Linda West – aka Morning Mayan

In the nearly 2 years since SRI first wrote a brief article on Linda West and her research into Frequencies and the Mayan calendar – it has been wonderful to see her YouTube Channel’s incredible growth where she  speaks on many subjects that almost always touch upon the supernatural.

SRI’s brief  morningmayan article alone has received over 6000 unique visitors in just the last 10 months!  Second only to our research articles on Muslim Jinn and the Islamic UFO phoenomena.

Though I agree with much of Linda West’s wisdom and I am comfortable sending hundreds of monthly visitors to her website for further research I must  caution researchers on a handful of topics to which personal research has brought me to different conclusions.

The primary difference?  The Mechanistic view of our earth versus the organismic view which I spent many years researching and studying. Article Here

Linda West’s mentor and teacher was Terence McKenna,  A man I respected and enjoyed reading during my early searching days.  McKenna though, could be in some unfortunate ways compared to the original  “Sorcerer” himself  – Carlos Casteneda.  Like Casteneda, McKenna  dabbled too  long and too deep into a spiritual world we are warned to avoid.    Though scientific in his attempts, (the reason for my respect)  Linda Wests mentor McKenna like Aldus Huxley before him  spent his life searching for answers that seem to have eluded him his entire life.  Answers I believe were clearly and openly discussed in the pages of the bible.

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