Mario Vargas Llosa MVLL – A long time socialist grows up.

Mario Vargas Llosa MVLL

Unfortunately for Cuban exiles here in America and millions starving* on their prison island Intelectuals like MVLL were on the wrong side of history when they proudly and naively supported Marxist revolutions throughout the world. There is no denying Mario’s Inteligence, elegant writing and speaking skills – It’s just that it took him 50 years to reach a level of wisdom that many of us “uneducated folks” understand instinctively from knowledge of a simple thing called history. Socialism and Utopian ideals have never led to anything good. Quite the contrary. Mario Vargas Llosa is now putting his pen and words to work for freedom & liberty. The following words and (hard earned) wisdom from a one time Marxist and socialist who unlike the majority of his friends and guild (socialist within our own American political system and across Europe) who still openly praise Fidel Castro – MVLL had the guts to break ranks (a supernatural event) with his totalitarian friends and leftist intelectuals. Though it took MVLL many years to be honest with the actual “data” of these progressive revolutions we must ultimately thank God for his conversion. It is unfortunate that many progressive well meaning souls do not have the gift of 75 years of life on this earth to learn about their philosophical mistakes. There seems to be some supernatural power that controls these human beings from seeing the world through a clear lens.

Am I being Naive, or is it simply the “power” & “money” derived from leftist systems of control** that rule these souls?

Either way, supernatural or not these souls have dificulties relenquishing this ultimate panacea because it is directly tied into their livelyhoods – Like stockholm syndrome, these unknowing captives instinctively support their captors. Mario Vargas Llosa broke these chains many years ago, The clip below is a must see – especially for Cuban Americans who lost their beloved country at the hands of the utopian intelectuals who made Castro’s revolution possible. Mario Vargas Llosa, MVLL has reached redemption, how about you?
Milton Thomas

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