UFO “falling stars” crash reported near Newbury Springs, Ca. October 23, 2011

Multiple Falling Stars phoenomena reported disapearing behind these Mountains

An honest and sincere eyewitness this evening reported several Bright lights heading across the sky near Newbury Springs, Ca. As he was driving his truck on the I40,  (35 miles from Barstow).  The eyewitness claims the “lights / UFO’s” cleared a mountain range and then left an orange glow, like they had possibly exploded.   SRI, will research further to see if we can get collaborating UFO reports in the coming days.  At first glance, once again it seems these “Falling Stars” UFO’s were once again travelling East to West (see our previous research paper on Falling Stars and Black Helicopters)  As the witness  described the “Falling Stars” Disappearing over  the mountain range West California Interstate 40.

It is also of interest that the eyewitness report places him near the Pisgah Crater and Lava Field just south of Barstsow, Ca.. We have used Google Earth daytime photo to provide a view of the Hills and location of the report described by the eyewitness. (the dark lava field and crater directly in front)

If our research is correct. We can all plan to begin witnessing these “fallling stars” in increasing numbers as predicted and prophesied in the ancient Judeo-Christian texts.

NEWS FLASH: Just a few days later SRI obtained video and hi resolution images of a falling star phenomena caught live during a NFL football game! SRI research proves this FALLING STAR was once again travelling east to west.  By coincidence it happened on the same day and was also travelling East to West.  please see our research paper on Falling Stars at the link below

Waiting for a ride! fallen angels and falling stars

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