Space station on google mars? Here are some processed images showing depth and shadows

Standard image wrap process used for definition

700′ x 150′ Cylindrical Mars Space Station. Hoax or Real?
Though no longer in a aerospace engineering role, some 20 years ago my firm was an authorised JPL/NASA engineering contractor. My specialty was computer graphics and 3D Modeling. Our largest project with JPL was the reverse engineering of a major portion of the original Mars Lander – including a working (inverse kinematics) virtual/3D model – Imagine this on computers roughly 3000 times less powerful than what we have today!   This project brought on a love and special interest for the red planet & a few years later circa 1995 while working as a teacher at a pioneering 3D Animation college which gave me access to a network of SGI computers. I was in heaven! with *20+ SGI networked workstations I did what was natural – used the school computers to help build and render a virtual 3D mars in my spare time with all the collected hi resolution images that had been made public over the years. After hundreds of hours researching these images and seeing many anomalies including all the standard “monuments”. On these I must say that I am still a skeptic who has not made his mind up on the cydonia structures (these are possibly geologic anomalies). Yet because of my understanding of how image compression works. How “software” is used to stitch together 1000’s of photos taken with differing light sources etc. The apparent space station images on the google mars model are absolutely not anomalies! These images are one of two things. A 3D static model inserted into the 2D terrain data by some google or NASA folks just having some fun. Or it is a actual space station. Currently, I lean towards a hoax by sophomoric google or nasa engineers / and strangely – if this is a hoax, I will be researching and studying the Cydonia monuments more closely in the months to come (red herrings such as this if proven a hoax are generally used to disqualify other “true” findings). After all, one of the most brilliant researchers today who also happens to be a Christian – David Flynn lays down very convincing information in his lectures which we have posted here.

Milton Thomas

Original Image

Depth filter process

*20 networked SGI workstations in 1996 where still over 100 times less powerful than any computer purchased in the last 5 years.

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