Coming out of the closet in 2012

Coming out of the Closet in  2012

by babel, SRI editor .

For many years I have been writing articles and essays on all things supernatural, especially the UFO phenomena from a western Judeo-Christian point of view under a pseudonym or my screen name “babel”.  In 2012 I will begin using my given name (no matter the consequences to my career – being labeled a UFO nut and a WACO Christian too!)

Recently seeing Gary Stearman, a Christian leader and his “coming out of the closet” with a similar close range UFO sighting and even a “missing time” event similar to my own has helped to push the decision.

For over 25 years I have been simply nudging friends and loved ones to look at the Judeo-Christian philosophical world view.  In late 2011 I feel an urgency that is weighing heavily on my conscious that  requires a more direct approach –  I have been a “Nudger” all these year, simply giving small bits of evidence and non-judgemental facts (science) to help searching individuals. Praying that the Lord would than use others to bring good folks to his kingdom in his time.   I’ve battled Judgmental Christians and Atheists alike these many years (have been accused of treating fellow christian brothers more harshly than new-agers)  Yes!  to those that much is given, much should be expected.

It  is my belief that the way to reach these supernatural believers is not by clobbering them over their heads with  our Bibles, (emphasis our) but to simply supply them with scientific and historical answers.  Showing folks that *their bible gathering dust somewhere in their home is the most scientific of all “religious” texts. It was this style of nudging that sent me on my most important research project 25  years ago when I came upon the rational scientific ministries  of Chuck Missler and Walter Martin.   Was I surprised to find a logical and scientific world view within the pages of Judeo Christian ancient writings.  What has kept away countless “New Age” and “Spiritual” seeking souls  from the church  are often just simple distortions taught by well meaning christian leadership that has been repeating  the “standard line”  over and over again across a millennium.

Likewise, there are  many more verses in the ancient scriptures that are even more simple and direct that deal directly with a supernatural / UFO deception that is at hand.  These phenomena are twisted and glossed over by many of our pastors and teachers – Ask your self, how else  is it possible for even the “Elect to be fooled by a coming deception?”

So here we go 2012, After 25 years of teaching and explaining to just about anyone willing to listen about the Bibles clear scientific teachings of a possible Alien/Angelic/UFO strategy of the  “Coming great Deception”…..

NEWS FLASH:  UFO / FALLEN ANGEL CAUGHT ON VIDEO TAPE DURING NFL FOOTBALL GAME became available just a few days after  this post!

I will begin a  series (here in my blog) dealing with the possible Alien/Angelic strategy.  Beginning with the #1 tipping point needed to be understood and researched by Christians and non Christians alike – a tipping point that  concrete thinking humanity has a “born” difficulty in understanding the abstract concepts that:

#1.  Angels and Aliens can be one in the same. #2. Fallen angels and God’s Angels are also one in the same! no matter what form:  these beings will look the same no matter what side they are on!  The bible clearly teaches this.

Whether it be creatures capable of the miraculous or crafts that defy physics as we understand –  it is  highly inferred in our  ancient writings that these phenomenon’s are simply apparitions from the Angelic realm  –  A realm that has witnessed war on a scale that humanity could never begin to fathom.  A war that continues on to this day.

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*St. Paul makes it clear in his teachings that there are not (2) people in the world that will view the message of the Bible in exactly the same way!  We all know this to be true in the deepest part of our hearts.  That is why the Gospel so precisely and efficiently confirmed its message across just 25 words in John 3:16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

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