Apollyon Rising 2012 by Tom Horn – Answer 2012 questions from a Christian perspective

Apollyon Rising 2012
We have located a complete lecture by by Tom Horn that deals completely with the 2012 question. This Lecture relates to his new book Most interesting in this video is Horn’s description of an Antichrist Prophecy in the ancient Jewish Zohar text from 700 years ago predicting that their messiah would arrive in the year 2012? Interesting. Amazing. A bit frightening. You see this can only be the “Antichrist” according to Christian theology. The Jewish year predicted in the texts is 5773 which begins on Rosh Hashanah 2012. These Jewish mystics prophecy of a return of a messianic figure is supposed to happen in 5773. It is amazing! Even Jewish Mystics “Elect” are looking forward to a false Christ, an Antichrist which Tom Horn equates with Apollyon and Abaddon in the Book of Revelation.

Here is our original posted video, we posted video #2 of 6. It is similar in scope but a much slower and understandable pace for most and included the perceptive commentary of Gary Stearman who is doing the Interview – you just need to keep loading the next video. The most relevant part of this interview dealing with the 2012 date. Which Tom Horn discovered the interesting collision of American History / Masonic History and its influence on our capital’s design.

What is most interesting was the discovery that an academic who translated the book of the Kumail Yucatec Maya made the interesting point that as he was translating the last 13 prophecies of a Mayan holy book. he pointed out that he seemed to be an outlining the “Christian” last Judgement.

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