End of Mayan Calendar? October 28, 2011 or December 21, 2012? Linda West has some Answers

Linda West breaks down the two competing dates for 2012

Morning Mayan, aka morningmayan, Linda West – discusses 2012 and its many competing views as to the actual date… what is it? disasters or enlightenment? This is a wonderful brief  overview  of the many possibilities from a “new age” point of view.  This researcher has received much of her information from what can only be called the *supernatural. Click on Linda West Photo for link to video

*Supernatural sources of information must always be checked and discerned to see from what side the information originates.  The bible clearly states a cosmic, supernatural battle is taking place at this very moment.  For a Christian view on this subject please see our Brief review of Tom Horn’s excellent book Apollyon Rising  2012 which has profoundly documented much of what we are working on here at SRI. Also, a personal review I wrote discussing the 3 factions of the left leaning libertarians in the United States, Linda West being representative of one of these factions.

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