….
Was Geraldo attacked because he worked for FOX, Or because he is half Jewish?

Linda West – Do the right thing…… Please Don’t Appease these Marxist

All three of our classic libertarian groups, you can simply call them classic humanity – simply reject the God of the Judeo Christian writings from the New and Old Testaments.

Ron Paul Anarchistic Libertarians – I have debated and spent hours with dozens of these wonderful people to understand that the majority share a Christian belief system that does not completely jive with my understanding of forgiveness. It seems that a size-able group of anarchist have infiltrated this movement which has been traditionally made up of sincere Dominion oriented judgemental Christian believers with a smaller but vocal group of “Libertarian Anarchist”. “Give me Liberty, or give me anarchy” should be their rallying call. These folks are not willing to Die for there cause, they just don’t care if any one else does. I am always left perplexed when I ask the following question. Do you care that Millions will die if we implement some of your ideas? A glazed stare and tilted smile is my usual response from christians and non-christians alike. These two factions share one thing, they both seem to only care for what goes on between the borders of the U.S. An Isolationist minority that has always had its place in American History. As for the Christians in this group it seems Christ’s message only exists for us lucky folks here in America. Imagine if Jesus only came to preach to the Jews…..

New Age Christians – (M.Mayan)These wonderful souls use the bible extensively to quantify and prove their supernatural beliefs. I find myself often agreeing with them because of their scientific rationale and belief in a higher power. But this higher power always rejects Christ as king. Christ as God. Christ as creator. They instead see Yeshua as just one more enlightened soul that included just about every religious figure in history.   The liberty they seek seems all to similar to what Lucifer himself was searching for. A freedom and liberty apart from the creator, which is so plainly taught in the pages of the scriptures they so often quote.

Classic Agnostic Liberals – (G. Rivera) The original libertarians. albeit from the “Feeling” side of humanity. These are the largest of the three groups which are currently being deceived. They are an important part of the American experiment, these souls were responsible for so much good in America. Yet their counterparts in 1930’s Germany tried to appease and just get along – unfortunately they looked the other way as Hitler and the media amassed their murderous plot. Sure, they were honest at admitting their mistakes, but at what cost of human lives?. Will they Appease the Marxists and NAZI’s (Islamists) inn their midst once more? Will God fearing Judeo-Christian Individuals the world over become the new scape goats?

These American liberals are the souls we must win over! Don’t waste your time with the fringe. But if America is to survive we must win these Classic Liberals (represented by Giraldo Rivera) to the true libertarian ideals being espoused by the overwhelmingly “God Fearing” Americans who marched at the giant Tea Party rallies. Rallies the media so vehemently labeled as racist and conveniently down played.

Milton Thomas X,

This top ten list has some interesting groups and individuals that have endorsed the “Occupy” movement
3.Iran’s President Achmadinajad
4.Hugo Chavez
5. The NAZI party of the United States
6. The Communist party of the U.S.
7. Just about every labor union
8. Linda West (Morning Mayan)
9. Geraldo Rivera
10. Thousands of Ron Paul supporters

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