Andrew Breitbarts new book and cover art. 50 years of progressive media control.

Breitbart is a master voyeur of pop culture. Brilliant and witty and though we may not see eye to eye on supernatural and spiritual matters as they collide with politics, his keen observation of how a minority of the human population has been capable of re-directing the masses through media, education, and governmental influences is unmatched. These control “parasites” as Ayn Rand so well portrays in her novels are completing 50+ years of overwhelming media control. How does one come up with 50+ years of control? Simple, by research and study of the primary media that has been in play for over 200 years. Cover Art. I have been personally collecting and researching this medium

A wonderful photo of the winning candidate?

CoverArt.com from americas most important news periodicals and magazines from the last 100 years. You can see a sudden switch in the early 1960’s which began as early as the late 1940’s. Though both Republicans and Democrats continue to win elections during these years, The famous “Dewey defeats Truman” news cover may mark the end of conservative media.

Cover Art with its so subtle ways of combining headlines with well chosen images have been used to primarily defeat conservative candidates and prop up progressive causes.  Even when a conservative wins you get horrid images of Richard Nixon followed by wonderful images of a young Ted Kennedy just weeks after being responsible for killing a young woman (did I miss the small print stating this?)

You have a wonderful cover of John Wayne in mid-takeover 1965 followed by one calling him the “G” rated cowboy and questioning whether Dustin Hoffman’s despicable character of ratso rizzo is the hero America is searching for in 1969.  The Media loved Nixon and we all know his famous last words – but just check out the hit piece on “the young nixon” with (4) subliminal attacks standard news bullets stating what we all are most interested in.

#1 He is nothing but a two bit actor

#2 He went steady with a girlfriend for sex and did not  bother to mary her.

#3  He “broke into” the deans office, (thief? falsified  records? future set up?) and finally

#4 the only positive (sort of) thing on the list – Richard Nixon was a champion poker player.

In his poker game with the media Nixon held his cards in 1960 even though it was obvious the competition was cheating and playing under “Chicago” rules. He came back to win big with his next two hands in 68′ and 72′. Embarassing a progressive media that was unable to sway a populace even with control of all the dealers. These dealers eventually did what any sore losers would have done, they had Nixon disqualified for playing by their own rules.    Just for kicks I’ve posted a Cover just 2 weeks after the Nixon hit piece of Nikita Kruchev.  I’ll let you be the judge on what side of the playing field the media is on (poor Kruchev was apparently terribly frightened of mass murderer Joseph Stalin)

A wonderful Cover of John Wayne

Ratso Rizzo over John Wayne

Ted Kennedy gets a bye from the media

A typical Media Hit Piece on Richard Nixon

A glowing report on our Russian friends

. Breitbarts book is a look at pop culture and new media from an “accidental tourist” who was at the right place and right time to help develop some of the internets most prized real estate.

Breitbart Update June 6, 2011

Breitbart my hero, There were three progressive politicians on my Sh!t list for their outward blatant unreasonableness. Alan Grayson, enough said. Rahm Emmanuel and Anthony Weiner – With Grayson getting defeated last year and now Andrew Weiner who is being taken down as we speak due to his own lies and b.s. *check out the attached videos of both his and breitbart’s press conferences (The Media, a supernaturally controlled entity in my book) constantly covers for progressive politicians. If the old wives tale of these things happening in three’s (and I got that gut feeling) is true all I need is a Rahm Emmanuel political “gate” in the next few weeks and I will call it Christmas early!

Below are two press conferences held by opposing sides. One is a Parasite, the other is simply a Libertarian. They both are Americans. Which side do you choose…..

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