KevinMc360: Oakland area videographer documents several UFO formations with infrared technology.

Kevinmc360 (Kevin Mic 360) Is a Oakland based videographer who has been capturing UFO footage with his Infrared equipment for several years. Kevin has captured some of the clearest videos of UFO formations flying quietly overhead above our largest municipalities. These highly maneuverable craft seem to fly in much the same way as the “daylight” sightings over mexico and much of South America. Surely, these tight fitting formations of crafts ranging from 3 to a dozen or more flying in typical Diamond and triangular formations are also being observed by our military? Are they from our military? Do they have special clearences to fly overhead? These questions must be presented to our government and local officials – because if they are not aware of what or who these crafts are – we are surely the middle of an “unwanted invasion”.

With Infrared technologies coming down in price and reachable by even home grown videographers such as KevinMc360, The only question will be how long before home grown Americans document enough of these sightings to force our government officials to disclose what the heck is going on…..

Here is another excellent video showing a different formation

Here is yet another video showing more UFO formations in infrared

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