Gary Stearman – Christian UFO researcher comes out of the closet

Gary Stearman / UFO Contactee?

Gary Stearman has recently come out of the closet through his new book and recent interview  (actual recording at end of this article).  After keeping his UFO encounter from 40 years earlier a secret (primarily because of his standing as a Christian leader). Gary’s encounter with a UFO, or what could be properly described as an “Angel”,   See our brief white paper on Ezekial 28:13 Gary was piloting an airplane heading to Lubbock Texas when he encountered a “Beautiful” UFO that began to fly next to him.  This prolonged encounter which included contact with some form of Intelligence- began with a life threatening electrical disturbance aboard his plane and ended up with him landing In Lubock 6 hours after he had departed. The catch? Gary only had 4 hours of fuel on board for a typical 3 hour trip. Add to this the fact that he still had half a tank of fuel and Gary becomes part of a growing statistic. (myself included!) – people reporting “an event consisting of 3 hours of missing time”.

Gary kept this secret from the general public because every time he brought it up with his Christian friends  he was given that “Look” that said they just did not want to talk about it.  A “glazed over” stare that I am all to familiar with. Paradoxically Gary has found much as I have through study of the ancient Judeo-Christian texts that many of the answers to these mysterious supernatural events are openly and clearly dealt with in the bible. One simply needs to read these ancient texts with an open mind, and in their original context from the original languages.  When one does this, they will discover that the Bible indeed answers many of our questions.

Gary, a scientific oriented soul has published a new book that I would highly recommend.  He has an external  rational temperament that sees time uniquely in “sequence” as oppose to Past, Present or Future which is how most of humanity views time.

SRI research at Godtype.com documents amazing “Time” aspects of the Holy Trinity.  I find it interesting that I have myself have had a scientific and philosophical lifelong obsession with “Time and the Bible”.    I have halso had a similar event to Gary’s UFO and Missing time event?   There is certainly a correlation here somewhere……  Godtype.com ties human cognition to “Time” as well as the Judeo-Christian texts teachings of the Holy Trinity.   Please visit this site to learn some of the most amazing  biblical codes ever broken… Codes that give evidence to the truths found in the Bible.    There is a cognition test as well for you to learn your…..Godtype   

This unique view of time which sits “outside” of time,  established a lifelong obsession in his biblical studies researching the “Philosophy of Time” in relation to Christian teaching.  And this is what best describes his new book – A christian view of the philosophy of time.   Time Travelers Of The Bible: How Hebrew Prophets Shattered The Barriers Of TimeSpace
In this book, Gary answers questions about UFO’s, Time, Dimensions, reality and this planets future using the Bible’s actual first hand accounts of dozens of UFO “sightings” and Time related stories.    SRI’s seems to share not only our research, but the majority of our conclusions with this Christian leader.  Gary shares his unique personality with one of our greatest apostles,  St. Paul.   I find it to be more than coincidence for his coming out of the closet on these subjects in these very  interesting days.

Gary is not about to become a full time UFO researcher -  he is very busy heading up a very important Christian Prophecy ministry Prophecyinthenews.com .   This ministry was started by the venerable  J.R. Church over 30 years ago.  With J.R. Church’s passing recently Gary Stearman seems to now be heading and running this important ministry.

Stearman is one of small community of  Christian teachers who understands that the bible talks about time as a circle, and a series of cycles which make time an infinite concept.   These truths were also clearly understood by the great Christian German philosopher Erich Sauer who wrote the book From Eternity to Eternity.  We have  included this important Time Map  below.

Inernal map of Erich Sauer’s Eternity to Eternity

Gary Stearman Interview 3 – recorded from live radio
Gary Stearman Interview 2 – recorded from live radio
Gary Stearman Interview 1 – recorded from live radio

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