Ezekiel 28:13 – A description of Lucifer? or a UFO? or paradoxically can it be both?

Ezekiel  28:13 the only detailed description of Lucifer or similar angels

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Here is a wonderful audio of Ezekiel 28:13 describing High-level angels, i.e. Archangels / Lucifer in the mean time. Think about it. All those precious metals used in his covering? Tabrets and Pipes created for him? An ability to fly in his natural realm ? (May require the help of “Cherubim” in our earthly realm to sustain his throne”) Add to this that the word used for “clothed” actual meaning is “circumferenced” interesting….


**Tabrets and Pipes are descriptions of physical manufactured musical instruments, i.e. the ability to create frequencies as well as music. If Satan were a physical humanoid would not God describe him with Lungs and Vocal Chords…. Can many of the Higher “Beings” we call powerful angels be more akin in appearance to physical flying objects as they are described in detail in the bible?  Or should we  expect Angels to look like chuby winged babies or even the wonderful image above?







The Islam View of Satan:
Interestingly fits quite well with a coming great deception

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