Agenda 21 – The Liberty of Nature and the control of Man

Agenda 21 Documents

To any readers of “Babel’s Blog” you may notice a recent theme of my articles describing my own realization of the difference between Libertarians from the Right and Libertarians from the left. In Short, conservative leaning Libertarians wish to bring liberty to human beings by “controlling nature”. Progressive leaning Libertarians wish to bring Liberty to Nature, which can only be accomplished through the control of human beings. (an unfortunate neccesity most honest progressives acknowledge) The Bible and Ancient scriptures which are the single most responsible teachings which ushered in the modern western world we are privy to live in. (Cuba, North Korea not withstanding – 50+ year examples of the results of Agenda 21 policies) This amazing collection of books and letters speaks out in stark contrast to Agenda 21 policies and actually demands quite the opposite – that the human race do their best to bring Nature under “control” while simultaneously calling for Freedom of the Individual.

Agenda 21 was completely foreign to me. Never once having heard of it untill a few weeks ago, I am greatful that their are concerned American citizens including the groups shown in the following video that are shouting to the world the dangers of these “control” Nazi’s and their use of the United Nations as their implementation system.

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