Discovering you’re Jewish roots…. The Judeo-Christian label

Discovering your  Jewish Roots

In the last 20 years well meaning Jewish acquaintances have asked me at least a dozen times- Are you Jewish?  You look like my oldest son, Nephew etc. (My 4 year old thinks I’m Mandy Patinkin’s character in the Princess Bride) My standard reply in search of dialog and some humor has always been “Well, My Savior was a Jew” or my parents are Cuban  and we are known as the  “Jews of the Caribbean” but all Cubans are culturally Catholic is my general response.

About 4 years ago, the idea / concept  that my family was strongly Jewish in our ancestry was stuck in my mind while doing research (research based remote viewing?) .  While researching  DNA testing in order to check my grandmothers family tree while she is still with us today –  Though the  high cost made this impracticable, God seems to often help the frugal  in mysterious ways.    This feeling was so strong that I began to emphatically state my believed “Jewishness” to family members – “We must be Jewish, Don’t you  feel it” –

Because of this,  two years ago when asked by facebook for my philosophy and religion I was  surprised to be one of the first two persons to choose the just created page with the label Judeo-Christian.

This  is the most  simple and precise description for evangelical christian philosophy today.  As we enter what I believe to be strange and difficult times – Christians should and must show their respect and allegiance to the “religion” , the “culture” of our savior – Yeshua, Jesus, Wonderful Counselor, the Logos.

A few weeks ago, My moms cousin who had been trapped on the island prison for most of her life and is battling cancer today told her the secret – a sort of cleaning out the closet.  “The Acosta’s (her grandparents) were all Jewish” – she said, “You knew that right?”

For both my Mom and Aunt who arrived in New York city in the 1950’s as children,  It was an emotional moment now being in their 60’s and learning for the first time that their Father and his entire family were indeed  “Jewish” (and their oldest son/nephew was not totally nuts!).   It was an unspoken secret that was lost to time and the prison borders isolating this once productive country.   My grandfather was the only son in a family of 12 to reach the shores of America (New York city) in the 1950’s prior to Castros Cuba in search of the American dream.

Out of 8 brothers, Domingo Acosta – my grandfather was known as the black sheep of the family and his entire generation (Thank God!) The  only Capitalist and core Libertarian in this highly educated  (More Evidence) very liberal family full of intellectuals who would all be accepting Marxism and Communism with open arms.

As a Conservative / Libertarian it is my contention that many cultural Jews, because of their high ethic and importance placed on higher education throughout the ages have been betrayed by the very institutions (education) they supported.

It was never spoken of, and yet when I asked my 90 year old Grandmother the other day, point blank – Was Grandpa Jewish?  her response was amusing…  “There’s nothing wrong with that!” she emphatically responded.   Though Alzeimer’s is working on her, she was the only person in the room to remember the names of all his brothers as well as his only sister  aptly named –  Zoila – a distinctly Jewish name!

Milton X (Acosta)

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