UARS Satalite Crashing to earth early due to Global Warming!

UARS Satelite Crashing to Earth

Sorry Al Gore, but the reason for the 12 ton behemoth Upper Atmosphere Research Satalite originally deployed in 1991 is returning home a few days early is to global warming of the real kind – Caused by the Sun and its heightened activity of late, you see the sun’s recent high activity has actually warmed the earth so much that the natural gasses have expanded and in turn caused the bus sized satelite to make contact with our atmosphere a few days early, imagine that…..

“Re-entry is expected Sept. 23, plus or minus a day. The re-entry of UARS is advancing because of a sharp increase in solar activity since the beginning of this week,” NASA officials wrote on Sept. 16, 2011.

Imagine that! A week or two of heightened warming from the “Sun” and it has actually caused a satellite to fall to earth several days earlier than expected.

Think about this for just one moment….. How many people on earth do you think could have in just one week caused such expansion of the earths gasses in our atmosphere that a satellite would crash to earth several days earlier than expected? There is actually is no possible answer to this.  Even if human population quadrupled and all our evil manufacturing plants and cars also quadrupled  in 1 weeks time I doubt it would have the same effect from just one “Hot” week from our life giving sun.

Wake up my global warming friends.  Humanity  is not an evil entity….

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