Earth, Fire & Sea: by R. Russell Bixler

Earth Fire & Sea by Russ Bixler

SupernaturalResearch.com / brief review: R. Russell Bixler took a great chance in publishing this important book.  By taking  positions that are so contrary to “Popular” Christianity   – while having a high standing among Christian Broadcasting as the founder of one of the earliest and largest networks. Originally published 20+ years ago. Bixler primarily deals with the Christian church’s blatent misunderstanding of the bibles most “Scientific Book” – Genesis.   Russel took the novel idea of actually studying and trusting what the actual text of Genesis says. Coupled with his God given temperament as a maverick, he shouts out the truths he discovered to the Christian church through his final book.

Reading this book many years ago assured me that I wasn’t alone in the desert anymore.  Yet there are still too few who have read this important book. If you are a Science minded individual, you will notice that the ancient texts we call the bible – conform with proven science. Some in the church need to drop their silly dog-matic stance on our planet was created less than 6-10,000 years old “ex nihilo”. I don’t want to give a complete breakdown of the book as often is done, but just point out Russell Bixler’s most important findings on Creation “ex nihilo”.

Especially revealing is the “Fact” that in the entire new testament Jesus always “created” miracles using existing matter. i.e. fishes, bread and wine – created from an existing small amount of like matter. Even when Christ brought sight to a blind man the “Logos” of the universe used some dust from the ground mixed it and placed it over the blind mans eyes. Adam too was made from this same dust – Eve was made from the genetic material from Adams rib and so on and so on – every miracle.

Bixler nor myself would ever  claim that God does not create ex nihilo! only that in our story, in the brief biography of “our” planet earth which we are given in Genesis (A cliff notes of sorts) – the matter from which “our” Earth was created was already in existence. Paradoxically, though our earth is relatively young, it is also very very old…..

I leave you with one question, appropriately from the last book of the bible which teaches in conformance with the Judaic midrash traditions that God will wrap this age up and create a new “earth” from this existing one. Will that new earth be a young planet? or a very very old one? or paradoxically can it be both?
God Bless You Russ Bixler

Milton Thomas X, 2006

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