Beyond Reason by Dr. Gregg Korbon

Dr. Gregg Korbon M.D.

SupernaturalResearch.com Brief Review

It is always wonderful to read books by “Rational” and “Logical” authors who by supernatural circumstances come to understand that there is much more to this earth and our existance than evolution and survival of the fittest. Beyond Reason, is such a book.  It takes us on the journey taken by Gregg Korbon M.D. a father to a specially gifted young boy.   A boy who though he could not do the simple math required of a nine year old was capable of so much wisdom, whether it was his highly perceptive ability at figuring out complex patterns or simply understanding and listening to his intuition – Brian Korbon was what some call “An Old Soul”.  Human beings who instinctively understand and grasp our hidden supernatural world.

Brian often Amazed his parents with his philosophical wisdom during his short life, prior to collapsing and dying on a baseball field at the age of 9. The quote that Brian had more than once told his father which in hindsight was the tipping point for his search and discovery of a supernatural world? Dad, Bryan would say – “I wont live to see double digits”.

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